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Crash (Exidy, 1979)

Thanks to the kind generosity of H.R. Kauffman, founder of Exidy and later president of the holding company Xidy, Inc., the original ROM images for Crash have been made available for free, non-commercial use.

Before downloading, you must acknowledge that you understand these images are to be used only for non-commercial purposes. Do this by checking the box below the download button.

Download the Crash ROM images


Crash is a two-dimensional maze racing game designed and programmed by Edward Valeau of Exidy in 1979. You “control” a car with no brakes which moves at either slow or fast speed through a maze containing dots. At the same time, one or more computer controlled cars run through the same maze in the opposite direction with the intention of ramming you. At each of four junctions in the maze, you have the option of changing lanes to avoid the oncoming cars. The objective is to pick up all the dots before the computer takes you out.

Tips and Tricks:


Exidy Crash Screenshot Exidy Crash Screenshot Exidy Crash Screenshot Exidy Crash Screenshot

Additional Images

Exidy Crash cabinet