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MAME 0.113u4

29 Mar 2007

Another week, another release. Highlights this time around include a bunch of improvements to the WIP TGP core for the Sega Model 2 games thanks to Ernesto, Ville, and El Semi. The progress on this may not be immediately visible in MAME, but there is a bunch of great work happening here to finally get the Model 2 games emulated properly. This work is also helping to improve the Model 1 simulations, so expect to see some additional progress there soon as well. The final round of video timing updates from Zsolt means that a number of drivers are now running at proper video refresh speeds to provide more accurate timing. And the initial fruits of the FD1094 analysis show up as Bullet is now partially playable (it seems to blow up at the first boss, but you can at least start to see the game in action).

We're nearing the end of the 0.114 release cycle, so now is a great time to test out this version and report any bugs at the MAME Testers site so that we can clean them up before the next official release.