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MAME 0.114u1

12 Apr 2007

After a bit of a breather, there's a new MAME update now available. This update features a new Namco 50xx chip emulation from Nicola to replace the previous simulation that was done. Thanks to Ernesto, Andrew, Guru, and others for the decoding work that led to this improvement. A large bunch of new skeleton drivers were added by Ville, R. Belmont, and others, though they are all far from working. Ville also made some significant improvements to several of the later Konami drivers, bringing them closer to playable. And lastly, there's been a substantial change to the TMS34010-based games which simplifies the logic and improves their accuracy by centralizing the management of video updates in the TMS34010 core itself.

As usual, keep reporting issues to MAME Testers. This update includes a number of fixes for issues reported there in the past couple of weeks.