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MAME 0.116u1

15 Jun 2007

A quick turn of the crank and we have the first 'u' release of the 0.117 development cycle. There are a couple of significant changes this time that need some good testing. First off, Zsolt has taken the plunge and done a full rewrite of the Neo Geo driver based on Charles MacDonald's detailed study of the hardware. I'm sure this will be fun and controversial! We also have newly-added support for multiple keyboards in the Windows code and a switch over to using the raw input APIs, thanks to Andrew Kuruhin. In addition, there are a number of nice SH-4 updates from Samuele Zannoli, some more progress on Match It II from Robiza, and a bunch of fixes for regressions that seeped into the final 0.116 release.

Remember, MAME Testers is your friend. We can't fix the bugs if we don't know about them!