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MAME 0.112u4

01 Mar 2007

Today we have a new update to MAME 0.112. You can grab the diff file from the Latest Release page. The sound changes have mostly settled now and this build should be a good one to test with. In fact, it would be great to get feedback on how sound and throttling are working across a number of systems before we move to a 0.113 release, which should follow soon. Please give it a try and report your bugs to MAME Testers.

Other significant improvements this time around include some more input port fixes from Derrick; discrete sound in Checkmate, again from Derrick; support for the T5182 sound MCU from Nicola, Ernesto, and Lord Nightmare, giving sound in The Lost Castle in Darkmist, Mustache Boy, and Panic Road; and tweaks to many sound cores to make them generate audio at their native frequency. Note that this latter change may have some negative performance impact, but I didn't see anything too significant in limited testing.