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MAME 0.126

06 Jul 2008

At last, it is time for a full MAME update: grab MAME 0.126 from the Latest Release page.

In addition to the usual large pile of changes and improvements, there are several big changes come along with this release that you should be aware of:

  1. The new universal recompiler engine is now live and running. Both the MIPS3 and PowerPC CPU cores have been ported over to it. Most games should be working about as well as they did before, and should be at full speed on both 32-bit and 64-bit Intel processors.

  2. The MAME debugger is now included in all builds; just add the -debug option and you can use it from any 0.126 or later binary. This means the focus of the "debug build" is now to enable assertions and to make it easier to debug the MAME code itself.

  3. The cheat engine is currently undergoing some major renovations. It is largely functional but still has some rough edges. If there are specific things wrong with it, please report the bugs over at MAMETesters, so that they get fixed during the 0.127 development cycle.

Hopefully we'll get back to a normal 1 month development cycle starting with the next release. In the meantime, enjoy the update!