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Site Updates

17 Sep 2005

Now that 0.100 is behind us, I've made some changes and updates to the site. First, I've rearranged the links to the left into more groups with fewer items; hopefully it will be easier to quickly find links that way.

There are also several new pages. First, I added a page explaining how you can help us out if you're interested. We often get questions about this and I figured it was time to spell out the best ways of helping out the MAME development effort.

If you're a coder and are looking to contribute source code changes, there is also a new page documenting the submission guidelines. Make sure you read this before sending in source updates. It also has a section giving some ideas for those who are just getting started and want to know how to make a difference.

There's also a new ROM and Image File FAQ that I've added to the legal section. I've seen numerous threads on message boards with tons of flat-out-incorrect information about the legality of buying, selling, and using ROM files. This FAQ attempts to address most of the common questions.

Finally, I've updated the Links page with pointers to some recently-added WIP pages and other resources.