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So Long Haze, and Thanks for All the Fish

18 Apr 2005

As has been widely reported, Haze has decided to step down as maintainer of MAME. During his time as maintainer, he managed to accomplish a lot in terms of accelerating the pace of development and keeping the releases coming at a regular rate. Fortunately, he won't be giving up MAME for good. Here's hoping that some time away from being maintainer will do him some good, or at the very least produce more accurate emulation of Korean porn titles. :-)

Following in his wake, Aaron Giles (that's me) will be stepping in to take over the role of maintainer. The first major side effect of this transition is that you will no longer find the intermediate updates at Haze's site, but rather you will find them here. Well, not here on this page, but over here on the sources page.

In fact, if you check it out now, you'll see that I've put up a 0.95u3 update. I should point out that I am using a different tool to generate the diffs, which means that you no longer apply them with the -p1 parameter, but instead use -p0. Apart from that, it shouldn't be too much of a change from before.