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Updated requirements for compiling MAME

28 Mar 2024

We’re soon going to start requiring newer versions of some tools and libraries to compile MAME. The oldest versions of tools and libraries we will officially support will be:

  • GCC 10.3
  • clang 11.0
  • SDL 2.0.14
  • Qt 5.15
  • GNU libstdc++ 10.3
  • LLVM libc++ 11.0

Some older versions of clang, Qt, GNU libstdc++ and LLVM libc++ may continue to work for a while, but no effort will be made to maintain support.

The oldest supported tools and libraries are approximately three years old. Examples of environments that provide sufficiently up-to-date tools and libraries include Ubuntu Linux 22.04LTS, Fedora Linux 33 and macOS 11.0 “Big Sur” with Xcode 12.5.