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MAME Community on IRC


The MAME development team have set up IRC channels on the Libera.Chat network where you can chat with other members of the MAME community, including users, contributors, and developers. This is a good place to ask questions about MAME development, get help with issues, or just talk generally with the community.


The most important rule is don't be an ass. If you’re on good behavior and treat others well, you’ll be treated well. Also see LiberaChat’s policies and guidelines.


MAME’s official IRC channels are on The syntax for specifying the connection details varies between IRC clients. Here are some examples:

You can also connect with a web-based IRC client.

Channel #mame is for user support and developer discussion. General social chat is allowed, provided it doesn’t interfere with support and development discussions. Anyone can join this channel, but you must register your nickname and log in to talk. (See Libera.Chat’s guides on nickname registration and using SASL.)

Channel ##mame (note the double hash) is a largely unmoderated channel for general social chat and off-topic conversations.

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