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MAME 0.256

28 Jun 2023

Yes, it’s already time for MAME 0.256, our midyear release! Several very rare and exciting things have turned up this month. Remember that rally racing game Top Driving that was added last month? This month, Mortal Race, an earlier, rarer game based on the same codebase has been found and dumped. The rare Gamate cartridge Mighty Boxer has finally been tracked down and dumped, which means all Gamate games known to have been released are accounted for. Taiko no Tatsujin RT: Nippon no Kokoro has been dumped, bringing us closer to completing the Namco System 10 collection. This offshoot of the popular series was designed for venues like hospitals and aged care facilities. It doesn’t accept coins, and it features easier songs. Four more versions of the prototype arcade game Turbo Sub have also been dumped and added.

For computers, there are lots of software list additions, particularly for MSX and ZX Spectrum. The Heathkit H89 now has enough functionality emulated to be marked working. You can now add ROM cards to your emulated Apple II computers, and FLEX now works on the TRS Color Computer family.

There are also lots of emulation improvements, including fixes for a few more Taito F3 graphical glitches, and better graphics layer mixing on Sharp X68000. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on support for wait states in the MOS 6502 and Hitachi H8 CPU families and there have been some changes to streamline the code.

As always, you can read all about everything that’s changed this month in the whatsnew.txt file. The source code and 64-bit Windows binary packages are available from the download page.

MAME Testers bugs fixed

  • 00899: [Graphics] (taito/taito_f3.cpp) kaiserkn: Best Players screen does not show scores. (ywy)
  • 02576: [Graphics] (taito/taito_f3.cpp) kirameki: Backgrounds in dance stage and photo shoot are not displayed correctly. (ywy)
  • 08650: [Crash/Freeze] (sharp/x68k.cpp) x68000: Emulator crashes with less than four emulated floppy drives connected. (AJR)
  • 08656: [DIP/Input] (misc/micro3d.cpp) botss, f15se: Analog joystick range is asymmetrical. (Vas Crabb)
  • 08662: [Sound] (sunelectronics/markham.cpp) banbam, pettanp: Relative volumes of SN76496 DCSG outputs are incorrect. (ValleyBell)
  • 08663: [Misc.] (namco/namcos1.cpp) All sets in namcos1.cpp: Coin counters are incremented on boot. (hap)
  • 08664: [Misc.] (sega/turbo.cpp) buckrog and clones, subroc3d: Coin counters are incremented on boot. (hap)
  • 08665: [Misc.] (tatsumi/tx1.cpp) All sets in tx1.cpp: Coin counters increment on boot, and only two coins slots exist. (hap)
  • 08666: [Misc.] (sega/segahang.cpp) All sets in segahang.cpp: Coin counters are incremented on boot. (hap)
  • 08668: [Misc.] (sega/segas16a.cpp) All sets in segas16a.cpp: Coin counters are incremented on boot. (hap)
  • 08670: [Misc.] (sega/stv.cpp) All sets on stv.cpp: Coin counters are incremented on boot. (hap)
  • 08677: [Graphics] (nintendo/popeye.cpp) All sets in popeye.cpp: Interlaced video output is incorrect with frame skipping. (hap)

New working systems

  • Addometer Company Addometer Calculator [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Lakeside Strobe [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Mortal Race [Museo del Recreativo, David Haywood, ClawGrip]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X000014P+XP000055) Standard Draw Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X000127P+XP000038) Deuces Wild Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002004P+XP000038) Double Double Bonus Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (X002046P+XP000038) Ace$ Bonus Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Systemhuset / Loproc Conchess Plymate Glasgow Plus (set 1) [Mr. Lars]
  • Tiger Electronics Finger Bowl [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Yamaha DD-9 Digital Percussion [BCM, Devin Acker]

New working clones

  • Amidar (bootleg, set 2) [Rubén Casaña, ClawGrip]
  • Condor (Valadon Automation bootleg of Phoenix) [Retromaniacs,]
  • Consumenta Computer / Loproc Conchess (standard, set 1) [Mr. Lars]
  • Euro League (Italian hack of Tecmo World Cup '90, set 3) [nnap]
  • Pit & Run - F-1 Race (set 3) [Shane Reel, Jeff Willard]
  • Player's Edge Plus (BE0013) Blackjack [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0005) Standard Draw Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0042) 10's or Better (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0083) 10's or Better (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0094) Standard Draw Poker (set 2) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0117) Standard Draw Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0122) Deuces Wild Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0125) Deuces Wild Poker (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0143) Deuces Joker Wild Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0418) Deuces Wild Poker (set 2) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0420) Standard Draw Poker (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0425) Joker Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0430) Deuces Joker Wild Poker (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0451) Bonus Poker Deluxe [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0459) Joker Poker (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0469) Deuces Wild Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0508) Loose Deuce Deuces Wild! Poker (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0540) Double Bonus Poker (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0729) Double Bonus Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0750) Standard Draw Poker (set 1) [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0777) Royal Deuces Poker?? [Brian Troha]
  • Psycho-Nics Oscar (World revision 0, bootleg) [Armando78]
  • Sky Fire [IZ8DWF]
  • Systemhuset / Loproc Conchess Plymate Glasgow Plus (set 2) [Mr. Lars]
  • Sprint 4 (Rev 03) [Andrew Welburn]
  • Tandy Corporation Computerized Arcade (COP421 version, model 60-2159A) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • TeddyBoy Blues (315-5111, Old Ver.) [TeamEurope]
  • Turbo Sub (prototype rev. TSB8) [Chris, Jason Spindler]
  • Turbo Sub (prototype rev. TSC5) [Chris, Jason Spindler]
  • Turbo Sub (prototype rev. TSC5*) [Chris, Jason Spindler]
  • Turbo Sub (prototype rev. TSC8) [Chris, Jason Spindler]

Systems promoted to working

  • Heath Company Heathkit H89 [Mark Garlanger]

New systems marked not working

  • Asus Polo "Genie" (SiS630 chipset) [The Retro Web]
  • Asus Terminator P-3 "Cusc" (SiS630 chipset) [The Retro Web]
  • Caramball [Retromaniacs,]
  • ECS P5TX-LA (i430TX) [Angelo Salese]
  • Gamble Poker (v816, encrypted) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • Gamushara Battle! Puchi Monster (Japan 990519) [nnap]
  • Hack Inc  Sandbox PCI/AGP PC (440BX) [Angelo Salese]
  • Happy Video [jordigahan,]
  • LeapFrog LeapPad Plus Microphone [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
  • Lost Treasure (V1.03) [caius]
  • Montana Choice (MG0225) Multi-Game [Brian Troha]
  • Mini Hockey [Museo Arcade Vintage, ClawGrip]
  • Orla HK1000 [AJR]
  • Orla XM200 Orchestra Module [AJR]
  • Red Line (v808, encrypted) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • Roland Music Style Card TN-SC2 Software List holder [ValleyBell]
  • Super Six Plus II English Mark Darts (v3.3) [ClawGrip]
  • Super Stars (v839, encrypted) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • Taiko no Tatsujin RT: Nippon no Kokoro (Japan, TKN1 Ver.A) [nnap, Hajime0512, Peter Wilhelmsen, Samuel Neves]
  • unknown Top game [caius]
  • Wheel of Fortune (P517 V16, English) [Roberto Fresca, Gerald (COY)]
  • Zida V630E Baby AT (SiS630 chipset) [The Retro Web]

New clones marked not working

  • Arkanoid (Phoenix Electronics Co. license) [Darran, The Dumping Union]
  • Black Knight (L-2) [Quench]
  • Fruit Star (v810, encrypted) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • Gamble Poker (v812, encrypted) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • Hack Inc. Sandbox PCI PC (430HX with Riva 128) [Angelo Salese]
  • Octopussy [Victor Fernandez (City Game)]
  • Player's Edge (PK0785-PC041) Tens or Better [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge (PK0788-PC041) Tens or Better [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge (PK1015-PC088) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge (PK1031-PC088) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (KE0026) Keno [Brian Troha]
  • Player's Edge Plus (PP0079) Standard Draw Poker [Brian Troha]
  • Super Stars (v834, encrypted) [TeamEurope, f205v, Roberto Fresca]
  • Wheel of Fortune (P517 V11, English) [Roberto Fresca, Gerald (COY)]

New working software list items

  • a800:
    Prince of Persia (AtariMAX i/f), Prince of Persia (SIC! i/f) [AtariAge]
    Atrax #01 (Poland), Atrax #02 (Poland), Atrax #03 (Poland), Atrax #04 (Poland), Atrax #05 (Poland), Atrax #06 (Poland), Atrax #08 (Poland), Atrax #09 (Poland), Atrax #10 (Poland), Atrax #11 (Poland), Atrax #12 (Poland), Atrax #13 (Poland), Atrax #15 (Poland) [Atarimania]
    Maxflash Cartridge Studio - Demonstration Workbook [Atarimax]
    SIC! 31-in-1 Demonstration [SIC! team]
  • abc1600_hdd: Formatted Micropolis 1325A 69MB, Formatted NEC D5216A 20MB [Curt Coder]
  • gamate: Mighty Boxer [Peter Wilhelmsen, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard]
  • gameboy: Debagame Tester: Second Impact (Ver 10.24) [Christopher Graves, LuigiBlood]
  • gbcolor: Grimace’s Birthday (V1.1), Grimace’s Birthday (V1.2), Grimace’s Birthday (V1.3), Grimace’s Birthday (V1.4), Grimace’s Birthday (V1.5), Grimace’s Birthday (initial release) [nickisarchivinget]
  • ibm5170: Basket Playoff (re-release), Brutal: Paws of Fury, The Colonel's Bequest (Futura release), Discworld, Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep, Eye of the Beholder: Trilogy, Hoyle: Official Book of Games - Volume 3 (VGA, Futura release), Risky Woods (Futura release), Super Space Invaders (Big Games release), Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends - Electronic Paint Box, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends - The Collection [Total DOS Collection]
  • megacdj: Heavenly Symphony - Formula One World Championship 1993 Hibaihin (Japan), Keiou Yuugekitai Taikenban Hibaihin (Japan), Lunar - Eternal Blue Hibaihin Auto Demo (Japan), Microcosm Demo CD (Japan), Night Trap Hibaihin (Japan), Popful Mail Taikenban Hibaihin (Japan), Sonic the Hedgehog CD Hibaihin (Japan), Thunderhawk Hibaihin (Japan), Urusei Yatsura - Dear My Friends Hibaihin (Japan), WonderMega Collection - Game Garden (Alt), Yumemi Yakata no Monogatari Hibaihin (Japan) []
  • msx1_cart:
    PSGed (v0.4b), PSGed (v0.8b), PSGed (v0.82b) [aorante]
    O [cobinee]
    Nohzdyve [crunchworks]
    MSX Pasocalc (Japan), Nayade Resistance - Episode I (alt), Nice Soccer World Cup, No (Japan), Nogalious (demo), Olion, Operation Wolf (v3), Othello Competicao (Portuguese), Pacific (v1.0.0), Pacific (v1.1.0), Pacific (v1.2.4), Peek-A-Boo (older), Perfect Fit, Perfect Math for First Preparatory Class - Part 1-1 (Arab), Perfect Science for First Preparatory Class - Part 1-2 (Arab), Phantomas Saga Infinity, Photon, Picture Painter (Japan), Picture Painter (Japan, alt), PIHKAL, Pretty Kingdom (older), Printer Soft Print Lab (Japan), PWND part 2 - Of je assembly lust, PWND part 2 - Of je assembly lust (alt), PWND part 3 - Full Metal Snake (v1.0), QBIQS (v1.2), Quartet (v1.1), Questprobe 2: Spiderman, Raftoid (v1.0), Rally (Japan), Ratbox, Rise Out from Dungeons (Korea), Risky Rick (demo), River Raid (Japan, alt), Robotto Demo, Running Naked in a Field of Flowers (older), RX Editor YRM-302 (Japan, alt), Yeoja Wres (Korea) [file-hunter]
    Noborunoca (v0.7.0), Noborunoca (v1.0.0) [Hiromasa Tanaka]
    Neuras, Ruptus [Inufuto]
    Numberman, Paco el Bombas, Paco el Bombas REDUX (English), Paco el Bombas REDUX (Italian), Paco el Bombas REDUX (Spanish), Paco el Bombas REDUX (Spanish, older), Paco Time Attack (v1.0), Paco Time Attack (v1.1) [MSX Resoure Center]
    Night Escape [msxblue]
    Namake's Bridgedrome, Nayade Resistance - Episode I, NeoPONG512 (v1.0), NeoPONG512 (v1.1), Night City (English), Night City (Spanish), Night Driver, Ninja Savior, No Back Down, Open Wide!, Operation Wolf (v1), PAC-01, Pacific (v1.2.0), Pair Logic, Parachuteless Joe, Peek-A-Boo, Penguin Café (English), Penguin Café (French), Penguin Mind, Penguin Race, Penguin Run, PickinX, Picture Puzzle, Pippo La Scopa Ficcanaso, Pitman, Plumber, Pointless Platform (release 1), Pointless Shooting, Pretty Kingdom, Puzzybox, PWND - Of je worst lust, PWND - Of je worst lust (alt), PWND part 3 - Full Metal Snake (v1.1), QBIQS (v1.0), QBIQS (v1.1), Quartet (v1.2), Raftoid (v1.1), Raven, Reflexion, Reflexion (alt), Relevo's Snowboarding, Retaliot, Robo Rumble, Robots, Running Naked in a Field of Flowers [MSXDev]
    RMD [n.i]
    MSX Pong! [nightfoxandco]
    Pak Pak [ochixn]
    Pointless Platform (release 2) [tni]
    Pegged [under4mhz]
  • neocd: Double Dragon (Japan) []
  • segacd: Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia v2.00S (USA), Note! Color Mechanica (USA), Note! Color Mechanica (USA, alt), What is X'Eye Multi Entertainment System (USA) []
  • specpls3_flop:
    Dungeons of Gomilandia (v0.1a) [RetroWorks]
    Dungeons of Gomilandia (v0.1), Reaper, Seto Taisho Special Edition [Spectrum Computing]
    2 por 1: Rock'n Roller + Wells & Fargo, Averno, The Dragonslayer Trilogy, High Steel (Erbe, alt), The Sunflower Number Show (alt), The Tears of the Moon + Laskar's Crystals, Test Match [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair]
    19 Part One - Boot Camp, El Asombroso Spider-Man y Capitán America en La Venganza del Dr. Muerte!, Dragons of Flame, The Duel - Test Drive II (Dro Soft), El Equipo A, Frightmare (Zafiro), Gunship (Erbe, alt), Pit-Fighter (Dro Soft), Power Magic (alt), Rainbow Islands (Erbe, alt), Renaud, Shadow Warriors (Erbe), Solo, Starlife, Ulises [El Trastero del Spectrum]
  • spectrum_cass:
    Z80 Attack [Javi Ortiz]
    Futebol 87 (pirate) [João Cruz, Planeta Sinclair]
    The Rocky Horror Show (Zafiro) [Luís Rato, Planeta Sinclair]
    3D Tanks (Elettronica), Astroblaster, Astrodata 3000 №4, Backgammon (1982, Pi Software), Biorhythms (type-in from book "Cambridge Colour Collection"), Bomber (1984, Prince), Campo Minado (Microparadise), Future Knight (Erbe, medium case), Future Knight (Erbe, small case), Hostages (Erbe), Mini Battle Tank, Planetoids, Son of Blagger (Paxman), Spitfire '40 (Zafi Chip), Splat! (System 4), Talisman (Aackosoft) [Spectrum Computing]
    Anttown-3D, Archivio, Backgammon (pirate), Bioritmi (pirate), Briscola, The Calling (48K, alt, Adventure Workshop), Campo Minato (pirate), Carambola (pirate), Carrarmati Tanx (pirate), Chequered Flag (pirate), Cookie (pirate), Dragons of Flame (Erbe), Everest Ascent (pirate), Firebirds (Microbyte), Firebirds (pirate), Flight Joystick (pirate), Talisman of Lost Souls + The Guardian, Temple of Vran (sample), Temple of Vran (sample, alt) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair]
  • tx0_ptp:
    FLIT - Flexowriter Interrogation Tape, FLIT II [Bitsavers]
    FLITloader Punch [Bitsavers, AJR]

Software list items promoted to working

  • a800: Mega Cartridge 01 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 02 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 03 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 05 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 06 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 07 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 09 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 10 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 12 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 13 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 14 (Chile, pirate), Mega Cartridge 15 (Chile, pirate), Prisma 1 (Chile, pirate), Prisma 2 (Chile, pirate), Prisma 3 (Chile, pirate), Prisma 4 (Chile, pirate), Prisma 5 (Chile, pirate), Prisma 6 (Chile, pirate), Prisma Super 15-2 (Chile, pirate), Turbo Cartridge C1 (Chile, pirate), Turbo Cartridge C2 (Chile, pirate), Turbo Cartridge C3 (Chile, pirate), Turbo Cartridge C4 (Chile, pirate), Turbo Cartridge X1 (Chile, pirate), Turbo Cartridge X2 (Chile, pirate), The Writer's Tool [Angelo Salese]

New software list items marked not working

  • a5200: Bosconian 5200 - Star Destroyer (Ultimate Version) [AariAge]
  • a800:
    Turbo Hit (Blizzard 32kb) [atari.area]
    Atrax #14 (Poland), Atrax #16 (Poland) [Atarimania]
  • megacdj: Psychic Detective Series vol.3 - AYA Auto Demo (Japan), Silpheed Hibaihin (Japan), Silpheed Hibaihin (Japan) (Fixed) []
  • msx1_cart:
    Rogo Language Card SVI-2000C (Europe), Rogo Language Card SVI-2000C (Europe, alt) [file-hunter]
    DPQ-280 Quick Disk Drive, DPQ-280 Quick Disk Drive (alt), QDM-01 Quick Disk Drive, VY-0002 Quick Disk Drive [hans otten]
  • r8_card: SN-R8-09 Power Drums U.S.A. [ValleyBell]
  • roland_tnsc2: TN-SC2-04 Dance [ValleyBell]
  • segacd: Surgical Strike (Brazil, 32X) []
  • specpls3_flop:
    The Archon Collection, Skate Wars, Spectrum +3 Spectacular [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair]
    Heavy Metal [El Trastero del Spectrum]
  • spectrum_cass:
    Time-Gate (Investronica) [Spectrum Computing]
    Asteroidi (pirate), Astro Blaster (pirate), Centipede (pirate), Cruising On Broadway (pirate), Dictator (pirate) [Steven Brown, Planeta Sinclair]
  • u110_card: SN-SPLA-01 Sound Elements Vol. 1 (U-01) [ValleyBell]

Merged pull requests

  • 10528: bus/a800: Modernized Atari 8-bit computer cartridge handling. [Angelo Salese]
  • 11142: ibm5170.xml: Added eleven working items. [Total DOS Collection, ArcadeShadow]
  • 11187: atari/pong.cpp: Added a note about photos apparently showing Rebound with an orange overlay. [Michael Sanborn]
  • 11233: namco/namcos12.cpp: Updated links and years in comments. [simzy]
  • 11237: exidy/exidy.cpp: Corrected palettes for Targ and Spectar. [Timothy Shiels]
  • 11257: seibu/raiden.cpp: Marked version with checkpoints as Japan release. [cam900]
  • 11267: gameboy.xml: Added Debagame Tester, and corrected cartridge type for bartescj. [Christopher Graves, LuigiBlood, ICEknight]
  • 11273: dragon_cart.xml: Replaced cyrus cartridge dump with individual chip dumps. [ClawGrip, ICEknight]
  • 11276: heathkit/z37_fdc.cpp: Added H/Z-37 soft-sectored floppy controller, and promoted Heathkit H89 to working. [Mark Garlanger]
  • 11283: emu/device.h: Removed device read/write line member macros in favor of explicit function signatures. [Ryan Holtz]
  • 11284: Moved PC VGA classes to separate source files, and added some additional variants. [Angelo Salese]
  • 11286: msx1_cart.xml: Added 28 items (26 working). [file-hunter, MSXDev, n.i, Inufuto, Wilbert Pol]
  • 11291: galaxian/galaxian.cpp: Added an Amidar bootleg. [Rubén Casaña, ClawGrip]
  • 11292: skeleton/happyvideo.cpp: Added a skeleton driver for a Chinese kiddy ride. [jordigahan,, ClawGrip]
  • 11295: video/epic12.cpp: Improved timing when drawing outside the clipping area. [buffi]
  • 11296: atari/atarist.cpp: Only reset the video device that’s present (fixes crashes with ste). [Kelvin Sherlock]
  • 11299: sunelectronics/markham.cpp: Tidied up some comments. [ToastmanJack]
  • 11302: namco/namcos10.cpp: Added Taiko no Tatsujin RT. [nnap, Hajime0512, Peter Wilhelmsen, Samuel Neves, Windy Fairy]
  • 11303: psikyo/psikyo.cpp: Corrected screen timings and interrupts for Gunbird and Sengoku Ace. [buffi]
  • 11304: skeleton/minihock.cpp: Added a skeleton for a partially dumped Spanish air hockey table. [Museo Arcade Vintage, ClawGrip]
  • 11306: msx1_cart.xml: Added four Quick Disk interfaces (not working). [hans otten, Wilbert Pol]
  • 11307: cpu/z80: Handle EI instruction received on interrupt acknowledge cycle in interrupt mode 0. [Mark Garlanger]
  • 11309: compis.xml: Added some recently spotted titles to the list of undumped software. [FakeShemp]
  • 11310: Tidied up descriptions for LeapFrog software lists. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 11311: taito/taito_f3_v.cpp: Fixed visible tile check for alternate tilemap (fixes MT02576). [ywy]
  • 11321: leapfrog/leappad.cpp: Dumped LeapPad Plus Microphone system ROM. [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
  • 11322: taito/taito_f3_v.cpp: Fixed trstar line zoom regression caused by pull request #11073. [ywy]
  • 11323: Added two Roland sample cards dumps, a Roland style card dump and a placeholder driver. [ValleyBell]
  • 11324: misc/anes.cpp: Implemented ROM banking so games boot, and added preliminary video and inputs. [Luca Elia, David Haywood]
  • 11325: taito/pkspirit.cpp: Added preliminary video emulation. [David Haywood]
  • 11326: specpls3_flop.xml: Added thirty items (26 working) and replaced one item with a better dump. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 11329: bus/coco/coco_fdc.cpp: Fixed interrupt handling and added FLEX disk format. [Michael R. Furman]
  • 11330: heath/h19.cpp: Implemented Shift-Reset functionality. [Mark Garlanger]
  • 11332: msx1_cart.xml: Added sixty working items. [Wilbert Pol]
  • 11333: emu/devcb.h: emu/devcb.h: Eliminated the need to call resolve() on callbacks. [Vas Crabb]
  • 11334: taito/taitowlf.cpp: Updated to use new PCI system. [Angelo Salese]
  • 11335: gamate.xml: Added Mighty Boxer. [Peter Wilhelmsen, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, David Haywood]
  • 11338: bfm/bfm_sc2.cpp: Added sound ROM to Majestic Bells non-protocol version (sc2majes). [Paul-Arnold]
  • 11339: heath/h19.cpp Implemented Shift-Reset functionality (addresses issues with pull request #11330). [Mark Garlanger]
  • 11340: roland/roland_mt32.cpp: Added mt32 ROM version 2.0.7 as a BIOS option. [Brandon Munger]
  • 11341: edevices/stlforce.cpp: Added Mortal Race. [Museo del Recreativo, David Haywood, ClawGrip]
  • 11342: imagedev/floppy.cpp: Added TEAC FD55-A and FD55-B drives. [Mark Garlanger]
  • 11344: segacd.xml, megacdj.xml: Added nineteen items (fifteen working). [, David Silva]
  • 11347: msx1_cart.xml: Added twenty working items, and added floppy disk images to HB-3600. [Wilbert Pol]
  • 11348: yamaha/ympsr150.cpp: Added DD-9 Digital Percussion. [BCM, Devin Acker]
  • 11349: neocd.xml: Added Double Dragon (Japan). [, David Silva]
  • 11350: spectrum_cass.xml: Added 44 items (38 working), and replaced one item with a better dump. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 11351: casio/cz101.cpp: Added version 1 firmware as a BIOS option for cz101. [BCM, Devin Acker]
  • 11354: funtech/supracan.cpp: Load Super A'Can internal 68000 CPU ROM. [David Haywood]
  • 11357: skeleton/caramball.cpp: Added a skeleton driver for a Spanish air hockey table. [Retromaniacs,, ClawGrip]
  • 11358: phoenix/phoenix.cpp: Added a Valadon Automation bootleg of Phoenix. [Retromaniacs,, ClawGrip]
  • 11359: misc/esripsys.cpp: Added four additional versions of Turbo Sub. [Chris, Jason Spindler, lupinthird]
  • 11361: misc/arachnid.cpp: Added a new “English Mark Darts” set (as new parent). [ClawGrip]
  • 11362: amstrad/pda600_copro.cpp: Don’t assume std::array iterators are pointers. [Patrick Mackinlay]
  • 11364: misc/compucranes.cpp: Dumped and added a crane game from Covielsa. [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • 11367: sunelectronics/markham.cpp: Fixed relative volumes of SN76496 DCSG outputs for banbam and pettanp (MT08662). [ValleyBell]