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New ROMs and Wiki Content

27 Feb 2007

Hey, what do you know, a post that isn't about a MAME release!

I've got some exciting news. In addition to allowing the free distribution of Teeter Torture from this site, H. R. Kauffman, the president of Xidy, Inc. (formerly Exidy), has agreed to allow us to distribute many of the older released Exidy games here as well! So, over the next few weeks, we will be featuring many games from the Exidy lineup here on the site. The first of these is the classic game Circus, released in 1977.

Look for more games to appear shortly. Ultimately, it would be awesome if some of the bigger companies would recognize the historical significance of some of their older titles and allow them to be enjoyed by a wider audience in this manner.

The second bit of news is that there have been some great additions to the developer wiki since it was first created. I wanted to highlight a few of the updates:

  • Andrew Gardner has put up links to various technical articles and other details that have appeared in blogs and articles in the past, and Mike Ellery has posted an article on DIP switches in the How MAME Works section

  • Reip, Phil Bennett, and I have put up "to-do" lists on the Developer WIP page. I find this a great location to jot down random ideas I have; hopefully other devs will find it equally useful.

  • MooglyGuy has been doing a very cool job of wiki-fying the whatsnew.txt files from earlier MAME versions with annotations and links to MAWS for games referenced. See the new Previous MAME Versions section to see what has been done so far.

  • I have also started the process of migrating the MAME FAQ and updating the text to be more accurate to the current state of the project. See the current WIP version in the new Frequently Asked Questions section of the wiki.

Overall, some great content on the wiki so far! You can keep an eye on the Recent Changes page to see what's going on in finer detail, if you're interested. You can even keep an RSS feed for that page if you really want to stay on top of things!