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MAME 0.233

01 Jul 2021

Are you ready for MAME 0.233? With dozens of reported issues fixed, over a hundred pull requests merged, and a flurry of development across all areas, our mid-year release is huge! Some of the more interesting machines added this month include several prototype JAKKS Pacific TV Games, the elusive English version of Namco’s Armadillo Racing, and the LCD hand-held game Space Mission from Tronica.

There are lots of new Apple IIgs and Macintosh software list items, tying in nicely with the recently improved emulation of these systems, as well as an update to the Colour Genie collection, and a massive haul of MicroBee floppy dumps. A few more Mattel Juice Box cartridges have been dumped, allowing you to marvel at the poor-quality, 6 frames-per-second video.

Significantly improved systems include the Atari Portfolio, Tandy MC-10, and Tandy VIS. Carl has continued to work on Japanese home computers, and Ville Linde is back this month, bringing a batch of updates for the Konami Hornet platform. Juno First, The Tin Star, The Empire Strikes Back have all had bugs squashed, and some of the last remaining regressions from the Yamaha FM synthesis rewrite have been resolved. David Haywood has turned his attention to bootlegs of games including Final Lap 3, Guttang Gottong, and Alien Storm.

This release includes preliminary sound support for the Super A'Can console. On the topic of sound, some Yamaha synthesisers have been promoted to working, and MAME can now play back standard MIDI files to exercise machines that take MIDI input.

There are several general usability improvements in this release, including updated Chinese and Greek translations, better configuration handling for slot devices, and a few small enhancements to the built-in user interface. Issues with artwork using SVG and Windows DIB (BMP) images on ARM/AArch64-based Linux systems should also be fixed.

As always, you can find much more detail about all the action in the whatsnew.txt file, and the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages are available from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

  • 00125: [Graphics] (hornet.cpp) gradius4: Screen visible area is incorrect in 15 kHz mode. (Ville Linde)
  • 03067: [Graphics] (gameplan.cpp) leprechn, leprechp, potogold: Cutscene animation causes graphics corruption. (O. Galibert)
  • 05385: [Gameplay] (seta.cpp) downtown: After entering a high score, the high scores are reset to zero. (Angelo Salese)
  • 06604: [Graphics] (hornet.cpp) gradius4: Flip Screen (V) DIP switch doesn’t completely flip the text layer. (Ville Linde)
  • 06605: [Gameplay] (hornet.cpp) gradius4: Test mode ROM check causes emulator to crash when using Direct3D video. (Ville Linde)
  • 07000: [Gameplay] (taitosj.cpp) tinstar: Collision detection is broken. (O. Galibert)
  • 07256: [Graphics] (hornet.cpp) nbapbp: 2D graphics are positioned/sized incorrectly. (Ville Linde)
  • 07305: [Sound] (dragon.cpp) dragon32, dragon64, dragon64h, dragon200, dragon200e: DAC sound is not working. (AJR)
  • 07475: [DIP/Input] (coco3.cpp) coco3: Joystick buttons are not working correctly for some ML games. (Tim Lindner)
  • 07893: [Crash/Freeze] (atetris.cpp) atetrisb2, atetrisb3: Game does not progress past black screen. (AJR)
  • 07912: [Graphics] (vis.cpp) vis: Screen image is cropped, and animation glitches occur. (Carl)
  • 07914: [Sound] (vis.cpp) vis: Some sound effects play as noise. (Carl)
  • 07968: [Core] (hornet.cpp) All machines in hornet.cpp: Sound test fails if POST is enabled. (Ville Linde)
  • 07986: [Media Support] (pce.cpp) dragnegg: [pce] dragnegg: Dragon Egg! is marked as not supported, but works. (thankyoumame)
  • 07989: [Interface] (ksys573.cpp) pcnfrku: Description for US version does not match title screen. (AriaOTP)
  • 07992: [Graphics] (junofrst.cpp) junofrst: Screen colour does not change on key game events. (O. Galibert)
  • 07993: [Documentation] (seta.cpp) drgnunit: Manufacturer should show developer Athena. (Angelo Salese)
  • 07996: [Sound] (neogeo.cpp) nitd and bootleg, arcade and AES modes: ADPCM-A samples do not play to end. (Aaron Giles)
  • 07997: [Sound] (namcos2.cpp) assault, assaultj: Tank engine sound stops almost immediately after game starts. (hap)
  • 07998: [DIP/Input] (vegas.cpp) sf2049se: Non-existent button is mapped in IN1 port. (hap)
  • 08003: [DIP/Input] (segas16a.cpp) quartet and clones: Fire and jump button order doesn’t match control panel. (Steven Coomber)
  • 08006: [Sound] (neogeo.cpp) mslug: Background music has parts missing. (Aaron Giles)
  • 08007: [DIP/Input] (mitchell.cpp) spangbl: Bootleg uses DIP switch settings rather than a service menu. (Ivan Vangelista)
  • 08008: [Gameplay] (starwars.cpp) esb: SLAPSTIC causes emulated machine to reset. (O. Galibert)
  • 08012: [Graphics] (channelf.cpp) channelf (and clones?): Fairchild Channel F runs at incorrect vertical resolution. (Nigel Barnes)
  • 08015: [DIP/Input] (chanbara.cpp) chanbara: The left and right joystick inputs are reversed. (Steven Coomber)
  • 08016: [DIP/Input] (playmark.cpp) bigtwinb: Joystick X and Y axes are swapped. (Tafoid)

New working machines

  • Invinco / Car Hunt (Germany) [MikeMcBike, Brian Troha]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / Amaze Entertainment Dreamworks Movie Night (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Oct 18 2006, prototype) [anonymous]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / Amaze Entertainment Star Wars - Original Trilogy (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, prototype) [anonymous]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / Amaze Entertainment X-Men - Mutant Reign (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, prototype) [anonymous]
  • Sinclair Radionics Cambridge Programmable [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Tech2Go / One Man Band Codename: Kids Next Door - Operation: P.L.U.G.G.U.H.S. [Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown]
  • Tronica Space Mission [algestam]

New working clones

  • Aliens (World set 4) [Simon Wilmer, John Bennett]
  • Armadillo Racing (Rev. AM2 Ver.A, World) [Phil Bennett, Ryan Holtz, Bill D., Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • The Astyanax (mask ROM version) [-Ace-]
  • Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (Japan, set 2) [cpsystem3, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (USA) [Darksoft, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Ball Boy (3 players) [juking, xuserv]
  • Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (Euro 951124) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (USA 951124) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Crazy Kong (SegaSA / Sonic bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Exerion (Assa, bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Fidelity Electronics Elegance Chess Challenger (model AS12) [Berger]
  • Gals Panic S - Extra Edition (Korea) [coolmod]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / Amaze Entertainment Dreamworks Movie Night (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Apr 24 2006, test program) [anonymous]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / Griptonite Games Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready, prototype) [anonymous]
  • Karate Champ (Tecfri bootleg) [jordigahan]
  • Nitro Ball (World, set 3) [JammaFever, Nebula, Recreativos Piscis]
  • Ojanko Club (Japan, Program Ver. 1.3, set 2) [system11]
  • Painter (hack of Crush Roller) [Lorenzo Fongaro]
  • Silk Worm (bootleg, set 2) [Miss Argent]
  • Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC w/BiCom Graphics [rfka01]

Machines promoted to working

  • Yamaha PSR-60 PortaSound [R. Belmont, Aaron Giles]
  • Yamaha TX81Z FM Tone Generator [AJR, Aaron Giles]

Clones promoted to working

  • Final Lap 3 (bootleg) [David Haywood]
  • Guttang Gottong (bootleg on Galaxian type hardware) [David Haywood]
  • Yamaha PSR-70 PortaSound [R. Belmont, Aaron Giles]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Casio SK-5 [DBWBP]
  • Driving Simulator [Jorge Valero, MetalliC, rtw]
  • Fortune Wheel [coolmod]
  • Hohner ADAM Advanced Digital/Analog Musical Instrument [DBWBP]
  • La Rana [Museo del Recreativo]
  • LeapFrog Leapster Explorer [David Haywood]
  • Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade TV - 120 in 1 (JL2370) [Sean Riddle, taizou]
  • Lexicon LK-3000 [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Philips :YES [Svenska, rfka01, Carl]
  • Play Sonic 4 [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Super Chexx (EM Bubble Hockey) [ClawGrip]
  • VS Mahjong Triangle [system11, Ivan Vangelista, Vas Crabb]
  • Yamaha AN1x Control Synthesizer [DBWBP]
  • Yamaha DX100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer [DBWBP]
  • Yamaha SY35 Music Synthesizer [DBWBP]
  • Zooty Drum [xuserv]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Bushido (set 3) [Victor Fernandez (City Game)]
  • Jurassic Park (USA 3.07, display A4.00) [inkochnito, PinMAME]
  • Mini Money (set 2, v1.5?) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Mini Money (set 3, v1.4?) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Scorpion (Mar 24, 1992) [jordigahan]

New working software list additions

  • a800_flop: L.A. SWAT + Panther, Turbican, Zybex (Ned) [A8SP]
  • alphatro_flop: Disk-Basic Beispielprogramme für hochauflösende Graphik [rfka01]
  • apple2_flop_clcracked:
    Advanced Electricity (cleanly cracked), Complex Circuits (cleanly cracked), PAI Forth (Version 3.0, 12-21-1985) (cleanly cracked), Projectile and Circular Motion (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
    Bumble Games (Version 1.3) (cleanly cracked), Bumble Plot (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Gertrude's Puzzles (1982 Version) (cleanly cracked), Gertrude's Secrets 1982 (cleanly cracked), The Prisoner (Version 1.10) (SoftSmith) (cleanly cracked), Reader Rabbit (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Rocky's Boots (Unknown 1982 version) (cleanly cracked), Tales of Discovery (cleanly cracked) [4am, san inc., Firehawke]
  • apple2gs_flop_orig: 2088: The Cryllan Mission - The Second Scenario, 816/Paint (Version 3.1), Aesop's Fables, Arkanoid, Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh, Art and Film Director, Audubon Wildlife Adventures: Grizzly Bears, Audubon Wildlife Adventures: Whales, Balance of Power: The 1990 Edition, The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown, BeagleDraw (Version 1.3), Beyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor (Revision 57 / 871221), The Black Cauldron, Bridge 6.0 (Version 2.49B), Bubble Ghost, Captain Blood, Cartooners, Club Backgammon, Defender of the Crown, Déjà Vu, Déjà Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas, DeluxePaint II (Version 2.01), Destroyer, Downhill Challenge, Dragon Wars, Draw Plus (Version 1.1), Dream Zone, DreamGrafix, Fantavision, Fast Break, The Fidelity Chessmaster 2100, Full Metal Planete, GBA Championship Basketball, Gin King / Cribbage King, GraphicWriter III (Version 1.0), The Graphics Studio, Graphics Supermarket (Version 1.1), Great Western Shootout, Hacker II, Halls of Montezuma, Hostage: Rescue Mission, Hover Blade, HyperStudio (Version 3.1c), ImageMaster: Basic Paint (Version 1.2), The Immortal, Instant Synthesizer, Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf, Jam Session (Version 1.0), Jigsaw, John Elway's Quarterback, The King of Chicago, King's Quest III, King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, LaserForce, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, Life and Death, Manhunter: New York, Master Tracks Jr. (Version 1.03), Master Tracks Pro (Version 1.04), Math and Me (Version 1.0 08/01/88), Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (Version 1.8), Mean 18, Mini-Putt, Monte Carlo, Music Construction Set (Version 1.0), The Music Studio (Version 2.0), Neuromancer, NoiseTracker (Version 1.0), Omega, Out of this World, Paintworks Gold (Version 1.5), Paintworks Plus (Version 1.2), Photonix (Version 1.46), Platinum Paint (Version 2.01), Police Quest, The Print Shop (Version 1.0), The Print Shop Companion, Pyware Music Writer (Version 2.03), Questron II (Version 1.1), Reach for the Stars, Read and Rhyme, Revolution '76 (Version June 27, 1989), Roadwar 2000, Salvation Supreme (Version 2.0), Shanghai, Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye, Silpheed, Skate or Die, SmoothTalker, Space Ace, Space Quest, Space Quest II, Star Saga: One - Beyond The Boundary (Version 1.1), Star Saga: Two - The Clathran Menace, Stars and Planets, Stickybear Shapes, Street Sports Soccer, Sub Battle Simulator, Superstar Ice Hockey, Tarot, Tetris, Thexder (Version 2.7), The Third Courier, The Tower of Myraglen, TrianGo, Tunnels of Armageddon (Version 1.0), Vegas Gambler, War in Middle Earth, Warlock, Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Windwalker, Winter Games, The Wonders of the Animal Kingdom, The Word Master, WordPerfect (Version 2.1e), World Tour Golf, Writer's Choice Elite [4am, Firehawke]
  • cgenie_cass: 3D Haunted House, A10 Bomber, Airaid, Alien Attack, Aliens, Backgammon, Bak-Pak, Bang Bang, Die Berliner Uhr, Blastaroids, Character Generator/Editor, Chomper, Colour Emu 3.0 Welcome Tape, Colour Frog (no title screen), Colour Genie Chess, Colour Genie Pontoon, Colour Qix, Colour Quest 1: Find the Diamond of Balmarlon, Colour Quest 2: The Vegan Incident, Colour Quest 3: Enchanted Gardens, Colour Quest 4: Camelot Adventure, Colour Quest 4: Camelot Adventure (Marcos Software), Colour Quest 6: Fishing Quest, Colour Schach (TCS, 16k), Colours, Defender (Andreas Goldau), Demon Derby, Eliminator (Gumboot), Flying Bytes, Galactic Attack (Keyboard), Geniepede, Gobble Garden, Gorilla (32k), Gotya, Grabit, Grand Prix, Hektik (English), Hero Run, Intellegent Games Boards, Invader Demo, Invaders from Space, Jackpot, Jumbo, Kong, Line Drawing, M/C Tape Copier, Machine Monitor (?), Mad Driver, Madventure 2: Shipwreck, Magic Carpet Demo, Mampf Man II (alt), Martian Rescue, Mauer, Maze Chaser, Maze Man, Meteor (32k), Millipede, Mysterious Adventures No. 1: The Golden Baton, Mysterious Adventures No. 2: The Time Machine, Mysterious Adventures No. 3: Arrow of Death (Pt. 1), Mysterious Adventures No. 6: Circus, Numbers Up Shoot Out, Orgel, Palace of Ming, Panik, Plato, Point Chase, Protheus Schach, PSG-Demo, Puckman, Punktejagd, Punter, Q*Man, Quandry, Quasimodo, Racing Driver, Skramble, Snake Snatch, Soft-Bandit, Space Shares, Spell A Picture, Star Trek, Stockmarket Simulation, Super Gen v2, Swag!, Tausendfuss, Terry's Travels, To Hell And Back, Top of the World Music Demo, Tron, Unknown Chase Game, Unknown Game by S. J. Sole, Vier Gewinnt, Vortex, What's My Rhyme, The Word 1.2, Wordy, Zalaga [Dirk Best, Everygamegoing]
  • fmtowns_cd:
    CD Learning System II - New Horizon English Course 2, Ehon Writer V1.1 L10 (FMB-3011A), FM Towns FlexData Collection Vol. 1 - E to Oto no 365-nichi, PersoCom de Tanoshimu - Yama to Chizu Vol. 1, Shijou Saikyou no Video Bible - The Greatest Video Bible in the World, Shiki o Irodoru - Nihon no Shouka - Aki, Shiki o Irodoru - Nihon no Shouka - Fuyu, Shiki o Irodoru - Nihon no Shouka - Haru, Shiki o Irodoru - Nihon no Shouka - Natsu, TenderLight V1.1 L10, TownsPAINT V1.1 L22, Welcome to FM Towns (1994-09-29) []
    Tamashii no Mon - Dante "Shinkyoku" yori [, coolmod]
  • fmtowns_flop_orig:
    Gear-Video, Logo Writer 2 [cyo.the.vile]
    Reira [wiggy2k]
  • gamegear:
    Ecco the Dolphin (EPROM 20 prototype), Ecco the Dolphin (prototype, 19930614) [drx]
    Dynamite Headdy (prototype), Mortal Kombat (prototype) [smspower]
  • ggm: Morphy Edition - Master Chess [Berger]
  • ibm5150:
    FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 4 (Floppy-Only Edition, 3.5" 720k) [Davide Cavalca]
    DeathTrack []
    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Death Knights of Krynn (3.5", v1.00), Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Death Knights of Krynn (3.5", v1.10), Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Death Knights of Krynn (5.25", v1.00), Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - War of the Lance, Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula (3.5", alt) [The Good Old Days]
  • ibm5170:
    The Secret of Monkey Island (Spain, Maxi Juegos/Erbe release), SimCity 2000 (Spain, Ver 1.00, Dro Soft release) []
    FreeDOS 1.0 (bootdisk), FreeDOS 1.2 (bootdisk), FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 1 (bootdisk), FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 2 (bootdisk), FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 3 (Floppy-Only Edition), FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 3 (bootdisk), FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 4 (Floppy-Only Edition, 3.5" 1.44MB), FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 4 (Floppy-Only Edition, 5.25" 1.2MB), FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 4 (bootdisk) [Davide Cavalca]
    Midwinter II - Flames of Freedom (USA), The Secret of Monkey Island (Germany), SimCity 2000 (Germany, Ver 1.00), SimCity 2000 (Ver 1.00) [The Good Old Days]
  • ibm5170_cdrom: FreeDOS 1.0, FreeDOS 1.0 (updated), FreeDOS 1.1, FreeDOS 1.2, FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 1, FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 2, FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 3, FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 4 [Davide Cavalca]
  • ibm5170_hdd: FreeDOS 1.0, FreeDOS 1.3 Release Candidate 4, IBM DOS (Version 5.00), IBM DOS (Version 5.02), IBM DOS (Version 6.1), MS-DOS (Version 3.31), MS-DOS (Version 6.20), Microsoft Windows/386 Version 2.1, Microsoft Windows/386 Version 2.11, Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups Version 3.1, Windows for Workgroups Version 3.11, Windows NT 3.1 Workstation (3.10.511.1), Windows NT 3.51 Workstation (3.51.1057.1), Windows Version 3.11 [Davide Cavalca]
  • jakks_gamekey_sw: Catamaran Strike & Coruscant Fire Patrol (Jun 2 2005, prototype), Imperial Gunner & Escape From Cloud City (Dec 22 2005, prototype), Turret Defense & Yoda's Escape (prototype) [anonymous]
  • juicebox: Juicebox Music Video - Ashlee Simpson, The Cure, Vanessa Carlton, fan_3, Ashlee Simpson (H6226), Juicebox Music Video - Avril Lavigne, The Calling, Avril Lavigne, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard (H6228), Juicebox Music Video - Baha Men, Jump5, Jump5, Beu Sisters, ZOEgirl (H6230A), Juicebox Music Video - Liz Phair, Stacie Orrico, Skye Sweetnam (H2709), Juicebox Music Video - ZOEgirl, Jump5, Jump5, Baha Men, Atomic Kitten (H6232), Megas XLR Volume 1 (H2697), Streetball Classics Volume 1 (H7416), Teenage Mustant Ninja Turtles Episode 36 (H6260), Teenage Mustant Ninja Turtles Volume 1 (H2692), Vans Pipeline Masters Volume 1 (H2690), Winx Club Episode 103 (H6258), Winx Club Volume 1 (H2686), Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 175 (H8084), Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 176 (H8143) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • lk3000: Calculator, Electronic Notebook [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • mac_hdflop:
    KanjiTalk 7.5 [rockleevk]
    Adobe Dimensions 2.0, Adobe Illustrator 5.5, Aldus PageMaker 5.0 (Danish), Aldus PageMaker 5.0 (English), Aldus PageMaker 5.0 (German), Aldus PageMaker 5.0 (Swedish), Apple Network Administration Toolkit 1.0, Apple Network Administration Toolkit 1.0 Updates, Apple Network Administration Toolkit 2.0 Updates, At Ease 1.0.1, At Ease 3.0, At Ease for Workgroups 3.0, Central Point MacTools 3.0a, Claris Organizer 2.0v1, ClarisDraw 1.0v3, ClarisWorks 2.0CDv1 (UK English), ClarisWorks 3.0CDv1 (UK English), ClarisWorks 4.0Sv1 (Swedish), ClarisWorks 4.0v4 (US English), FoxBASE+/Mac 2.00, FrameMaker 4.0.2, FrameMaker 5.0, HangulTalk 7.1, Mac OS 7.6 (Spanish), Macintosh Student Essentials, MacWrite Pro 1.5v1, MacWrite Pro 1.5v3, Microsoft Excel 5.0 (German), Microsoft Excel 5.0a (US English), Microsoft FoxPro 2.5c (French), Microsoft FoxPro 2.5c (German), Microsoft Office 4.2 (Australian English), Microsoft Office 4.2 (Danish), Microsoft Office 4.2 (Dutch), Microsoft Office 4.2 (French), Microsoft Office 4.2 (Italian), Microsoft Office 4.2 (Norwegian), Microsoft Office 4.2 (Swedish), Microsoft Office 4.2 (US English), Microsoft Office 4.2.1 (US English), Microsoft Office Manager 4.2 (German), Microsoft PowerPoint 3.0b, Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 (English), Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 (German), Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 (Italian), Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 (Swedish), Microsoft Word 6.0 (Canadian French), Microsoft Word 6.0 (Danish), Microsoft Word 6.0 (Dutch), Microsoft Word 6.0 (French), Microsoft Word 6.0 (German), Microsoft Word 6.0 (International English), Microsoft Word 6.0 (Italian), Microsoft Word 6.0 (Japanese), Microsoft Word 6.0 (Swedish), Microsoft Word 6.0a (Norwegian), Norton Utilities for Macintosh 3.1.3, Norton Utilities for Macintosh 3.2.1, Norton Utilities for Macintosh 3.5.3, PlainTalk 1.2.1, QuarkXPress 2.11 (French), QuarkXPress 3.3 (English), Ready, Set, Go! 4.5a, Sid Meier's Civilization, Symantec C++ for Macintosh 6.0, Symantec C++ for Macintosh 7.0, System Software 6.0.7 (Polish), System Software 6.0.7 (Spanish), System Software 6.0.7 (US English), System Software 6.0.8 (International English), System Software 6.0.8 (US English), System Software 6.0.8L (US English), System Software 7.0 (US English), System Software 7.0.1 (Greek), System Software 7.0.1 (Italian), System Software 7.0.1 (Polish), System Software 7.0.1 (Portuguese), System Software 7.0.1 (US English), System Software (Greek), System Software 7.0.4 (Swedish), System Software 7.1 (Canadian French), System Software 7.1 (Danish), System Software 7.1 (Dutch), System Software 7.1 (Finnish), System Software 7.1 (French), System Software 7.1 (German), System Software 7.1 (Italian), System Software 7.1 (Norwegian), System Software 7.1 (Polish), System Software 7.1 (Russian), System Software 7.1 (Simplified Chinese), System Software 7.1 (Spanish), System Software 7.1 (Thai), System Software 7.1 (Turkish), System Software 7.1 (US English), System Software 7.1.1 (US English), System Software 7.1b7 (beta, US English), System Software 7.5 (US English), System Software 7.5.3 Revision 2 (US English), System Software 7.5.5 Update (US English), System Update 2.0.1 (US English), System Update 3.0 (French), System Update 3.0 (US English), WordPerfect 3.0a, WordPerfect 3.1, WordPerfect 3.5 [WinWorld]
  • mbee_cart: Database (Swedish), Dinamicro 1.1 (Swedish), EDASM, FORTH v1.0, FORTH v1.1, Graphics (Swedish), Graphics / Database, HELP (set 1), HELP (set 2), Microspace Invaders, Mydas Dissassembler, Mytek Word Processor, OZLOGO, Pascal, Sargon Chess, Shell (pc85), Shell (pc85b), Shell (pc85s), Shell (ppc85), Super Disassembler 3.0, Survivor, Telcom 1.0, Telcom 1.1, Telcom 1.2, Telcom 3.0, Telcom 3.1, Telcom 3.2, Telcom 3.21, Telcom 3.21 (Premium), Telcom 3.21 (Standard), Telcom 3.21 (Swedish), Teleterm Telcom 1.08, Teleterm Test Rom 1.09, Terminal (set 1), Terminal (set 2), Typing Tutor, Viatel 2.0, Viatel 2.2, Viatel 2.3, Videotex 1.1 (Swedish), Videotex 2.34, Videotex 2.35, Wordbee 1.0, Wordbee 1.2, Wordbee 1.2 (Swedish), Wordbee 1.3, Wordbee 1.3 Rel 3, Wordbee 2.0 (Swedish) [Robbbert]
  • mbee_flop: 2 Golf Games, 3 Golf Games t01, 3 Golf Games t04, 56k, 56k_master_91, 56k_sys, 56k_system_master_84_01, 56k_system_master_early, 64k_premium_master, 64k_premium_system_disk, 64k_zcpr1.6, 64kmaster, 128k boot disk (set 1), 128k boot disk (set 2), 128k Premium Master 1986/07, 128k Premium Master Early, 128k Premium Starter 1986/07, 128k Premium System 1988/03, 128k Starter Disk, 128k Turbodisk II (set 2), 128k_swedish_boot_disk, 128k_system_master_35, 128kp Premium System 1988/03, 128kp_master (set 1), 128kp_master (set 2), 128kp_starter, 128ks, 128ks_master, 128ks_swedish_boot, 128ks_utility, 256tc_diagnostics, 256tc_intro, 256tc_system_disk_rel1_1987, 256tc_system_disk_rel2_1987, 256tc_system_disk_rel3_1988/06, 256tc_system_disk_rel4_1988/09, 256tc_system_master, 256tc_utility_disk_rel2, Advanced (touch) Typing Tutor, Adventure Games #1, Adventure Games (set 1), Adventure Games (set 2), adventure1, adventure_13, adventure_14, Agricultural Studies, Air Track t01, Air Track t04, Air_Track, Alan's Adventure's Disk 2 (set 1), Alan's Adventure's Disk 2 (set 2), Alan's Adventure's Disk 3 (set 1), Alan's Adventure's Disk 3 (set 2), Alan's Adventure's Disk 4 (set 1), Alan's Adventure's Disk 4 (set 2), Alan's Games Disk 4, Arcade Games 1, Arcade Games 1 t01, Arcade Games 1 t04, Arcade Games 2 t01, Arcade Games 2 t03, Arcade Games 2 t04, Arcade Games 3, Arcade Games 4 t03, Art Auction, Australia 2020, Australiana Quiz Game, Basic Games 05, Battleship, Bee Casino t01, Bee Casino t04, Bee Draw 1.0, Bee Scientist 1 t01, Bee Scientist 1 t04, Beenet, Beesware Word Study, Bennett Data Multiplexer Buzznet III v1.3 (set 1), Bennett Data Multiplexer Buzznet III v1.3 (set 2), Bennett Data Multiplexer Communications Programme master demo, Bernie Nichols Educational Graphics, Bernie Nichols Language Arts, Bernie Nichols Reading Programs, Bernie Nichols Science and Miscellaneous, Bernie Nichols Spelling Programs, Biological Science, Birds of Antarctica, Brian Howarths Mystery Adventures, Bushwalking Adventure, Business and Home Database, Buzznet 3.4, Buzznet iii Demo Disk, bwmod, C.A.Sinclair Educational Disk, Carefile v1.3, Cashbook_v2.1 (set 1), Cashbook_v2.1 (set 2), Cheryl Goding Demo Disk, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 2, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 3, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 4, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 5, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 6, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 7, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 8, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 9, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 10, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 11, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 12, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 15, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 16, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 18, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 19, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 20, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 21, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 22, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 23, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 24, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 25, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 26, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 27, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 28, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 29, ChickenMan's Adventure's Disk 30, ChickenMan's Games Demo Disc, Chickenman's Games Disk 2 (set 2), Chickenman's Games Disk 4 (set 1), Chickenman's Games Disk 4 (set 2), Chickenman's Games Disk 5 (set 1), Chickenman's Games Disk 5 (set 2), Chickenman's Games Disk 8, Chickenman's Games Disk 9 (set 1), Chickenman's Games Disk 9 (set 2), Chickman's Games Disk 2 (set 1), Chip8 v2.3, Christmas Carols t04, CIAB boot menu, CIAB Double-sided Master, CIAB menu sample, CIAB System Master, CIAB System Master 1985/03, CIAB System Master 1986/02, Citadel of Chaos v2.01, Cloze Exercises, Colossal Cave, Colour Sampler 1, Commsoft Roots/M, Complete Scott Adams Original Adventures, Composer Bee Plus, Comprobe 1.00, cpm3_61k (set 1), cpm3_61k (set 2), cpm3_61k (set 3), cpm3_61k (set 4), cpm3_61k (set 5), cpm3_61k (set 6), cpm3_61k (set 7), cpm3_61k (set 8), cpm3_61k (set 9), cpm3_61k (set 10), cpm3_dri (set 1), cpm3_dri (set 2), cpm3_dri (set 3), cpm3_dri (set 4), cpm3_dri (set 5), cpm3_dri (set 6), cpm3_dri (set 7), cpm3_dri (set 8), cpm3_dri (set 9), cpm3_dri (set 10), cpm3_y2k (set 1), cpm3_y2k (set 2), cpm3_y2k (set 3), cpm3_y2k (set 4), cpm3_y2k (set 5), cpm3_y2k (set 6), cpm3_y2k (set 7), cpm3_y2k (set 8), cpm3_y2k (set 9), cpm3_y2k (set 10), Cricket t01, Cricket t04, Crossword Capers, Cunning Running, D.Heym Common Fractions, D.Heym Counting Numbers, D.Heym Directed Numbers, D.Heym Number Lines, D.Heym Various, David Ahls Adventures, databuzz_beenet_version, DBase II (backup), Demonstration Disk t02, Denham 1, Denham 2, Denham 3, Denham 4, Denham Easy Stats, Denham Kings Trees Aces, Disk Cataloger, Disk Test v3.9, Doodle Draw v1.1, Dragon Spells, Dungeons of Khan, Early Word v1.3, education_01, education_02, education_03, education_04, education_05, education_06, education_07, education_08, education_09, education_1, education_10, education_11, education_12, education_3, education_4, education_5, education_6, education_7, education_8, education_9, Electric Paintbrush Slide Show, electric_paintbrush_chalkboard_1.01, electric_paintbrush_fonts, electric_paintbrush_mouse_1.22, empty_ciab_sys, English, EPSGmod Files, Extended Turtle 4.3p, Extended Turtle 4.6p, Family Favourites t03, Family Favourites t04, Family Games 1 t01, Family Games 1 t03, Family Games 1 t04, Faust Adventure, Filemaster v2, First Fleet (set 1), First Fleet (set 2), First Fleet (set 3), First Fleet (set 4), Fortris, FTL Modula2 disk1, FTL_Modula2 disk2, FTL_Modula2 disk3, Games from Wildcards Vol 1,2,3,4, Games2, Geograbee, Geography 1, Geography 2, Geography 3, Getting to know your Microbee, Ghost Muncher / Kilopede, Gold-dust Island, Goodison Demo, Goodison Education 1, Goodison Education 2, Goodison Education 3, Goodison Mathematics, Goodison Speed Reading, Goodison Spelling, Goodison Words, Graphic Adventures 1 t01, Graphic Adventures 1 t04, Greybeard Tape Files (set 1), Greybeard Tape Files (set 2), Hangman, Hiplot, Hoards of the Deep Realm 1.0 (set 1), Hoards of the Deep Realm 1.0 (set 2), Hoards of the Deep Realm 1.1 (set 1), Hoards of the Deep Realm 1.1 (set 2), Hoards of the Deep Realm 11t (set 1), Hoards of the Deep Realm 11t (set 2), Home Economics, Honeysoft Arcade Games Vol II, Honeysoft Demo Disk, Honeysoft Demo Disk t04, Honeysoft Microbee Adventures Vol Three (set 1), Honeysoft Microbee Adventures Vol Three (set 2), Honeysoft Microbee Adventures Vol Two (set 1), Honeysoft Microbee Adventures Vol Two (set 2), Honeysoft Microbee Text Adventures Vol One (set 1), Honeysoft Microbee Text Adventures Vol One (set 2), Icon Editor v1.4, impact_media_shareware_d1, impact_media_shareware_d2, Information Express v1.2, Isbok Adventure, Jewels of Sancara Island, JHBeesware 1, JHBeesware 2, JHBeesware 3, Job Option Bank v4.52, Kids Pack 1 t03, Kids Pack 1 t04, Kids Pack 2 t03, Label Generator Program, Learning Can Be Fun more t01, Learning Can Be Fun more t03, Learning Can Be Fun more t04, Learning Can Be Fun numbers t01, Learning Can Be Fun numbers t04, Learning Can Be Fun Words and Numbers t04, Learning Can Be Fun words t01, Leisure Suit Larry, Let's Go Punting (set 1), Let's Go Punting (set 2), Lets Eat Worms, Machine-Code and Basic Tutorials, Manual Arts, Mathematics #1, Mathematics #2, Melbourne to Hobart Yacht Race Simulation, Membership Maintenance System v1.30, Menu of Arcade Games (set 1), Menu of Arcade Games (set 2), Menu of Arcade Games (set 3), Menu of Arcade Games (set 4), Menu of Games 7, Menu of games and other programs (set 1), Menu of games and other programs (set 2), Menu of games and others on Disk #3 (set 1), Menu of games and others on Disk #3 (set 2), Menu of Games Disk #1 (set 1), Menu of Games Disk #1 (set 2), Menu of Games on Disk (set 1), Menu of Games on Disk (set 2), Micro Defender, Microbear Public Domain, Microbee Arcade Games #1, Microbee Arcade Games #2, Microbee Lines v0.1, Micropen 1.0, Microspace Invaders II, Milestone 1.09, Millionwaire 3.0 (set 1), Millionwaire 3.0 (set 2), MMD Educational, The Mob From Evil, MUGWA Amateur Radio programs, MUGWA Beeforth, MUGWA boot disk, MUGWA dbase_001, MUGWA dbase_002, MUGWA dbase_a_001, MUGWA dbase_a_002, MUGWA dbase_a_003, MUGWA dbase_a_004, MUGWA dbase_a_005, MUGWA macro_001, MUGWA paslib2_000, MUGWA rom_pak, MUGWA Small-C, Musicraft, Nanoc the Destroyer / Jumpman (set 1), Nanoc the Destroyer / Jumpman (set 2), Nanoc the Destroyer II / Freedom Fighter / Missile Dodger (set 1), Nanoc the Destroyer II / Freedom Fighter / Missile Dodger (set 2), Nanoc's Revenge, Nemesis 1.2, Nemesis Dungeon Master, Networked Educational 1, Networked Educational 2, Networked Educational 3, Number Line Set, One World Countries Database 1.01, ORAC Explorers, ORAC Scientists 1 v3.1, Our World t02, Our World t04, Pascals Triangle Set, PAWcomp Adventure compiler, Penguin Book of Microbee Games, Penny Arcade t02, Penny Arcade t03, Penny Arcade t04, Peter Broughton v1.1, Peter Broughton v1.2, Peter Broughton v2.0pre deepdene, Peter Broughton v2.2, Peter Broughton v2.2p 1of2 (set 1), Peter Broughton v2.2p 1of2 (set 2), Physical Science, Plan80 v2.4, Poster Disk 1987, Premium Beeartistic 1.30, premium1, premium2, Primary Rime Lessons, Primary Teachers Rollbook, Printmaster 1.0, Printmaster 1.10a, Printmaster Graphics Editor, Printmaster Plus 1.46, Raft-away River, Random Basic games, Research Logo 1.0, Research Logo 1.0a, Research Logo 1.0a+, Richard Larkins Games, Scavenger Hunt, Science Tutorial 1 t01, Science Tutorial 1 t02, Science Tutorial 1 t04, Science Tutorial 2 t01, Science Tutorial 2 t04, Selection Menu (set 1), Selection Menu (set 2), Sheep-dog Trial, Simon Gerraty 80/40 Track Bios 4.2b (set 1), Simon Gerraty 80/40 Track Bios 4.2b (set 2), Simple and Compound Interest, Simple Business Graphics, Simply DB 1.20c, Simply DB 2.02, Simply Write Font Editor v2.04, Simply Write v2.04, Simply Write v3.02, Simply Write v3.03, Sketch Pad, Smart Model Controller v1.12m, Smartkey v1.1a, SMUG 02, SMUG Tape Library, Social Science, Social Studies Oracle t03, Social Studies Oracle t04, Social Studies t01, Social Studies t04, Springboard Clipart, Storymaker 128k, Storymaker 256tc, Strategic Games 1 t01, Strategic Games 1 t03, Strategic Games 1 t04, Sword Quest / Microspace Invaders II / The Valley / Caves, swedish_128k_boot_disk, Sydney Approach, Takeover: warriors against the world, Tantrix, Technical Drawing t01, Technical Drawing t04, Telcom 2.0/2.2 (for 64k), Telcom 3.0 Upgrade (for 128k/256tc), Thunder Road Adventure 1.2, Tim Hartnell Adventures, Timegap-x, Timetable Blocker 5.1, Timetable Manager 4.3, Turbo Pascal, Turbodisk II (set 1), turtle, utilities, Utility, Various Scottfree Adventures Disk 17, Venture Writer 2.1, Viatel Upgrade v1.3a, Viper, Visual Programming t03, Wanderer, Ways We Were, WDPROC - Word Processing Package, The Winners, Word Puzzles, Wordgraph A, v02, Wordgraph A, v04, Wordstar 3.3, Wordstar 4.0, wordstar v3.3 1of2, Wordstar v3.3 2of2, Zeephon, zpm3_61k (set 1), zpm3_61k (set 2), zpm3_61k (set 3), zpm3_61k (set 4), zpm3_61k (set 5), zpm3_y2k (set 1), zpm3_y2k (set 2), zpm3_y2k (set 3), zpm3_y2k (set 4), zpm3_y2k (set 5) [Robbbert]
  • megadriv:
    Mega Turrican (prototype 19930518) [armadylo]
    Ballz 3D (prototype 199409xx) [ExplodedHamster]
    Akira (prototype), Australian Rugby League (prototype), Captain Lang (prototype), Champions World Class Soccer (prototype), College Football USA 96 (prototype 19950621), Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat (prototype) (pirate), Disney's Aladdin (prototype 19930627), Disney's The Jungle Book (prototype), Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (USA, prototype), Dune - The Battle for Arrakis (Euro, prototype 19940111), Ecco the Dolphin (prototype), The Flintstones (Ocean prototype), The Flintstones (prototype), Flux (Euro, prototype 19950425), Granada (Jpn, USA, v1.1 prototype), NBA Jam (Apr 1993 prototype), NHLPA Hockey 93 (Euro, USA, v1.1 alt), Psycho Pinball (prototype), Putty Squad (early prototype), Radical Rex (Euro, prototype), Sonic Spinball (Aug 1993 prototype), Spirou (Euro, prototype), Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Euro, USA, prototype 19930325), Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Euro, USA, prototype 19930730), Street Racer (Euro, prototype 19950321), Tintin au Tibet (Euro, prototype), World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (prototype) [Hidden Palace]
    Ballz 3D (USA, prototype 199406xx) [HyperGHZ]
    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (prototype 19900424) [Landon White]
    Bio Hazard Battle (prototype), Ship (prototype) [Modern Vintage Gamer]
    Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars (prototype 19950217) [Sonik]
    Taz-Mania (prototype) [stonic]
  • nes:
    Glider [anonymous]
    U-four-ia - The Saga (USA, prototype) [armadylo]
    Getsufuu Maden (Jpn, sample) [Ballz, Kevin Horton]
    Action 53 Vol. 3 - Revenge of the Twins, Double Action 53 Volume 2 (R.C.#2), Streemerz - Action 53 Function 16 Volume 1 (R.C.#2) [Damian Yerrick, NesDev]
    Millipede (Jpn, prototype) [Dutchman2000, bunnyboy]
    Dino Hockey (USA, prototype) [Frank Cifaldi]
    Adventure Island 3 (Euro, prototype), Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (USA, prototype), Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (USA, 19910516 prototype), UWC (USA, prototype) [Hidden Palace]
    Final Fantasy (USA, prototype) [Hidden Palace, Stephan Reese]
    E.T. [KHAN]
    After Burner II (Jpn, alt PCB), Baseball (Jpn, STROM PCB), The Chessmaster (USA, Rev. A), Mahjong (Jpn), Nobunaga no Yabou - Bushou Fuuunroku (Jpn, Rev. A), Pac-Man (Jpn, Rev. A), Pachio-kun 3 (Jpn, Rev. A), Rockman 4 - Aratanaru Yabou!! (Jpn, Rev. A), Tecmo NBA Basketball (USA, Rev. A), Tiger-Heli (Euro, Rev. A), Tokyo Pachi Slot Adventure (Jpn) [No-Intro]
    2A03Puritans [rainwarrior]
    Magical Doropie (Jpn, prototype) [SegaSamiCD, VGHF]
    Bible Adventures (USA, v5.0), F-1 Race (Jpn, prototype), Meikyuu Kumikyoku - Milon no Daibouken (Jpn, prototype), Sample Cassete Cadillac (Jpn) [Skrybe]
    Dr. Mario (Apr 27, 1990 prototype) [Skrybe, Hidden Palace]
    The Tale - Elrond no Eiyuu (Jpn, prototype) [TC, anonymous]
    Garfield - A Week of Garfield (Jpn, prototype v0.9) [togemet2]
  • sms: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Heroes of the Lance (prototype) [smspower]
  • snes:
    Atmosfear (USA, prototype 19940712), EarthBound (USA, prototype 19950327) [Hidden Palace]
    College Slam (USA, final prototype), CutThroat Island (Euro, final prototype), Fatal Fury 2 (USA, prototype), Foreman For Real (USA, final prototype), Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing (USA, final prototype), Samurai Shodown (USA, prototype), Speed Racer in My Most Dangerous Adventures (USA, prototype), Venom & Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety (USA, final prototype), WWF WrestleMania - The Arcade Game (USA, prototype) [togemet2]
  • spectrum_cass:
    Cárie, Terrormolinos! (Aackosoft) [Planeta Sinclair]
    Abu Simbel Profanation (small case), Abu Simbel Profanation (small case, alt), Cybernoid II - The Revenge (IBSA), Dan Dare II - SU Edition, Dan Dare III - The Escape (Dro Soft), Defender of the Crown, Defender of the Crown (alternative), Eddie Edwards' Super Ski (Erbe), Eddie Edwards' Super Ski (Players Premier), Eddie Edwards' Super Ski (Players Premier, alt), Firelord (Erbe), Green Beret (Erbe, medium case), Guerrilla War: Hail the Heroes (Erbe), Miami Vice (IBSA), Molar Maul (Microbyte), Pac-Mania (MCM), Pink Panther (Dro Soft, double case), Pink Panther (Dro Soft, small case), Quazatron (Erbe), Quest for the Holy Something (alt 2), Robocop 2 (Erbe, small case), Scuba Dive (GTS), Super Trolley (Dro Soft), SWIV (Dro Soft), Uchi-Mata (IBSA/Erbe, Serie Leyenda), Wizball (IBSA) []
  • super80_cass:
    Crazy Maze [Matrix Software]
    Crazy Maze (with arrows) [Matrix Software, Robbbert]
  • vsmilem_cart:
    Action Mania (USA, alt 1), Action Mania (USA, alt 2), Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (alt, USA), Disney/Pixar Cars - Rev It Up in Radiator Springs (USA), Disney/Pixar Cars 2 (Pocket version, USA), Disney/Pixar Cars 2 (USA), DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda - Path of the Panda (USA), NASCAR Academy - Race Car Superstar (alt, USA), Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer - Dora's Fix It Adventure (USA, rev. 3?), Scooby-Doo! - Funland Frenzy (alt, USA), Scooby-Doo! - Funland Frenzy (USA) [skaman]
    Nickelodeon Dora La Exploradora - La Aventura Arregla-Todo de Dora (Spain) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • x68k_flop:
    Video Game Anthology vol. 11 - Pac-Land [cyo.the.vile]
    Detana!! TwinBee [r09]

Software list items promoted to working

  • fmtowns_cd:
    Frog Feast Demo, Mad Stalker - FullMetalForce, The Queen of Duellist (HME-166) [Carl]
    The 4th Unit 7 - Wyatt (demo), Planet Harmony [tenyuhuang]
  • fmtowns_flop_misc: Abunai Tengu Densetsu, D.P.S - Dream Program System, Rance - Hikari o Motomete [Carl]
  • mac_hdflop: GayBlade [R. Belmont, O. Galibert]
  • pce: Dragon Egg! [thankyoumame, Ivan Vangelista]
  • rx78_cart: Excite Baseball [Robbbert]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • a800_flop:
    T-34: The Battle [A8SP]
    Yoomp! [Yoomp! Team]
  • aquarius_cart: C1541 DOS V3.0 [Wido Van Den Heuvel]
  • cgenie_cass: Galactic Attack (Joystick), Numbers Up Shoot Out (Alt), Plotter 2.5, Racing, Roulette, Shaper: Shape Table Editor, Tarnsman of Gor [Dirk Best, Everygamegoing]
  • dragon_cart: Dragon EPROM Programmer, Prestel, Terminal Simulator [Nigel Barnes]
  • leapfrog_zippity_cart: The Princess and the Frog - Magical Bayou Adventure (UK) [Sean Riddle]
  • leapster_explorer_cart: Adventure Sketchers (USA) (Creativity Learning Game), Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg (USA), TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure (USA) [David Silva]
  • lk3000: English-German [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • mac_hdflop: AutoCAD Release 12c3, Mac OS 8.0 (US English), Matlab 4.0 Student Edition, Microsoft Works 4.0b (Australian English, Power Macintosh upgrade), Microsoft Works 4.0b (German, Power Macintosh upgrade), Microsoft Works 4.0b (International English, Power Macintosh upgrade), Microsoft Works 4.0b (US English, Power Macintosh upgrade), SoftWindows 3.0, System Software 7.1.1 (PowerBook 150, US English), System Software 7.1.2 (LC 580/Quadra 630, US English), System Software 7.1.2 (Power Macintosh, Czech), System Software 7.1.2 (Power Macintosh, German), System Software 7.1.2 (Power Macintosh, US English), System Software 7.1.2 (Quadra, US English), Vellum 3D 2.6.9 [WinWorld]
  • mbee_flop: Beetalker and Beethoven demo, Bondwell Speech, Disk Beecomposer, Joystick Games 1 t03, Joystick Games 1 t04, mouse_bios9, R.A.C.E.R., Survivor, Wavplay 2.3 [Robbbert]
  • mobigo_cart: Disney/Pixar Cars 2 (USA, rev 2?), Thomas & Friends - Really Useful Engines (USA, rev 2?) [Sean Riddle, David Silva]
  • pce_tourvision: Titan (TourVisión PCE bootleg) [Arcade Planet]
  • vsmile_cart: Teclado Interactivo V.Smile (Spain) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • vtech_innotab_cart: The Penguins of Madagascar (USA), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtle Power! (USA) [David Silva]
  • vtech_storio_cart: Cars 2 (USA), Disney Princess - A Gift From The Heart & Belle's Special Treat (USA), Dora and the 3 Little Pigs (USA), Hello Kitty's Surprise (USA), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (USA), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (USA, flash chip), TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue (USA) [Sean Riddle, David Silva]

Translations added or modified

  • Chinese (Simplified) [YuiFAN]
  • Chinese (Traditional) [YuiFAN]
  • Greek [BraiNKilleRGR]

Merged pull requests

  • 7855: video/315_5124.cpp: Fixed color in SMS1 VDP (315-5124), and added notes. [cam900]
  • 8015: Allow compiling on Linux without PulseAudio. [Jason Flatt]
  • 8016: machine/rtc65271.cpp, firebeat.cpp: Allow NVRAM to be initialized with default data from memory region. [Windy Fairy]
  • 8034: bus/centronics: Added +5 V peripheral sense input signal (used by Epson QX-10). [Brian Johnson]
  • 8044: ksys573.cpp: Changed CD-ROM cycles per sector from 5,000 to 30,000 (fixes errors in Drummania 2nd Mix). [Windy Fairy]
  • 8073: nes.xml: Added eleven entries, replaced several entries with verified dumps, and corrected metadata. [quasiscroto]
  • 8096: video/namcos2_sprite.cpp: Corrected tile/size selection for Final Lap sprites. [David Haywood]
  • 8098: bus/coco/coco_ssc.cpp: Improved reset handling. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8099: machine/coco.cpp: Fixed joystick port device selection (MT07475). [Tim Lindner]
  • 8100: spg2xx_jakks_gkr.cpp, jakks_gamekey_sw.xml: Added several prototype TV games. [anonymous, David Haywood]
  • 8102: alg.cpp: Fixed “Picmatic” company name. [ClawGrip]
  • 8103: phoenix.cpp: Corrected manufacturer for “G.G.I. Corporation” bootlegs. [ClawGrip]
  • 8104: bus/coco: Added CoCo Max HI-RES input module; machine/6883sam.cpp: fixed address mask in ROM/RAM mode. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8105: gamegear.xml, sms.xml: Added three prototypes. [smspower, quasiscroto]
  • 8108: spinb.cpp: Added Bushido (set 3). [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • 8110: nes.xml: Added several entries, and corrected metadata. [Hidden Palace, No-Intro, Skrybe, Stephan Reese, quasiscroto]
  • 8111: rohga.cpp: Added Nitro Ball (World, set 3). [JammaFever, Nebula, Recreativos Piscis, Sergio Galiano]
  • 8112: a800.xml: Removed spurious C1 control characters. [quasiscroto]
  • 8113: Added some TV games, and a number of educational system cartridge dumps. [Sean Riddle, David Silva, taizou, David Haywood]
  • 8115: plugins/data: Strip carriage return characters from history.xml text. [Belegdol]
  • 8116: megadriv.xml: Added seven prototypes, and replaced one monolithic dump with chip dumps. [Hidden Palace, quasiscroto]
  • 8120: apple2gs_flop_orig.xml: Moved 16-bit software out of apple2_flop_orig.xml and added latest dumps. [4am, Firehawke]
  • 8121: sound/es5503.cpp: Register 0xE0 bits 0 and 6 should always read high. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8122: schexx4gen.cpp: Added Super Chexx (EM Bubble Hockey). [ClawGrip]
  • 8123: enmirage.cpp: Improved emulation of Ensoniq Mirage (still not working, but can load and play samples). [Tim Lindner]
  • 8124: exerion.cpp: Added Exerion (Assa, bootleg). [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • 8125: mac_hdflop.xml: Attached the software list to appropriate machines, and started adding stuff. [r09, WinWorld, rockleevk]
  • 8126: vsmile_cart.xml: Added Teclado Interactivo V.Smile (Spain). [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • 8127: chexx.cpp: Add note about undumped Spanish clone. [ClawGrip]
  • 8128: merits.cpp: Added note about other machines using the same board. [ClawGrip]
  • 8129: bus/coco/coco_max.cpp: Cleaned up code a little, and fixed address mask in ff90_read. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8130: a800_flop.xml: Added five items. [A8SP, Yoomp! Team, quasiscroto]
  • 8131: pce.xml: Removed zero offsets from ROM load commands. [ClawGrip]
  • 8132: pce_tourvision.xml: Added Titan (TourVisión PCE bootleg). [Arcade Planet, ClawGrip]
  • 8133: plsonic4.cpp: Confirmed crystal value. [ClawGrip]
  • 8134: machine/6883sam.cpp: Cleaned up inconsistent spacing. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8135: bus/coco/coco_fdc.cpp: Added 5.25" double density and 3.5" double density drive options. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8136: pasha2.cpp: Removed trampolines, changed code to use bitmaps for intermediate buffers, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • 8137: megadriv.xml: Added twenty-one items. [Hidden Palace, Modern Vintage Gamer, quasiscroto]
  • 8138: machine/spg2xx_io.cpp: Made SPG2xx I/O interrupt checking a bit more lean, and improved ADC behavior. [Ryan Holtz]
  • 8139: vic1001_cart.xml: Replaced bad dump of sargon2 (last byte should be RTS back to BASIC). [David Viens]
  • 8141: cclimber.cpp Added Crazy Kong (SegaSA / Sonic bootleg). [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • 8143: supracan.cpp Added preliminary sound emulation for the Super A'Can. [Ryan Holtz, superctr]
  • 8144: spg2xx.cpp: Added Codename: Kids Next Door - Operation: P.L.U.G.G.U.H.S. [Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown, David Haywood]
  • 8145: formats/wd177x_dsk.cpp: Reject images with more tracks than the drive supports. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8146: juicebox.xml: Added fourteen entries. [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • 8147: indigo.cpp: Added indigo4k boot PROM version 4.0.5G revision B as BIOS option. [Henry Bent, Davide Cavalca]
  • 8148: Updated Greek translation. [BraiNKilleRGR]
  • 8149: formats/wd177x_dsk.cpp: Improved tests for image for compatibility with drive. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8150: Fixed building with pcap network module. [xray-sky]
  • 8151: galaxian.cpp: Moved guttangt to newer Galaxian/Scramble hardware driver, and promoted to working. [David Haywood]
  • 8153: schick.cpp: Hooked up sound chips correctly, attempted to improve graphics, and expanded notes. [David Haywood]
  • 8155: seta.cpp: Improved downtown protection simulation (fixes MT05385). [Angelo Salese]
  • 8158: nes.xml: Added three cartridges; bus/nes/action53.cpp: Improved banking emulation. [Damian Yerrick, NesDev, quasiscroto]
  • 8159: kchamp.cpp: Added Karate Champ (Tecfri bootleg). [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 8160: audio/acan.cpp: Added DMA-driven sample support, and fixed sample length calculation. [Ryan Holtz, Ian Karlsson]
  • 8163: phoenix.cpp: Corrected pleiadss manufacturer. [Museo del Recreativo, ClawGrip]
  • 8164: video/galaxold.cpp: Fixed rockclim sprite bank selection. [David Haywood]
  • 8165: ibm5150.xml, ibm5170.xml, ibm5170_cdrom.xml: Added various FreeDOS versions. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 8168: galaxian.cpp: Started splitting up the driver state class to encapsulate variants. [Vas Crabb]
  • 8169: pce.xml: Removed motorod2a (appears to be a hack), and made the newer revision of R-Type Part-2 the parent. [quasiscroto]
  • 8170: mac_hdflop.xml: Added another batch of software. [WinWorld, r09]
  • 8172: inufuku.xpp: Refactored code to meet current standards. [cam900]
  • 8173: segas16a.cpp: Changed quartet button assignments to better match the control panel. [Steven Coomber]
  • 8174: cirsa910510.cpp: Added two additional Mini Money sets. [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • 8176: nes.xml: Add a dozen more prototypes from various sources. [quasiscroto]
  • 8177: psikyosh.cpp: Added notes, documented ROM locations/usage, and marked cocktail mode as unsupported. [cam900]
  • 8178: osd/eminline.h: Added helpers for 64-bit count leading zeroes/ones. [Vas Crabb]
  • 8179: fmtowns_cd.xml: Added twelve entries, replaced nine entries with better dumps, and added four missing floppies. [r09]
  • 8181: video/hd61830.cpp: Fixed character blink mode. [jaens]
  • 8182: galaxian_rockclim.cpp: Reworked rockclim driver to be based on the newer galaxian.cpp driver. [David Haywood]
  • 8183: snes.xml: Added eleven prototypes. [Hidden Palace, togemet2, quasiscroto]
  • 8184: mc10.cpp: Converted expansion modules to slot devices. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8185: ibm5170_hdd.xml: Added a software list for pre-installed operating system images. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 8187: ibm5150.xml: Added six items, and replaced one item with a better dump. [The Good Old Days,, ArcadeShadow]
  • 8188: ibm5170.xml: Added six items. [The Good Old Days,, ArcadeShadow]
  • 8189: hh_sm510.cpp: Added Tronica Space Mission. [algestam]
  • 8190: psikyo.cpp: Noted distributor for Sengoku Ace. [cam900]
  • 8191: pofo.cpp: Fixed RAM expander reads and improved I/O emulation. [jaens]
  • 8192: machine/pofo_kbd.cpp: Added Atari Portfolio keyboard device (fixes keys pressed simultaneously). [jaens]
  • 8194: makefile: Put comment for end of BIGENDIAN block in the right place. [pkubaj]
  • 8196: taitosj.cpp: Added a post-load function to decode RAM-based graphics after loading a saved state. [David Haywood]
  • 8198: c64_cass.xml: Corrected year and publisher for several items. [Steven Coomber]
  • 8200: namcos2.cpp: Added default NVRAM contents and magic I/O handler allowing finalap3bl to run. [David Haywood]
  • 8203: apple2_flop_clcracked.xml, apple2gs_flop_orig.xml: Added latest dumps and cracks. [4am, san inc., Firehawke]
  • 8205: spectrum_cass.xml: Added 28 items, and replaced ten items with better dumps. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 8207: vsmilem_cart.xml: Added twelve items. [skaman, TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • 8210: Eliminated remaining uses of auto_alloc and friends, and removed the object pool from running_machine. [Aaron Giles]
  • 8211: Allow saved states to be deleted from the internal UI. [Vas Crabb]
  • 8212: segas18_astormbl.cpp: Reworked System 18 Alien Storm bootlegs, and put themin their own driver to study. [David Haywood]
  • 8213: machine/snescx4.cpp: Eliminated reach-around calls to fetch the main CPU in the SNES CX4. [Aaron Giles]
  • 8214: sgi_mips_hdd.xml: Renamed items to avoid clashes with items in CD-ROM list. [Ryan Holtz]
  • 8215: tool/imgtool: Removed object pool usage. [Aaron Giles]
  • 8216: formats/flopimg.cpp: Removed object pool usage. [Aaron Giles]
  • 8217: leapfrog_zippity_cart.xml: Moved games’ serial numbers to their own info elements. [ClawGrip]
  • 8218: megadriv.xml: Added seven prototypes, and added ROM locations for crydragn. [quasiscroto]
  • 8219: fmtowns_flop_clcracked.xml, fmtowns_flop_misc.xml, fmtowns_flop_misc.xml: Added three dumps, and updated metadata. [r09]
  • 8223: video/gime.cpp: Derive timer duration from clock frequency – fixes PAL timings. [Tim Lindner]
  • 8225: nes.xml: Added three homebrew items; bus/nes: Added support for SEALIE RET-CUFROM and partial support for SEALIE UNROM 512. [quasiscroto]
  • 8226: gamegear.xml: Added two Ecco the Dolphin prototypes. [drx, quasiscroto]
  • 8227: merits.cpp: Added Scorpion (Mar 24, 1992). [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 8229: x68k_flop.xml: Added two items for original floppy dumps, and explicitly marked some items as cracks. [r09, cyo.the0.vile]