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MAME 0.128u7

21 Dec 2008

As of this release, we have two more major changes. These should be the last "huge" changes of this dev cycle.

The most major change is the final retirement of the global Machine pointer, which has been part of MAME for many years. Frankly, I never thought we'd hit this point so quickly, so my hats off to Atari Ace who helped push through the final round of changes needed to make this happen finally. As a result of this change, it should be possible in the coming year to finally write a driver that runs two full machines simultaneously.

The second big change is that the CPUs are now full-fledged devices, and participate like all other devices in the system configuration. This is mainly an internal structural change, but in the end removes some redundant code and behavior. In a future dev cycle, a similar thing will happen with the sound cores.

Starting now, the focus for MAME will be to iron out remaining issues and release a 0.129 sometime around the 1st of the year. Please keep reporting bugs to MAMETesters as you find things.