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MAME 0.116u2

20 Jun 2007

A new update to MAME 0.116 is now available on the Latest Release page. The big news in this release is of course the decryption and booting of Capcom's CPS-III games. A lot of great progress has happened on this, but be warned, there is still a good deal of work left to complete the emulation. We also have some more Neo-Geo updates from Zsolt, a major Dooyong driver update from Vas Crabb, and some nice code cleanups from Zsolt and Atari Ace.

There have been a lot of nice updates to drivers over the past couple of months, but that also means there may be some regressions lurking. So if you see anything amiss, please post a message on the MAME Testers board lettings us know!