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MAME 0.228

27 Jan 2021

Has it already been an entire month? It must have been, because MAME 0.228 is ready today! We’ve added support for two very rare arcade games this month. The first is Namennayo, an overhead-view obstacle course game making unauthorised use of Satoru Tsuda’s Nameneko characters. The second is Get A Way, an overhead-view racing game made by Universal, touted as the “first game in the world to feature a 16-bit microcomputer.” Universal went on to create the much loved Mr. Do! character. Emulation is preliminary – while the game is playable, there are some graphical issues, and sound is absent.

In other arcade emulation news, Windy Fairy has made a triumphant return, bringing numerous fixes for issues affecting Bemani rhythm games running on System 573 hardware. Thanks to the persistent efforts of David “Haze” Haywood, various fruit machines from JPM are starting to become playable in MAME. Interestingly, these machines rely on similar Brooktree RAMDACs to NCD X11 terminals, and Motorola DUARTs used by numerous other systems emulated in MAME. A complete dump of the type 01 program for Zaccaria’s Cat and Mouse has finally been obtained, making both known versions of this obscure game playable at last.

For hand-held consoles, the WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color have had an overhaul, and Game Gear X-Terminator cartridges are now supported. Several Bandai RX-78 cartridges have been dumped, exercising more aspects of the emulation and allowing several shortcomings to be fixed. We’ve also made some progress on emulating Apple’s floppy drive controllers, providing a path to support for SuperDrive high-density floppy drives, and eventually the HD20 external hard disk.

There’s been plenty more happening, including a new LCD shader from cgwg, all the latest FM Towns software dumps, fixes for recent regressions, and more code modernisation. You can read all about it in the whatsnew.txt file, and get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

  • 05379: [DIP/Input] (xybots.cpp) xybots: Coin inputs are reversed. (Ivan Vangelista)
  • 07713: [Sound] (ksys573.cpp) ddrs2kj: Silence during Dancemania promo screens. (Windy Fairy)
  • 07830: [Plugins] Lua Cheat Plugin: Cheats show errors attempting to activate. (Vas Crabb)
  • 07833: [Color/Palette] (tickee.cpp) ghoshunt, mouseatk, tickee, tutstomb: Games may start with bad colors. (AJR)
  • 07834: [Gameplay] (gauntlet.cpp) gauntlet, gaunt2 and clones: Protection check fails exiting stage 1 to stage 4. (O. Galibert)
  • 07836: [DIP/Input] (wrally.cpp) wrally: Analog controls don’t work. (Ivan Vangelista)
  • 07837: [Gameplay] (namcos21_c67.cpp) starblad, starbladj: Coin counter does not work. (AJR)
  • 07838: [Graphics] (btoads.cpp) btoads: Sprite layer is scrambled. (David Haywood)
  • 07841: [Sound] (taito_f3.cpp) kaiserkn and clones: Sound effects are no longer audible. (AJR)
  • 07842: [DIP/Input] (namcos2.cpp) luckywld, sgunner2: Coin inputs don’t work. (AJR)
  • 07843: [Interface] (undrfire.cpp) cbombers: Gear shifter HUD doesn’t work. (Tafoid)
  • 07846: [Gameplay] (itech32.cpp) wcbowl: Game resets itself during gameplay. (Ivan Vangelista)

New working machines

  • Club Card (ver. 1.1 English) [Roberto Fresca, Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • CXG Systems / Newcrest Technology Sphinx Commander (v2.00) [hap, anonymous]
  • Get A Way [Sam Grech, hap, Angelo Salese]
  • Namennayo (Japan) [ShouTime, David Haywood]

New working clones

  • beatstage 4th MIX (ver KA-A) [xuserv]
  • Big Fight - Big Trouble In The Atlantic Ocean (Japan, rev F) [Phil Bennet, The Dumping Union]
  • DrumMania 4th Mix (G*A25 VER. KAA) [xuserv]
  • Facit DTC [Luxor ABC arkivet, Curt Coder]
  • Puchi Carat (Ver 2.04A 1997/11/08) [TeamEurope, Ryan Holtz, The Dumping Union]
  • Rabbit (Japan 3/6?) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
  • Red Hawk (horizontal, Spain) [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • Saitek Kasparov Simultano (ver. C) [bataais]
  • Treasure Quest (Protocol) [David Haywood]
  • Zabavni Karti (Bulgarian, encrypted) [Roberto Fresca, Grull Osgo, Ioannis Bampoulas]

Machines promoted to working

  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC11 C30, 30p Stake, £15 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Treasure Quest [David Haywood]

Clones promoted to working

  • Cat and Mouse (type 01 program) [Paul Swan]
  • Forte Card (Ver 103, English) [Grull Osgo, Roberto Fresca]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC10 C20, 20p Stake, £10 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC11 AC30, 30p Stake, £15 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC11 C29, 30p Stake, £15 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC11 C30, 30p Stake, £15 Jackpot, Whitbread) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC11P C30, 30p Stake, £15 Jackpot, Protocol) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC2 I L07, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC2 L07, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC4 AL15, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC4 I L15, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC4 L15, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC4P L15, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot, Protocol) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC5 L14, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC9 AL26, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC9 L26, 20p Stake, £10 Jackpot, Whitbread) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC9 L26, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot) [James Wallace]
  • Roller Coaster (JPM) (IMPACT) (RC9P L26, 20p Stake, £8 Jackpot, Protocol) [James Wallace]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Bingo Circus (terminal) [Phil Bennet]
  • Champion Pool (v1.0) [caius]
  • Data General AViiON 4600 [Plamen Mihaylov, Patrick Mackinlay]
  • Diamond King [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • Fatal Fury Special (SNES bootleg) [Apocalypse, iq_132]
  • Happy Pierrot [Alex Marshall]
  • Heroine's Memory [The Dumping Union]
  • High Roller (Bellfruit) (Scorpion 4) [HIGHWAYMAN]
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos (redemption game) [Museo del Recreativo, The Dumping Union]
  • Intelligent Peripheral Devices AlphaSmart 3000 [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model 010 [Bitsavers]
  • International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model 015 [Bitsavers]
  • International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model 020 [Bitsavers]
  • International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model 025 [Bitsavers]
  • International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model A25 [Bitsavers]
  • Mini Guay [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • NEC EWS4800/310 [Plamen Mihaylov, Patrick Mackinlay]
  • New! Cherry Plus (Ver. 3.10) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • Pontoon (Konami) [Michel Pichot]
  • Portable Game Station 268-in-1 [Takashi Omoto, TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • SM1810 [Carl, Alexander Kholodov]
  • Sonic Blast Man's Janken Battle [Phil Bennet]
  • SPRINT (Maygay) (M1A/B) [HIGHWAYMAN]
  • Surprise 5 (Ver. 1.19) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • Tab Products E-22 Display Terminal [Bitsavers]
  • Tsururin Kun [Phil Bennet]
  • unknown 'Rolla' slot machine [caius]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Adults Only (Ukraine, V. 43.17) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Black Pearl (Ukraine, V. 42.01) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Black Pearl (Ukraine, V. 42.03) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Black Pearl (Ukraine, V. 43.04) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Black Pearl (Ukraine, V. 43.07) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Blits Loto (Ukraine, V. 30.08) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Crime Patrol v1.0 [Dragon’s Lair Project]
  • Del's Millions (Bellfruit) (set 11, UK, ??GBP Jackpot) (Scorpion 2/3) [HIGHWAYMAN]
  • Del's Millions (Bellfruit) (set 12, UK, ??GBP Jackpot) (Scorpion 2/3) [HIGHWAYMAN]
  • Dirt Devils (USA, Revision A) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Donkey Kong (Maygay) v?.? (M1A/B) [HIGHWAYMAN]
  • Grand Canyon (Ukraine, V. 42.06) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Grand Canyon (Ukraine, V. 42.13) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Grand Canyon (Ukraine, V. 43.05) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • The Hole (bootleg of The Pit) [caius]
  • Lucky Shell (Ukraine, V. 42.10) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Maski Show (Ukraine V. 42.05) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Maski Show (Ukraine V. 42.11) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Maski Show (Ukraine V. 43.07) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • New Draw 8 Lines (Version 2.1) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • The Porter (bootleg of Port Man) [caius]
  • Roland HS-80 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer [Andreas Markusen, DBWBP]
  • Safari (Extrema, Ukraine, V. 42.04) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Safari (Extrema, Ukraine, V. 42.07) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Safari (Extrema, Ukraine, V. 43.08) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Strong Link (Ukraine, V. 43.45) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Sega Bass Fishing Deluxe (USA) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • The Simpsons (Maygay) (M1A/B) (set 9) [HIGHWAYMAN]
  • Treasure Hunt (Extrema, Ukraine, V. 34.02) [Ivan Vangelista]

New working software list additions

  • chip8_quik: Addition Problems, Airplane, Animal Race, Animal Race (fix), Astro Dodge, Astro Dodge (fix), Biorhythm, Blackjack, Blinky (fix), Blitz, Bowling, Breakout, Brick, Brix, Cave, Clock Program, Craps, Deflection, Dream Invaders, Fifteen Puzzle, Figures, Filter, Guess, Hi-Lo, Hidden, Hidden (fix), Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope (alt), Landing, Life, Lunar Lander, Mastermind FourRow, Merlin, Missile, Most Dangerous Game, Nim, Paddles, Pong, Pong (1 player), Pong (alt), Programmable Spacefighters, Puzzle, Reversi, Rocket, Rocket Launch, Rush Hour, Rush Hour (alt), Russian Roulette, Sequence Shoot, Shooting Stars, Slide, Snafu, Soccer, Space Flight, Space Intercept, Squash, Submarine, Syzygy, Tank, Tapeworm, Tetris, Tic-Tac-Toe (fix), Timebomb, Tron, UFO, V-brix, Vers, Video Display Drawing Game, Wipeoff, Worm V4, X-Mirror, X-Ray (fix) [Robbbert]
  • fmtowns_cd:
    Hyper Planet Shiki Vol. 2 [Maddog]
    Emit Vol. 1 - Toki no Maigo (Demo), Engage Errands - Miwaku no Shito-tachi, Last Armageddon CD Special (Selon reprint), Lua, Naru Mahjong, Nijiiro Denshoku Musume, Tactical Tank Corps DX, Tensen Nyannyan, Winning Post, WonPara Wars []
    Air Warrior V1.2L11, Engage Errands II - Hikari o Ninau Mono [, wiggy2k]
    Kikai Jikake no Marian, Princess Danger [rockleevk]
  • fmtowns_flop: Darwin's Dilemma - The Solution Is Evolution [wiggy2k]
  • gamegear:
    Andre Agassi Tennis (prototype), Bubble Bobble (prototype), CJ Elephant Fugitive (prototype), Dinobasher Starring Bignose the Caveman (Euro, prototype), Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (prototype), Empire Syndicate (Chicago Syndicate) (prototype, 19950320), Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (USA), Micro Machines (prototype) [smspower]
    X-Terminator v2.1 for Game Gear (USA, Euro), X-Terminator v2.1J for Game Gear (Jpn) [Wilbert Pol, smspower]
  • ibm5150: Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego? (3.5"), Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego? (5.25") [ArcadeShadow]
  • ibm5170: The Legend of Robin Hood - Conquests of the Longbow, Pirates! Gold (Euro), Pirates! Gold (older), Tetris Classic (Windows 3.x release) [ArcadeShadow]
  • psx: Action Replay 2 Version 2.23 - Bonus PSone Codes! (Euro), Autumn/Christmas Releases '96 (Euro), Beatmania (Euro), Chase the Express (Euro), Demo One (Version 1) (Euro), Demo One (Version 2) (Euro), Demo One (Version 4) (Ger), Depth (Jpn), Disney/Pixar Monsters, Inc.: Skrämmarön (Swe), Dracula: The Resurrection (Euro), Driver 2: Back on the Streets (Euro, Rev. 1), Euro Demo 21 (Euro), Euro Demo 22 (Euro), Euro Demo 28 (Euro), Euro Demo 58 (Euro), Euro Demo 60 (Euro), Euro Demo 62 (Euro), Euro Demo 63 (Euro), Euro Demo 64 (Euro), Euro Demo 65 (Euro), Euro Demo 66 (Euro), Euro Demo 67 (Euro), Euro Demo 68 (Euro), Euro Demo 69 (Euro), Euro Demo 70 (Euro), Euro Demo 71 (Euro), Euro Demo 72 (Euro), Euro Demo 73 (Euro), Euro Demo 74 (Euro), Everybody's Golf 2 (Euro), F1 Championship Season 2000 (Euro), Front Mission 3 (Euro, Prototype 20000616), Ghoul Panic (Euro), Gran Turismo (Euro), Gran Turismo 2 (Euro), Grand Theft Auto 2 (Euro, Rev. 1), Medal of Honor: Underground (Euro), Metal Gear Solid (Euro), Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions (Euro), Micro Machines V3 (Euro, EDC), Moto Racer (Euro), Moto Racer World Tour (Euro), Music: Music Creation for the PlayStation (Euro), Need for Speed II (Euro), Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit (Euro), No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking (Euro), Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (Euro), Pi to Mail (Jpn), Point Blank (Euro, Demo), Point Blank (Euro, Rev. 1), Point Blank 2 (Euro, Aus), Porsche Challenge (Euro), Power Source (Euro), Pro Pinball: Big Race USA (Euro), Rescue Shot (Euro), Resident Evil (Euro, EDC), Resident Evil: Survivor (Euro), Sentou Kokka: Air Land Battle (Jpn, Rev. 1), Silent Hill (Euro), Sphere 360° (Euro), Spider-Man (Euro), Spyro the Dragon (Euro), Street Skater 2 (Euro), Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (Euro, Demo), Test Drive 6 (Euro), Theme Hospital (Euro), Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (Euro, Aus), Vanishing Point (Euro), Wares 1092: Souheiden (Jpn), Warpath: Jurassic Park (Euro), WCW Mayhem (Euro) [, FakeShemp]
  • rx78_cart:
    Sekigahara, Super Motocross [Gaming Alexandria, SSJ]
    Burger Shop, Champion Racer, Mobile Suit Gundam, Perfect Mah-jongg, The Prowrestling, Ultraman [Gaming Alexandria, SSJ, Robbbert]
  • rx78_cass: Graphics Mathematics [Gaming Alexandria, SSJ]
  • sg1000: San-nin Mahjong (Jpn, alt) [smspower]
  • sms: 3D Gunner (prototype), Alex Kidd - High-Tech World (prototype), Battle Wings (Bomber Raid, prototype), Cyborg Hunter (prototype), Game de Check! Koutsuu Anzen (Jpn, prototype), Hang-On (prototype), Missile Defense 3-D (prototype), Out Run 3-D (prototype), Solomon no Kagi - Oujo Rihita no Namida (prototype), Super Off Road (prototype) [smspower]
  • videopac: Flash Point (PAL conversion), Rash [hap]
  • wscolor: Digimon Adventure 02 - D1 Tamers (Rev 0), Digimon Tamers - Digimon Medley (alt), Digital Monster - D-Project (Rev 0), Digital Monster Card Game - Ver. WonderSwan Color (Rev 0), From TV Animation One Piece - Treasure Wars (Rev 0), Hunter X Hunter - Greed Island (Rev 0) [, Wilbert Pol]
  • wswan: Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon for WonderSwan (Rev 1), Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon for WonderSwan (Rev 2), Digimon Adventure - Anode Tamer (Rev 0), Digimon Adventure 02 - Tag Tamers (Rev 0), Harobots (Rev 0), Hunter X Hunter - Ishi o Tsugu Mono (Rev 1), Keitai Gyogun Tanchiki - WonderSwan Handy Sonar (Rev 1), Mahjong Touryuumon (Rev 1), Ring Infinity (alt), SD Gundam - Emotional Jam (Rev 2), SD Gundam Gashapon Senki - Episode 1 (alt), Super Robot Taisen Compact (Rev 0), Super Robot Taisen Compact (Rev 1) [, Wilbert Pol]

Software list items promoted to working

  • fmtowns_cd:
    Sangokushi IV [akira_2020]
    Hyper Planet for Marty, Ms. Detective File #1 - Iwami Ginzan Satsujin Jiken (FM Towns Marty version), Sensual Angels [cherokee]
    Doki Doki Vacation - Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de [wiggy2k]
  • psx: 007 - Tomorrow Never Dies (Jpn), 10101 - "Will" the Starship (Jpn), 70's Robot Anime - Geppy-X - The Super Boosted Armor (Jpn), A5 - A Ressha de Ikou 5 (Jpn, Playstation the Best), Abe a GoGo (Jpn), Acid (Jpn), Aconcagua (Jpn), Action Puzzle - Prism Land (Jpn, Honkakuha de 1300Yen Series), Ad Lib Ouji Fuyukai na Nakamatachi!? (Jpn), Advanced V.G. 2 (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), Afraid Gear (Jpn), Airgrave (Jpn), Aitakute... Your Smiles in My Heart (Jpn), Aizouban Houshin Engi (Jpn), Akagawa Jirou - Yasoukyoku 2 (Jpn), Akagawa Jirou Majo-tachi no Nemuri - Fukkatsu Matsuri (Jpn), Alice in Cyberland (Jpn), Alive (Jpn), Alundra 2 - Mashinka no Nazo (Jpn), Ancient Roman - Power of the Dark Side (Jpn), Angel Graffiti - Anata e no Profile (Jpn), Angelique Duet (Jpn), Angelique Special (Jpn), Angelique Special 2 (Jpn), Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem (Jpn), Angolmois '99 (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), Another Memories (Jpn), Ao Zora to Nakama Tachi - Yume No Bouken (Jpn), Ao no Roku-gou - Antarctica (Jpn), Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genchou Hishi (Jpn), Aqua Paradise - Boku no Suizokukan (Jpn), Aquanaut no Kyuujitsu 2 (Jpn), Aquarian Age - Tokyo Wars (Jpn), Arcade Gears - Image Fight & X-Multiply (Jpn), Arcade Gears - Wonder 3 (Jpn), Arcade Hits - Crazy Climber (Jpn, Major Wave Series), Armed Fighter (Jpn), Armored Core (Jpn, Demo), Arthur to Astaroth no Nazo Maikamura - Incredible Toons (Jpn), Assault Suits Valken 2 - Juusou Kihei Valken 2 (Jpn), Astronoka (Jpn), Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Excellent (Jpn), Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Final (Jpn), Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Special (Jpn), Asuncia - Matsue no Jubaku (Jpn, XING Maru-yasu Series), Athena - Awakening from the Ordinary Life (Jpn, Koei the Best), Ayakashi Ninden Kunoichiban (Jpn), Azito (Jpn), Azito 3 (Jpn), Azumanga Donjara Daiou (Jpn), b.l.u.e. - Legend of Water (Jpn), BackGuiner - Yomigaeru Yuusha-tachi - Hishou-hen 'Uragiri no Senjou' (Jpn), Bakumatsu Roman - Gekka no Kenshi (Jpn), Bakuretsu Hunter - Mahjong Special (Jpn), Bakuryu (Jpn), Barbapapa (Jpn), Bardysh (Jpn), Baroque - Yuganda Mousou (Jpn), Baroque Syndrome (Jpn), Baseball Simulation - ID Pro Yakyuu (Jpn), Bass Fisherman - Texas (Jpn), Battle "Sugoroku" - The Hunter - A.R.0062 (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), Battle Master (Jpn, Major Wave Series), Beat Planet Music (Jpn), Beatmania - Append 3rd Mix Mini (Jpn), Beatmania - Append 5th Mix - Time to Get Down (Jpn), Beatmania - Best Hits (Jpn), Beatmania Append 6th Mix + Core Remix (Jpn), Beatmania Append Gottamix 2 - Going Global (Jpn), Bishi Bashi Special (Jpn, Konami the Best), Bishi Bashi Special 2 (Jpn), Bishi Bashi Special 3 - Step Champ (Jpn), Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Super S - Shin Shuyaku Soudatsusen (Jpn, Genteiban), Black Jack vs. Matsuda Jun (Jpn), Black Matrix Zero OO (Jpn, Shokai Genteiban), Blade Arts - Tasogare no Miyako R'lyeh (Jpn), BladeMaker (Jpn), Blam! -MachineHead (Jpn), Blaze & Blade - Busters (Jpn), Blaze & Blade - Eternal Quest (Jpn), Block Kuzushi - Kowashite Help! (Jpn), Blood Factory (Jpn), Blue Breaker Burst - Egao no Asuni (Jpn), The Blue Marlin (Jpn), Boku no Choro-Q (Jpn), Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan (Jpn), Bonogurashi (Jpn), Boundary Gate - Daughter of Kingdom (Jpn), Brave Prove (Jpn), Brave Sword (Jpn), Break Volley (Jpn), Breath of Fire III (Jpn), Buckle Up! (Jpn), Bugi (Jpn), Burning Road (Jpn), C1 Circuit (Jpn), Calcolo! - Ochimo no Shooting (Jpn), Carnage Heart EZ - Easy Zapping (Jpn), Carom Shot 2 (Jpn), Chaos Control (Jpn), Chiisana Kyojin Microman (Jpn), Chiisana Oukoku Erutoria (Jpn), Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race - Wacky Races (Jpn), Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken - The Adventure of Little Ralph (Jpn), Chocolate Kiss (Jpn), Choro-Q (Jpn), Choro-Q Wonderful! (Jpn), Chou Aniki - Kyuukyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyou Otoko (Jpn), Chou Hatsumei Boy Kanipan - Hirameki Wonderland (Jpn), Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer (Jpn), Circuit Beat (Jpn), Cleopatra's Fortune (Jpn), Click Manga - Click Nohi (Jpn), Click Manga - Dynamic Robot Taisen 1 (Jpn), Click Manga - Dynamic Robot Taisen 2 (Jpn), Clock Tower - Ghost Head (Jpn), Clock Tower 2 (Jpn, Taikenban), Community Pom (Jpn), Community Pom - Omoide o Dakishimete (Jpn), Cosmowarrior Zero (Jpn), Crazy Climber 2000 (Jpn), Creature Shock (Jpn), Crime Crackers 2 (Jpn), CRW - Counter Revolution War (Jpn), Cu-On-Pa (Jpn), Cyber Daisenryaku - Shutsugeki! Harukatai (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), Cybernetic Empire (Jpn), Daibouken Deluxe - Harukanaru Umi (Jpn), Daikoukai Jidai Gaiden (Jpn), Daikoukai Jidai II (Jpn), Dakar '97 (Jpn), Dance Dance Revolution - Best Hits (Jpn), Dancing Blade - Katteni Momotenshi! (Jpn), Dangan (Jpn), Dark Hunter - Ge Youma No Mori (Jpn), Darkseed II (Jpn), Deadly Skies (Jpn), Death Wing (Jpn), Defeat Lightning (Jpn), Densha Daisuki - Plarail ga Ippai (Jpn), Densha de Go! Nagoya Railroad (Jpn), Derby Jockey 2001 (Jpn), Descent (Jpn), Destruction Derby 2 (Jpn), Devicereign (Jpn), Dezaemon Kids! (Jpn), Dezaemon Plus (Jpn), Digical League (Jpn), Digimon Tamers - Battle Evolution (Jpn), Digimon World (Jpn), Docchi Mecha! (Jpn), Dodge de Ball! (Jpn), Doki Doki Shutter Chance - Koi no Puzzle o Kumitatete (Jpn), Dokomademo Aoku... (Jpn, Limited Edition), Dolphin's Dream (Jpn), Domino-kun o Tomenaide. (Jpn), DonPachi (Jpn), Doraemon - Nobita to Fukkatsu no Hoshi (Jpn), Doraemon 2 - SOS! Otogi no Kuni (Jpn), Double Dragon (Jpn), Doukyuusei 2 (Jpn), Doukyuusei Mahjong (Jpn), Dragon Ball Z - Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu (Jpn), Dragon Drive Tactics Break (Jpn), Dragon Knights Glorious (Jpn), Dragon Money (Jpn), Dragon Valor (Jpn), The Drug Store - Matsumoto Kiyoshi de Okaimono! (Jpn), DX Jinsei Game IV - The Game of Life (Jpn), DX Jinsei Game V - The Game of Life (Jpn), DX Monopoly (Jpn), DX Okuman Chouja Game II - The Money Battle (Jpn), DX Shachou Game (Jpn), Dynamite Boxing (Jpn), Dynamite Soccer 2002 (Jpn), Dynamite Soccer 2004 Final (Jpn), Eikan ha Kimini 4 (Jpn), élan (Jpn), élan plus (Jpn), Elder Gate (Jpn), Elf wo Karu Mono-tachi II (Jpn), Emmyrea (Jpn), End Sector (Jpn), Engacho! (Jpn), Enigma (Jpn), EOS - Edge of Skyhigh (Jpn), EVE - The Fatal Attraction (Jpn), Evergreen Avenue (Jpn), Exciting Bass (Jpn), Exciting Bass 2 (Jpn), Family Diamond (Jpn), The Family Restaurant - Shijou Saikyou no Menu (Jpn), Favorite Dear - Junpaku no Yogenmono (Jpn), Fighters' Impact (Jpn), Fighting Illusion - K-1 Grand Prix '98 (Jpn), Final Fantasy (Jpn), Final Fantasy Extra Collection (Jpn), Final Fantasy II (Jpn), Final Round (Jpn), Fire Woman Matoigumi (Jpn), The Firemen 2 - Pete & Danny (Jpn), First Queen IV - Varcia Senki (Jpn), Fish Eyes II (Jpn), Fisher's Road (Jpn), Fishing Freaks - BassRise (Jpn), Fist (Jpn), Forget me not - Palette (Jpn), Formula Circus (Jpn), Formula Grand Prix 1997 - Team Unei Simulation 2 (Jpn), Formula Nippon '99 (Jpn), Fox Junction (Jpn), Free Talk Studio - Mari no Kimama na Oshaberi (Jpn, Best of the Best), Fuujin Ryouiki Eretzvaju (Jpn), Fuuraiki (Jpn), G-Police (Jpn), Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi S (Jpn), Gakkou wo Tsukurou!! 2 (Jpn), Gakuen Sentai Solblast (Jpn), Galaxy Fight - Universal Warriors (Jpn), GALEOZ (Jpn), Gallop Racer 2000 (Jpn), Gambler Jikochuushinha Ippatsu Shoubu! (Jpn), The Game Maker (Jpn), Gamera 2000 (Jpn), Gamesoft wo Tsukurou - Let's Be a Super Game Creator (Jpn), Ganbare Goemon - Ooedo Daikaiten (Jpn), Ganbare Goemon - Uchuu Kaizoku Akogingu (Jpn), Gangway Monsters (Jpn), Gate Keepers (Jpn), GeGeGe no Kitarou (Jpn), Geki-Oh Shienryu (Jpn), Gekitotsu Toma L'Arc - Tomarunner vs. L'Arc~en~Ciel (Jpn), Genei Tougi - Shadow Struggle (Jpn), Gensou Maden Saiyuuki - Harukanaru Nishi e (Jpn), Gensou no Altemis - Actress School Mystery Adventure (Jpn), GetBackers Dakkanya (Jpn), GI Jockey 2000 (Jpn), Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Jpn), Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna - Final Edition (Jpn), Goemon - Shin Sedai Shuumei (Jpn), Goiken Muyou II (Jpn), Gokuu Densetsu - Magic Beast Warriors (Jpn), Golgo 13 - 1 - Karairu no Yabou (Jpn), Googootrops (Jpn), Granstream Denki (Jpn, Demo), The Great Battle VI (Jpn), Gritz - The Pyramid Adventure (Jpn), Groove Adventure Rave - Mikan no Hiseki (Jpn), Groove Adventure Rave - Yuukyuu no Kizuna (Jpn), Groove Jigoku V - Sweepstation Version (Jpn), Guilty Gear (Jpn), Guitar Freaks Append 2nd Mix (Jpn), GUNbare! Game Tengoku - The Game Paradise 2 (Jpn), Hai-Shin-2 (Jpn), Hakaioh - King of Crusher (Jpn), Hanabi Fantast (Jpn), Happy Hotel (Jpn), Hard Boiled (Jpn), Harmful Park (Jpn), Harukanaru Toki no Naka de (Jpn), Hashiriya - Ookamitachi no Densetsu (Jpn), Hatsukoi Valentine (Jpn), Heaven's Gate (Jpn), The Heiwa Otenki Studio (Jpn), Heiwa Pachinko Graffiti Vol.1 (Jpn), Heiwa Parlor! Pro Dolphin Ring Special (Jpn), Heiwa Parlor! Pro Lupin Sansei Special (Jpn), Heiwa Parlor! Pro Tsunatori Monogatari Special (Jpn), Hello Kitty - White Present (Jpn), Hello Kitty's Cube De Cute (Jpn), Henry Explorers (Jpn), Hermie Hopperhead - Scrap Panic (Jpn, Playstation the Best), High School of Blitz (Jpn), Hikari no Shima - Seven Lithographs in Shining Island (Jpn), Himiko-Den (Jpn), Hiroki Matsukata Presents - World Fishing (Jpn, BPS The Choice), Hissatsu Pachi-Slot Station 2 (Jpn), Hissatsu Pachi-Slot Station 4 (Jpn), Hissatsu Pachi-Slot Station 5 (Jpn), Hissatsu Pachi-Slot Station SP (Jpn), Hit Back (Jpn), Hokuto no Ken (Jpn), Hole of the Legend Monster - Densetsu Kemono no Ana - Monster Complete World Ver.2 (Jpn), Honoo no Ryourinin - Cooking Fighter Tao (Jpn), Hooockey!! (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), Hoshi no Oka Gakuen Monogatari - Gakuensai (Jpn), Hoshigami - Shizumiyuku Aoki Daichi (Jpn), Hunter X Hunter - Maboroshi no Greed Island (Jpn), Hunter X Hunter - Ubawareta Aura Stone (Jpn), Hyouryuu Ki - The Reportage Beyond the Sea (Jpn), Hyper Crazy Climber (Jpn), Hyper Rally (Jpn), Ichigeki - Hagane no Hito (Jpn), Ide Yousuke no Mahjong Kyoshitsu (Jpn), Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II Limited (Jpn), Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Limited (Jpn), Inagawa Junji - Kyoufu no Yashiki (Jpn), Indy 500 (Jpn), Irem Arcade Classics (Jpn), Itadaki Street - Gorgeous King (Jpn), JailBreaker (Jpn), Jaleco Collection Vol.1 (Jpn), Jellyfish - The Healing Friend (Jpn), Jounetsu Nekketsu Athletes - Nakimushi Coach no Nikki (Jpn), Jungle Park (Jpn), Kaeru no Ehon - Nakushita Kioku o Motomete (Jpn), Kaibutsu Para-Dice (Jpn), Kaisoku Tenshi - The Rapid Angel (Jpn), Kaitohranma Miyabi (Jpn), Kakugo no Susume (Jpn), Kamen Rider (Jpn), Kamen Rider Agito (Jpn), Kamen Rider Kuuga (Jpn), Kamen Rider Ryuki (Jpn), Kanako Enomoto - Junk Brain Diagnosis (Jpn), Kato Hifumi Kudan - Shogi Club (Jpn, Honkakuha de 1300Yen Series), Kattobi Tune (Jpn), Keiba Eight '98 Akifuyu (Jpn), Keiba Eight '98 Haru Natsu (Jpn), Keiba Saishou no Housoku '95 (Jpn), Kenki Ippatsu! Crane Master ni Narou! (Jpn), Kero Kero King (Jpn), Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor - Mobile Police Patlabor - Game Edition (Jpn), Kidou Senshi Z-Gundam (Jpn, Demo), Kids Station - Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon World - Chibiusa to Tanoshii Mainichi (Jpn), Kids Station - Digimon Park (Jpn), Kids Station - Kamen Rider Heroes (Jpn), Kids Station - Motto! Oja Majo Dorami - MAHO-dou Smile Party (Jpn), Kids Station - Soreike! Anpanman 2 - Anpanman to Daibouken! (Jpn), Killer Bass (Jpn), Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo 3 - Seiryuu Densetsu Satsujin Jiken (Jpn), King of Bowling 2 - Professional-Hen (Jpn), The King of Fighters '95 (Jpn), The King of Fighters '96 (Jpn), The King of Fighters '98 - Dream Match Never Ends (Jpn), The King of Fighters '99 (Jpn), The King of Fighters Kyo (Jpn), Kitchen Panic (Jpn), Knight & Baby (Jpn), Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenzen Hashutsujo - High Tech Building Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Ma (Jpn), Kohni Shogun (Jpn), Kojin Kyouju - La Leçon Particulière (Jpn), Komotchi (Jpn), Konami Antiques - MSX Collection Vol.1 (Jpn), Konami Antiques - MSX Collection Vol.2 (Jpn), Korokoro Post Nin (Jpn), Kosodate Quiz Motto My Angel (Jpn), Kotetsu Reiki - Steel Dom (Jpn), Kou Kidou Gensou - Gunparade March (Jpn), Kouklotheatro - Yuukyuu no Hitomi (Jpn), Kouryuuki (Jpn), Koyasai - A Sherd of Youthful Memories (Jpn), Ku-Ron Jo - Fukyuu Ban (Jpn), Kunoichi Torimonocho (Jpn), Kuro no Ken - Blade of the Darkness (Jpn), Kuroi Hitomi no Noir - Cielgris Fantasm (Jpn), Kurumi Miracle (Jpn), Kuubo Senki (Jpn), Kyorochan no Purikura Daisakusen (Jpn), Lagnacure (Jpn), Lake Masters Pro - Nihon Juudan Kuro Masu Kikou (Jpn), Lalala PlayStation Trial Disk 1998 Summer (Jpn, Demo), Langrisser I & II (Jpn), Langrisser IV & V Final Edition (Jpn), Legaia Densetsu (Jpn, Demo), The Legend of Dragoon (Jpn), Libero Grande 2 (Jpn), Ling Rise (Jpn), Little Princess +1 - Marl Oukoku no Ningyou Hime 2 (Jpn), Lode Runner 2 (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), Lode Runner Extra (Jpn), Lone Soldier (Jpn), Lord of Fist (Jpn), Love & Destroy (Jpn), Love Love Truck (Jpn), LSD - Dream Emulator (Jpn, Limited Edition), Lucifer Ring (Jpn), Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue (Jpn), Lunar Wing - Toki o Koeta Seisen (Jpn), Lunatic Dawn III (Jpn), Lunatic Dawn Odyssey (Jpn), Lup Salad - Lupupu Cube (Jpn), MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity (Jpn), Mad Panic Coaster (Jpn), Märchen Adventure Cotton 100% (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), The Maestro Music (Jpn, with Baton Stick), Magical Drop F - Daibouken mo Rakujanai! (Jpn), Magical Medical (Jpn), Mahjong Yarouze! (Jpn), Majokko Daisakusen - Little Witching Mischiefs (Jpn), Marionette Company (Jpn), Marionette Company 2 Chu! (Jpn), Marl Jong!! (Jpn, Limited Edition), Marvel Super Heroes (Jpn), Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter - EX Edition (Jpn), Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes - EX Edition (Jpn), Masumon Kids - The Another World of The Master of Monsters (Jpn), MaxRacer (Jpn), Maze Heroes - Meikyuu Densetsu (Jpn), Medarot R (Jpn), Medarot R - Parts Collection (Jpn), Megatudo 2096 (Jpn), Meitantei Conan - Saikou no Aibou (Jpn), Meitantei Conan - Trick Trick Vol.1 (Jpn), MeltyLancer - The 3rd Planet (Jpn), Memorial Star Series - Sunsoft Vol.1 - Ikki & Super Arabian (Jpn), Memorial Star Series - Sunsoft Vol.2 - Route-16 Turbo & Atlantis no Nazo (Jpn), Memorial Star Series - Sunsoft Vol.3 - Madoola no Tsubasa & Toukaidou Gojuusan Tsugi (Jpn), Memorial Star Series - Sunsoft Vol.4 - Chou Wakusei Senki Metafight & Ripple Island (Jpn), Memorial Star Series - Sunsoft Vol.5 - Raf World & Hebereke (Jpn), Menkyo o Torou (Jpn), Meremanoid (Jpn), Mermaid no Kisetsu - The Season of Mermaid (Jpn), Meta-Ph-List μ.χ.2297 (Jpn), Metal Angel 3 (Jpn), Metal Fist (Jpn), Mezase! Senkyuuou (Jpn), Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari - Bishoujo Hanafuda Kikou (Jpn), Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari Kai (Jpn), Mini Moni. - Step Pyon Pyon Pyon (Jpn), Mini Moni. Shaker & Tambourine! Dapyon! (Jpn), Minna Atsumore! Igo Kyoushitsu (Jpn), Misaki Aggressive! (Jpn), Mizzurna Falls (Jpn), Momotarou Densetsu (Jpn), Momotarou Matsuri (Jpn), Money Idol Exchanger (Jpn), Monster Collection - Kamen no Madoushi (Jpn), Monster Farm - Battle Card Professional (Jpn), Mouri Motonari - Chikai no Sanshi (Jpn), Mr. Driller G (Jpn), Muscle Ranking - Kinniku Banzuke Vol.2 - Aratanaru Genkai e no Chousen! (Jpn), My Home Dream 2 - Niwatsuki Ikkodate De, Ikou! (Jpn), Mystic Ark - Maboroshi Gekijou (Jpn), The Mystic Dragoons (Jpn), Najavu no Daibouken - My Favorite Namjatown (Jpn), Naniwa no Akindo - Futte Nanbo no Saikoro Jinsei (Jpn), Nankuro (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), NBA Power Dunkers 4 (Jpn), Navit (Jpn), Nemuru Mayu - Sleeping Cocoon (Jpn), Neorude (Jpn), Neorude 2 (Jpn), Next King - Koi no Sennen Oukoku (Jpn), Night Raid (Jpn), Nijiiro Dodgeball - Otometachi no Seishun (Jpn), Ningyo no Rakuin (Jpn), Ninja Jajamaru-kun - Onigiri Ninpouchou (Jpn), Nobunaga no Yabou - Retsuupuden (Jpn), NOëL 3 - Mission on the Line (Jpn), Nya Nyan ga Nyan - Light Fantasy Gaiden (Jpn), Oasis Road (Jpn), Oda Nobunaga Den (Jpn), Odo Odo Oddity (Jpn), Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n! Nijiiro Para-Dice (Jpn), Ojousama Express (Jpn), Olympia Yamasa - Virtua Pachi-Slot II - Jissen! Bishoujo Kouryaku Hou (Jpn), Omise de Tensyu (Jpn), One (Jpn), One Two Smash - Tanoshii Tennis (Jpn, Honkakuha de 1300Yen Series), Ongaku Tsukuru Kanadeeru 2 (Jpn), Option Tuning Car Battle Spec-R (Jpn), Ore! Tomba (Jpn), Oshigotoshiki Jinsei Game - Mezase Shokugyou-oh (Jpn), Ouji-sama LV1 (Jpn), Oukyuu no Hihou - Tension (Jpn), Paca Paca Passion (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Aruze Oukoku 5 (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou - Battle Knight & Atlantis Doom (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou - Maker Suishou Manual 3 - I'm Angel White 2 & I'm Angel Blue 2 (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou - Maker Suishou Manual 5 - Race Queen 2 & Tomcat (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou - Twist & Shimauta & Nankoku Monogatari (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou 2 - Kagetsu & 2 Pair & Beaver X (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou 3 - Sea Master X & Epsilon R & Wai Wai Pulsar 2 (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou 6 - Kung Fu Lady & BangBang & Prelude 2 (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou 7 - Maker Suishou Manual 1 - Beat the Dragon 2 & Lupin Sansei & Hot Rod Queen (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou Maker Suishou Manual 6 - Takarabune (Jpn), Pachi-Slot Teiou Mini - Dr. A7 (Jpn), Palm Town (Jpn), Panzer Bandit (Jpn), Paranoia Scape (Jpn), Parlor! Pro Jr. Collection (Jpn), PD Ultraman Invader (Jpn), Pepsiman (Jpn), Perfect Fishing - Rock Fishing (Jpn), Pikinya! Excellent (Jpn), Pinball Fantasies Deluxe (Jpn), Pitfall 3D - Beyond the Jungle (Jpn), Pocket Fighter (Jpn), Poitter's Point 2 - Sodom no Inbou (Jpn), Policenauts - Private Collection (Jpn), Pop'n Pop (Jpn), Pop'n Tanks! (Jpn), Potestas (Jpn), Power Shovel ni Norou!! (Jpn), Power Stakes (Jpn), Power Stakes Grade 1 (Jpn), Princess Maker - Go! Go! Princess (Jpn), Prism Court (Jpn), Prisoner (Jpn), Pro Logic Mahjong Hai-Shin (Jpn), Pro Mahjong Kiwame Plus (Jpn), Pro Mahjong Kiwame Tengensenhen (Jpn), Pro Wrestling Sengokuden - Hyper Tag Match (Jpn), Puchi Carat (Jpn), Puyo Puyo 4 - Car-kun to Issho (Jpn), Puyo Puyo Box (Jpn), Puzzle Arena Toshinden (Jpn), Puzzle Bobble 3 DX (Jpn), Puzzle Bobble 4 (Jpn), Qix 2000 (Jpn, SuperLite 1500 Series), Quantum Gate I - Akumu no Joshou (Jpn), Quiz Charaokedon! Toei Tokusatsu Hero Part 2 (Jpn), Quiz Darake no Jinsei Game - Un to Atama de Daifuugou!? (Jpn), Quo Vadis - Iberukatsu Seneki (Jpn), Race Drivin' A Go! Go! (Jpn), Rakugaki Showtime (Jpn), Rally de Africa (Jpn), Rally de Europe (Jpn), Rami-Chan no Ooedo Surogoku - Keiou Yuugekitai Gaiden (Jpn), Ranma ½ - Battle Renaissance (Jpn), Ray Tracers (Jpn), Rayman (Jpn), Ready Maid (Jpn), Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special - Dominated Mind (Jpn, Limited Edition), Recipro Heat 5000 (Jpn), Rescue Shot Bubibo & BioHazard - Gun Survivor (Jpn, Demo), Ridegear Guybrave II (Jpn), Riot Stars (Jpn), Robin Lloyd no Daibouken (Jpn), Robot X Robot (Jpn), Rock Climbing - Mitouhou e no Chousen - Alps-Hen (Jpn), Roommate - Inoue Ryoko (Jpn), Sakkyoku Surundamon - Dance Remix (Jpn), Sakuma Shiki Jinsei Game (Jpn), Salary Man Settai Mahjong (Jpn), Samurai Deeper Kyo (Jpn, Limited Edition), Samurai Spirits - Kenkaku Yubinan Pack (Jpn), Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken (Jpn, PlayStation the Best), Sangokushi - Eiketsuden (Jpn), Sangokushi - Koumeiden (Jpn), Sangokushi II (Jpn), Sangokushi III (Jpn), Sangokushi Returns (Jpn), Sangokushi V (Asia), Sangokushi VI (Jpn), Sanyo Pachinko Paradise 2 - Umi Monogatari Special (Jpn), SatelliTV (Jpn), Satomi no Nazo (Jpn), Schrödinger no Neko - Die Katze von Schrödinger (Jpn), SD Gundam G - Generation-0 (Jpn), SD Gundam G Generation-F (Jpn, Limited Edition), SD Gundam G Generation-F.I.F (Jpn), SeaBass Fishing 2 (Jpn), Seikai no Monshou (Jpn), Seirei Shoukan - Princess of Darkness (Jpn), Sengoku Mugen (Jpn), Senryaku Shidan - Tora! Tora! Tora! Rikusen-hen (Jpn), Sentimental Graffiti (Jpn), Sentou Kokka Kai - Improved (Jpn), Shachou Eiyuuden - The Eagle Shooting Heroes (Asia), Shiibas 1-2-3 - Destiny! Unmei O Kaerusha! (Jpn), Shin Masoukishin - Panzer Warfare (Jpn), Shin Megami Tensei (Jpn), Shin SD Sengokuden - Kidou Musha Taisen (Jpn, Limited Edition), Shin Sedai Robot Senki - Brave Saga (Jpn), The Shinri Game (Jpn), Shinseiden Megaseed Fukkatsu-Hen (Jpn), Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits - Bushidou Retsuden (Jpn), Shiritsu Justice Gakuen - Legion of Heroes (Jpn), Shiritsu Justice Gakuen - Nekketsu Seishun Nikki 2 (Jpn), Shouryuu Sangoku Engi (Jpn), Shura no Mon (Jpn), Side Pocket 3 - 3D Polygon Billiard Game (Jpn), Sidewinder (Jpn), Silhouette Mirage - Reprogrammed Hope (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.01 - Norikae Annai -2000 Edition- (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.03 - Seimei Handan (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.04 - Ryouri (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.05 - Kusuri no Jiten - Pill Book 2001 Edition (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.06 - Cocktail no Recipe (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.07 - Tanoshiku Manabu Unten Menkyo (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.08 - 1-Jikan de Wakaru Kabushiki Toushi (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.09 - Watashi Style no Aromatherapy (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.10 - Tarot Uranai (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.11 - Katei de Dekiru Tsubo Shiatsu (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.12 - Katei no Igaku (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.13 - Shinri Game - Soreike X Kokoroji (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.14 - Kurashi no Manner (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.15 - Inu no Kaikata - Sekai no Inu Catalog (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.16 - Neko no Kaikata - Sekai no Neko Catalog (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.17 - Planetarium (Jpn), Simple 1500 Jitsuyou Series Vol.18 - Kanji Quiz - Kanji Keitei ni Challenge (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series Hello Kitty Vol.02 - Hello Kitty Illust Puzzle (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series Hello Kitty Vol.04 - Hello Kitty Trump (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series Hello Kitty vol.01 - Hello Kitty Bowling (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series Hello Kitty vol.03 - Hello Kitty Block Kuzushi (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.51 - The Jigsaw Puzzle (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.63 - The Gun Shooting 2 (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.67 - The Soccer - Dynamite Soccer 1500 (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.71 - The Ren'ai Simulation 2 (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.72 - The Beach Volley (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.73 - The Invaders - Space Invaders 1500 (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.76 - The Dodgeball (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.83 - The Wakeboard - BursTrick Wake Boarding!! (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.85 - The Sengoku Bushou - Tenka Touitsu no Yabou (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series vol.89 - The Power Shovel - Power Shovel ni Norou! (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series Vol.99 - The Kendo - Ken no Hanamichi (Jpn), Simple 1500 Series Vol.103 - The Ganso Densha Utenshi - Densha De Go! (Jpn), Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.03 - Kamen Rider - The Bike Race (Jpn), Simple Characters 2000 Series vol.05 - Highschool Kimengumi - The Table Hockey (Jpn), Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.06 - Dokonjou Gaeru - The Mahjong (Jpn), Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.09 - Tsuri Kichi Sanpei - The Tsuri (Jpn), Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.10 - Sakigake!! Otojo Juku - The Dodgeball (Jpn), Simple Characters 2000 Series Vol.16 - Ganba no Bouken - The Puzzle Action (Jpn), Simulation Zoo - Sekaiichi no Doubutsuen o Tsukurou (Jpn), Sister Princess - Pure Stories (Jpn), Slap Happy Rhythm Busters (Jpn), Snatcher (Jpn), Snobow Kids Plus (Jpn), Sonata (Jpn), Sotsugyou Crossworld (Jpn), Sougaku Toshi - Osaka (Jpn), Soukou Kihei Votoms - Lightning Slash (Jpn), Soukyugurentai - Oubushustugeki (Jpn), Spectral Blade (Jpn), Speed King (Jpn), Speed Power Gunbike (Jpn), Spider-Man (Jpn), Square's Preview 5 (Jpn, Seiken Densetsu Demo), Stahlfeder - Tetsukou Hikuudan (Jpn), Startling Odyssey 1 - Blue Evolution (Jpn), Street Fighter Collection (Jpn), Suiko Enbu - Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty (Jpn), Super Adventure Rockman (Jpn), Super Football Champ (Jpn), T Kara Hajimaru Monogatari (Jpn), Tactics Ogre - Let Us Cling Together (Jpn), Tales of Fandom Vol.1 (Jpn, Cless Version), Tamamayu Monogatari - Dennou Bijutsukan (Jpn, Demo), Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Tomoshibi ga Kienumani (Jpn), Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Yume no Owari ni (Jpn), Tatsunoko Fight (Jpn), Ten Made Jack - Odoroki Manenoki Daitoubou!! (Jpn), Tenant Wars (Jpn), Tenchi wo Kurau II - Sekiheki no Tatakai (Jpn), Tennis Arena (Jpn), Tensen Nyannyan - Gekijou-ban (Jpn), Tetris X (Jpn), That's QT (Jpn), Thunder Force V - Perfect System (Jpn), Time Gal & Ninja Hayate (Jpn), ToPoLo (Jpn), TOCA Touring Car Championship (Jpn), Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Vol.1 - Dancing Summer Vacation (Jpn), Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Vol.2 - Leaping School Festival (Jpn), Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories Vol.3 - Memories Ringing On (Jpn), Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol.1 - Nijiiro No Seishun (Jpn, Konami the Best), Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Dama (Jpn), Tokyo Majin Gakuen Gehouchou (Jpn), Tomba! The Wild Adventures (Jpn), Tomica Town o Tsukurou! (Jpn), Toshinden Card Quest (Jpn), Toukidenshou - Angel Eyes (Jpn), Toyota Netz Racing (Jpn), Toys Dream (Jpn), Tripuzz (Jpn), Trump Shiyouyo! (Jpn), Tsun Tsun Kumi 2 - Moji Moji Bakkun (Jpn), Tsun Tsun Kumi 3 - Kanji Vader (Jpn), Tsuri Baka Nisshi (Jpn), TV Animation X - Unmei no Tatakai (Jpn), TwinBee RPG (Jpn), Twins Story - Kimi ni Tsutaetakute... (Jpn), Two-Tenkaku (Jpn), Ucchannanchan no Honoo no Challenger - Denryu Iraira-Bou Returns (Jpn), UFO - A Day in the Life (Jpn), Ugetsu Kitan (Jpn), UkiUki Tsuri Tengoku - Uogami Densetsu wo Oe (Jpn), Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna Fighting Evolution - New Generations (Jpn), Ultraman Zearth (Jpn), Umi no Nushi Tsuri - Takarajimi ni Mukatte (Jpn), Umihara Kawase Shun - Second Edition (Jpn, Maruan Series 1), V-Tennis 2 (Jpn), Vampir Kyuuketsuki Densetsu (Jpn), Vehicle Cavalier (Jpn), Victory Zone - Real Pachinko Simulator (Jpn), Virtual Hiryuu no Ken (Jpn), Virtual Kyoutei '98 (Jpn), Virtual Pro Wrestling (Jpn), Virus - The Battle Field (Jpn), Volfoss (Jpn), Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! - Mirumo no Mahou Gakkou Monogatari (Jpn), Wangan Trial (Jpn), Warera Mitsubayashi Tankentai!! (Jpn), Water Summer (Jpn, Limited Edition), Wedding Peach - Doki Doki Oironaoshi Fashion Daisakusen (Jpn), Weltorv Estleia (Jpn), White Diamond (Jpn), Wizard's Harmony R (Jpn), Wolf Fang Kuuga 2001 (Jpn), Wonder B-Cruise - Dogiborn Daisakusen (Jpn), Wonder Trek (Jpn), World League Soccer - Challenge Nippon! (Jpn, Family Price 1500), World Pro Tennis '98 (Jpn), WWF Wrestlemania - The Arcade Game (Jpn), X. Racing (Jpn), Yagami Hiroki no Game-Taste - Munasawagi no Yokan (Jpn), Yakitori Musume - Sugo Ude Hanjouki (Jpn), Yamagata Digital Museum (Jpn), Yoshimoto Muchicco Daikessen - Minami no Umi no Gorongo Shima (Jpn), Youkai Hana Asobi (Jpn), Yu-Gi-Oh! - Monster Capsule Breed & Battle (Jpn), Yukinko Burning (Jpn), Yume no Tsubasa (Jpn), Yuugen Kaisha Chikyuu Boueitai - Guard of Earth Organization (Jpn), Yuukyuu no Eden - The Eternal Eden (Jpn), Zap! Snowboarding Trix '98 (Jpn), Zeiramzone (Jpn), Zeitgeist (Jpn), Zen-Nihon Joshi Pro Wrestling - Joou Densetsu Yume no Taikousen (Jpn), Zen-Nihon Pro Wrestling - Ouja no Kon (Jpn), Zero4 Champ DooZy-J (Jpn), Zoids - Battle Card Game - Seihou Tairiku Senki (Jpn), Zoids - Teikoku vs Kyouwakoku - Meka Seitai no Idenshi (Jpn), Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari - Shuugaku Ryokou (Jpn), Zork I - The Great Underground Empire (Jpn), Zutto Issho - With Me Everytime... (Jpn, Major Wave Series) [Angelo Salese]
  • wscolor: Super Robot Taisen Compact for WonderSwan Color [Wilbert Pol]
  • wswan: Clock Tower for WonderSwan, Meitantei Conan - Nishi no Meitantei Saidai no Kiki!, Super Robot Taisen Compact (Rev 2), Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Dai-1-bu - Chijou Gekidou Hen, Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Dai-2-bu - Uchuu Gekishin Hen (Rev 4), Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 - Dai-3-bu - Ginga Kessen Hen (Rev 2) [Wilbert Pol]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • alphasmart_kapps: Accelerated Reader (1.2, English (UK)), Accelerated Reader (1.3, English (UK)), AlphaQuiz (3.1, English (UK)), AlphaWord Plus (3.4, English (UK)), Beamer (1.01, English (UK)), Calculator (3.02, English (UK)), Control Panel (1.04, English (UK)), Control Panel (1.07, English (UK)), KeyWords (3.6, English (UK)), KeyWords Wireless (4.2, English (UK)), MathFacts in a Flash (offline) (1.0, English (UK)), MathFacts in a Flash (offline) (1.2, English (UK)), MathFacts in a Flash RP (1.1, English (UK)), MathFacts in a Flash RP (1.3, English (UK)), Neo Font - Extra Large (2 lines) (1.0, English (UK)), Neo Font - Large (4 lines) (1.0, English (UK)), Neo Font - Medium (5 lines) (1.0, English (UK)), Neo Font - Small (6 lines) (1.0, English (UK)), Neo Font - Very Large (3 lines) (1.0, English (UK)), Responder (1.2, English (UK)), SpellCheck Large USA (1.02, English (UK)), SpellCheck Large USA (1.03, English (UK)), SpellCheck Small USA (1.02, English (UK)), SpellCheck Small USA (1.03, English (UK)), SpellCheck Spanish (1.0, Dutch), Text2Speech Updater (1.3, English (UK)), Text2Speech Updater (1.4, English (UK)), Thesaurus Large USA (1.0, English (UK)), Thesaurus Large USA (1.1, English (UK)), Thesaurus Small USA (1.0, English (UK)), Thesaurus Small USA (1.1, English (UK)), Thesaurus Spanish to English (1.1, English (UK)), Wireless File Transfer (1.1, English (UK)), Wireless Updater (1.3, English (UK)), Wireless Updater (2.0, English (UK)) [ClawGrip]
  • fmtowns_cd: Crayonnage []
  • psx: Ape Escape (Euro), Crash Bash (Euro), Final Fantasy VIII (Euro, Aus), Le Mans 24 Hours (Euro), Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Euro), Spyro: Year of the Dragon (Euro, Rev. 1), Theme Park World (Euro), TOCA World Touring Cars (Euro), Urban Chaos (Euro) [, FakeShemp]
  • sms: Action Replay (v. 1.02) [Apocalypse]
  • wscolor: mama Mitte' [, Wilbert Pol]

Merged pull requests

  • 7428: Refactored NEC V30MZ CPU core, and improved WonderSwan emulation (including preliminary WonderWitch support). [Wilbert Pol]
  • 7548: machine/intelfsh.cpp: Made Fujitsu 29F016A report status irrespective of sector address during erase. [Windy Fairy]
  • 7571: missbamby.cpp: Corrected description of DIP switches for Cirsa 810601-A PCB. [ClawGrip]
  • 7583: segas32.cpp: Added save state support, and fixed backdrop fill when screen resolution is changed. [cam900]
  • 7585: apple2_flop_misc.xml: Added parent/clone relationships for Anti-M sets. [Firehawke]
  • 7596: ibm5170.xml: Added Tetris Classic (Windows 3.x release). [ArcadeShadow]
  • 7599: galaxian.xpp: Added Namennayo (Japan). [ShouTime, David Haywood]
  • 7600: ice_hhhippos.cpp: Added ASCII PCB layout and anonymous namespace. [ClawGrip]
  • 7606: diamondking.cpp: Added skeleton driver for SegaSA Diamond King. [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 7607: firebeat.cpp: Fixed wheel input ranges for Keyboardmania. [Windy Fairy]
  • 7608: Adjusted sound balance for systems using YMZ280B in conjunction with other sound chips. [David Haywood]
  • 7610: video/ef9345.cpp: Fixed attribute latching when emitting a delimiter character. [Sylvain Glaize]
  • 7625: Added HP2640 tape emulation, along with support for Manchester-encoded DC100 cassettes. [F.Ulivi]
  • 7627: Made Acorn Archimedes IOC and MEMC into devices, emulated serial keyboard, and fixed issues with RISC OS. [Sandro Ronco]
  • 7641: Fixed spelling errors in a few comments. [David Haywood]
  • 7642: imgtool: Fixed Dragon DOS Disk BASIC token conversion. [Tim Lindner]
  • 7645: jpmimpct.cpp: Hooked up DUART, RAMDAC and BACTA logger, improved inputs, and fixed many bugs. [David Haywood]
  • 7648: alphasma3k.cpp: Added skeleton driver and software list for AlphaSmart 3000. [ClawGrip, TeamEurope]
  • 7649: gamegear.xml, sg1000.xml, sms.xml: Added several entries and re-dumped one entry. [smspower, Wilbert Pol]
  • 7650: alphasmart_kapps.xml: Added Thesaurus Spanish to English (1.1, English (UK)). [ClawGrip]
  • 7651: miniguay.cpp: Added ASCII PCB layout. [ClawGrip]
  • 7653: ibm5170.xml: Added three entries. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 7654: ibm5150.xml: Added two entries. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 7656: cpu/tlcs900: Fixed disassembly of PC-relative addresses. [Devin Acker]
  • 7657: astrcorp.cpp: Derived screen timing parameters from crystal frequencies, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • 7659: ksys573.cpp, machine/k573mcr.cpp: Implemented System 573 JVS memory card reader. [Windy Fairy]
  • 7664: ksys573.cpp: Improved accuracy of System 573 digital I/O audio emulation. [Windy Fairy]
  • 7665: astrcorp.cpp: Fixed magibomb memory map, improved sprites, and allowed astoneag to progress a bit further. [Angelo Salese]
  • 7666: fmtowns_flop.xml: Added Darwin's Dilemma - The Solution Is Evolution. [wiggy2k, r09]
  • 7667: jpmsys5.cpp: Started refactoring and adding I/O – many sets proceed further before failing. [David Haywood]
  • 7688: fmtowns_cd.xml: Added sixteen entries, replaced thirteen entries with better dumps, and added six missing floppies. [, wiggy2k, cherokee, akira_2020, r09]
  • 7669: metro.cpp: Fixed tilemap offset regression; video/imagetek_i4100.cpp: Added CRTC parameters to save state for debugging. [cam900]
  • 7673: Fixed detection of PowerPC 64 on FreeBSD. [pkubaj]
  • 7674: bus/sega8: Emulated Game Gear X-Terminator cartridges. [Wilbert Pol]
  • 7675: vt1682.cpp: Added Portable Game Station 268-in-1. [Takashi Omoto, TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • 7676: hng64.cpp: Added support for flat shaded polygons with no texture or lighting. [Happy]
  • 7677: video/k057714.cpp: Implemented display resolution register, and fixed various drawing bugs. [Windy Fairy]
  • 7682: jpmimpact.cpp, jpmimpactsw.cpp: Improved emulation of non-video fruit machines. [David Haywood]
  • 7683: jpmimpact.cpp: Corrected player inputs for all machines with accessible button test modes. [David Haywood]
  • 7684: nnk16.cpp: Added Red Hawk (horizontal, Spain). [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • 7685: bus/a2bus: Enabled floppy sounds for Disk II floppy controller cards. [leesaudan2]
  • 7686: getaway.cpp: Emulated blitter and inputs, making the game playable. [Angelo Salese]
  • 7688: galaxian.cpp: Fixed sprite clipping on the left of the screen in namenayo. [David Haywood]
  • 7691: bgfx: Added lcd-grid screen chain. [cgwg]
  • 7692: rx78_cart.xml: Added complete serial number for Donjara. [David Silva]
  • 7694: system1.cpp: Corrected ROM labels and locations for ufosensib. [f205v]
  • 7698: alphasma3k.cpp: Added note about firmware updates. [ClawGrip]