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MAME 0.118u6

11 Sep 2007

Okay, so the last release needed a little more bake time before we were ready to go out the door. Thus we have MAME 0.118u6, now available on the Latest Release page. This one fixes all of the reported issues I could find. It also features keys for the final two CPS2 games, thanks to Haze and Nicola, a bunch of new clones now that Haze is back from holidays, and a long-lost Exidy 440 game Yukon, thanks to the sharp eyes of long-time dev at a local flea market (seriously!)

This is definitely your last chance to report bugs before 0.119 is released, so please give it a one-over and report issues over at MAME Testers. Thanks!

(Edit: Oops, looks like there was a little mix-up in putting this together, and a few of the clones [turpins, opwolfa, starforb] plus the srmp6 update didn't actually make it into this update; they will be in 0.119.)