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MAME 0.118u5

06 Sep 2007

One more (last?) update release for 0.118 has been posted on the Latest Release page. This update features more progress on the Cubo CD32 games, thanks to Ernesto, some additional Subsino games and a couple of Mahjong games from Luca Elia, a fixed Mappy driver with priorities working again, and some significant cleanup in the internal palette management code. There is also as promised a new parameter -refreshspeed which automatically adjusts the -speed of gameplay to keep it under your monitor's refresh rate. Give it a whirl.

This update should also compile cleanly with the latest development tools, based on gcc 4.2.1. Make sure you grab the latest tools to ensure that your builds go smoothly.

As this is expected to be the final intermediate update in the 0.119 development cycle, please give it a try and report any problems to MAME Testers.