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MAME 0.175

29 Jun 2016

Get ready for your vacation and grab MAME 0.175!

We're proud to say MAME now supports a number of previously unemulated prototypes, alternate versions of games, and unusual systems. Prototypes include the super-rare Konami Kyuukoukabakugekitai, Home Data's Mahjong Joshi Pro-wres Give Up 5 Byou Mae, and an early Japanese version of E.D.F.: Earth Defense Force. Atari Moto Frenzy, previously lacking protection emulation, is now fully playable. We've also added a number of gambling games, including some Flaming 7's variants.

Many more Game Boy peripherals are now supported, including real-time clocks, light sensors and tilt sensors. This makes several previously unsupported games fully playable.

This release includes improvements to the Sega Master System and SG-1000 emulation, including better SG-1000 expansion slot support, and drivers with correct clock speeds for South American Master System variants.

There's some big news in Sun emulation: all sun3 models will now POST, MAME has a SPARCv7 CPU core, and there has been substantial progress towards emulating the SPARCstation 1 (sun4c). Using unidasm (built with TOOLS=1) you can disassemble SPARCv7 SPARCv7 or SPARCv9 code, incuding all VIS variants up to VIS-3B.

As usual, there are many emulation improvements, including fixes for keyboard controls in some TRS-80 games, and better Seibu COP emulation in Legionnaire, Heated Barrel and Godzilla.

In less visible changes, MAME's memory system got a nice cleanup exposing a number of existing issues which are now fixed, and the netlist-based discrete circuit simulation code has had a major overhaul with lots of performance improvements. There are a number of improvements to MAME's debugger modules in this release, particularly the imgui-based debugger.

If you would like to see a more complete list of changes, check the whatsnew.txt file located here. As always, you can get MAME 0.175 binaries at the download page.