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Welcome to the New Design!

01 Nov 2008

As you can probably tell, the site looks quite a bit different as of today. I've often longed for a spiffier design, but never had the time to do it. Then I was approached by Michael Heald of Fully Illustrated for a makeover. And hey, who can turn down a great offer? I also happen to think it looks great and is a huge improvement over the old look.

I also took the opportunity to make a few key changes to the site:

  • I consolidated the various project history related links into a single Project History page. From here you can find the development chart (newly updated thanks to Fujix), links to the classic WIP pages, and other project-related information.
  • I also consolidated the various legal pages into a single MAME Legal Information page, including the license, information about the trademark and copyright, and a non-wiki FAQ for common questions.
  • The wiki has a new default skin which seamlessly blends into the new design. In fact, apart from the "Toolbox" link on the bottom-left, you would be hard-pressed to realize you were on a wiki page. This is intentional, as there are many users viewing the pages, but few people modifying them, so it makes no sense to clutter up the page with all these unused controls. Rest assured, the full complement of tools are still available, you just have to "pop" them open in the toolbox.
  • Searching within the wiki is now available on all pages in the left-hand sidebar. Since a large amount of content is in the wiki, this is a handy quick way to find stuff on the site.
  • The ROMs for Free Download page has been cleaned up and reorganized, and the pages for each game have been updated with the new look & feel.

There may still be a few straggling issues remaining; I plan to take care of the obvious ones today. After that, if anything else seems weird, please contact me via the Contacts Page (assuming all is working correctly!)