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MAME 0.174

25 May 2016

We're pleased to announce the release of MAME 0.174!

This new release includes some exciting newly-playable machines, including the Tiger handheld and the ultra-rare Seibu Kaihatsu title, Metal Freezer.

Meanwhile, the Apple 2 driver now supports the Mockingboard 4C card, and the regressions in the IT Eagle (Golden Tee Fore) driver's colors from the previous release have been fixed.

Last but not least, there should be better support for DirectInput 8 on Windows, including supporting older game controllers which previously only worked using the DirectInput 7 module. If you still have a controller which DirectInput 8 does not support that you regularly use, please contact us so that we know what controllers still do not work.

If you would like to see a more complete list of changes, check the whatsnew.txt file located here. As always, you can get MAME 0.174 binaries at the download page.