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MAME 0.117u3

01 Aug 2007

Now available for download is the latest update to MAME 0.117. This version is mostly internal changes and important bugfixes to the input system and the frontend menus. In addition, we have a preliminary Sega laserdisc game driver thanks to Andrew Gardner, further extensions to the built-in multi-segment LED support from James Wallace, and a new tool that converts the MAME source tree into HTML for browsing. You can see it in action by clicking on the new "Browse Source Code" link to the left. (Note that the total source code weighs in at over 100MB, so please be patient while it uploads!)

One side effect of the changes is that you will need updated ctrlr files if you currently rely on the ctrlr support. They will be included with the next binary release, but until then, you can grab them here.

Make sure you report any more issues with the new input code soon over at MAME Testers. Depending on the feedback, we will either move forward with the 0.118 release or hold off and do a u4 update.