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Hard Hat (Exidy, 1982)

Thanks to the kind generosity of H.R. Kauffman, founder of Exidy and later president of the holding company Xidy, Inc., the original ROM images for Hard Hat have been made available for free, non-commercial use.

Before downloading, you must acknowledge that you understand these images are to be used only for non-commercial purposes. Do this by checking the box below the download button.

Download the Hard Hat ROM images


Hard Hat is a unique logic game with an educational puzzle to solve. It was designed and programmed for Exidy by Larry W. Hutcherson Sr. and released in 1982. Touted as the “First Educational Coin-Op Game”, you play a busy carpenter that is constantly being chased by hammers and whirlwinds throughout a grid of scaffolding while manipulating letters to spell “E-X-I-D-Y” or “H-A-R-D-H-A-T”. Controls consist of a simple 4-direction joystick, both players alternating use during a two player game.

The hardware is identical to another Exidy game, Pepper II.


Exidy Hard Hat Screenshot Exidy Hard Hat Screenshot Exidy Hard Hat Screenshot Exidy Hard Hat Screenshot

Additional Images

Exidy Hard Hat Cabinet Exidy Hard Hat Flyer