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Small Changes

15 Dec 2007

There have been a couple of small changes to the way file downloads are handled on this site. Source Updates, which are still on their own page, will continue to be hosted here directly. However, for larger files, it is becoming necessary to rely on mirror sites to keep under bandwidth limitations. In order to facilitate this, the Latest Release and Previous Releases pages now select a mirror at random when you click the Download link. Depending on the mirror site, this may be either a direct link to the file, or in some case might require a redirect to the mirror site where the download will auto-initiate after a few seconds.

While we all definitely prefer a simpler mechanism, this one seems a good compromise given current realities.

Another change you probably won't notice is that the Source Updates, Latest Release, and Source Code Browser pages are all now auto-generated based on which files are on the server. This certainly makes my life a little easier.

Special thanks to s_bastian and Twisty for help with the backend coding!