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MAME 0.113u3

22 Mar 2007

A new release of MAME is now available on the Latest Release page. This release features a number of significant updates, including full MC8123 emulation from Nicola, allowing a few thought-to-be-lost-forever Sega games to be emulated at last. Haze also incorporated a prelminary version of his Megadrive code to get the Sega System E games up and running. Ville corrected a few bad bugs in the SHARC core, curing a number of issues in the Konami and Sega Model 2 drivers. Ernesto submitted a WIP version of the Model 2 TGP (MB86233) DSP core. Derrick added proper sound to Sprint 4. Zsolt rewrote the vic dual driver with proper video timing, along with some additional fixes and updates to video timing in other drivers. And a sudden influx of Korean and Chinese games has appeared, with a bunch of new skeleton drivers and a couple of new working games.

All in all, a lot of stuff is happening!!