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MAME 0.247

31 Aug 2022

With a change of season just around the corner, it’s time to unveil MAME 0.247! This is a huge release, and should have something for everyone!

Newly added systems, and systems promoted to working, include:

  • The M&D Monon Color – a low-cost Chinese hand-held console. This required finding an exploit to extract the CPU’s internal ROM as audio. Said CPU is a high-performance derivative of Intel’s MCS-51 architecture.
  • A prototype version of Tecmo’s Super Pinball Action that used separate screens for the simulated backglass and playfield. This version was presumably poorly received due to the need for an expensive dedicated cabinet.
  • An initial driver for second-generation Sony NEWS workstations based on MIPS processors. This one has been a long time coming, with a lot of preparatory work, but it’s finally here!
  • The Dracula and Game Pachinko – two Tsukuda hand-held games with vacuum fluorescent displays.
  • Micom Mahjong – an example of an early CPU-based TV game, and possibly the first dedicated electronic mahjong system.
  • Three new Casio synthesisers.
  • Several Impera Magic Card games. This one’s also been a while coming, requiring several new devices to be emulated.
  • A few Astro Corp. gambling games, including Dino Dino, Magic Bomb, Stone Age, and Zoo.
  • Some previously missing NO CD versions of Capcom’s Red Earth.

You’ll also find numerous bug fixes and emulation improvements across the board. There’s better support for low-cost Macintosh models based on the V8 chipset (including the LC, LC II, and Classic II). There are quite a few fixes for issues with Nintendo’s NES/Famicom-derived arcade systems, the VS. System and PlayChoice-10. Several ZX Spectrum derivatives from the Eastern Bloc are in better shape. The Atari POKEY sounds better. The PC Engine pachinko controller from Coconuts Japan is now supported. There’s also an important fix for extracting CHD CD-ROM images.

The stream of prototype cartridges is still flowing, with a number of Atari 2600, Game Boy Color, NES, and Super NES additions landing this month. You’ll also find the Scholastic Microzine disks for Apple II, and several PC magazine cover disks. The new VGMPlay music rips include music from the recently-emulated Poly-Net Warriors arcade game.

As always, you can read about everything that’s happened this month in the whatsnew.txt file, or download the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers bugs fixed

  • 08342: [Sound] (sinclair/spectrum.cpp) spec128 [cobrasar and clones]: Voice-over is missing in Cobra’s Arc. (holub)
  • 08377: [Graphics] (sharp/x68k.cpp) keeper: Tree on title screen appears in front of Success logo. (Carl)
  • 08390: [Crash/Freeze] (sinclair/pentagon.cpp) pentagon: Main menu freezes after boot. (holub)
  • 08401: [Crash/Freeze] (kaneko/suprnova.cpp) galpans3: Memory corruption causes emulator to crash. (hap)
  • 08404: [DIP/Input] (namco/namcos86.cpp) wndrmomo: Game should use eight-way joysticks. (Steven Coomber)

New working machines

  • BMX Stunts [Ivan Vangelista, hap, chaneman, Andrew Welburn]
  • Casio Celviano AP-10 [Devin Acker]
  • Casio CTK-601 [Devin Acker, Gabriel Miceli]
  • Casio GZ-70SP [Devin Acker]
  • The Dracula (Tsukuda) [hap, Sean Riddle, Parotaku, eggs]
  • Nippon Mail Service Micom Mahjong [hap, David Haywood, Sly DC]
  • Texas Instruments Language Teacher [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Tsukuda Game Pachinko [hap, Sean Riddle, Rik, eggs]

New working clones

  • B.Rap Boys Special (World, older) [nnap]
  • Battle Garegga (Japan, bootleg) (Sat Feb 3 1996) [nnap]
  • Battle Garegga (Korea / Greece) (Wed Feb 7 1996) [juking]
  • Big Kong (Crazy Kong bootleg on Galaxian hardware) [chaneman]
  • Dancing Eyes (World, DC2/VER.B) [rtw, Brian Troha, Bill D., The Dumping Union]
  • Games V21.1C [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Guitar Freaks (GQ886 VER. AAA) [Taro]
  • Guitar Freaks (GQ886 VER. EAA) [Taro]
  • Guitar Freaks (GQ886 VER. JAA) [Taro]
  • Guitar Freaks (GQ886 VER. UAA) [Taro]
  • Miss Packman Plus [Marc Deslauriers]
  • Red Earth (Asia 961023, NO CD) [Darksoft, MetalliC]
  • Red Earth (Asia 961121, NO CD) [Darksoft, MetalliC]
  • Systema? TV Boy (PAL) [Thomas Jentzsch, kmg]
  • Texas Instruments Language Translator [hap, Sean Riddle, Darksoft]
  • Trivia Master (set 5) [chaneman]
  • Turbo Force (US, set 2) [Bill D., Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

Machines promoted to working

  • Apple Computer Macintosh LC II [R. Belmont]
  • Dino Dino (Ver. A1.1, 01/13/2005) [O. Galibert, Luca Elia, Ivan Vangelista, Guru]
  • Lucky 7 (Impera) V04/91a [Paul-Arnold]
  • M&D Monon Color [Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
  • Magic Bomb (Ver. L3.5S) [Luca Elia, Ivan Vangelista, Angelo Salese, Phil Bennet, Cristiano-MDQ]
  • Magic Card (v1.10 14.09.94) [Paul-Arnold]
  • Puzzle Me! [Paul-Arnold]
  • Stone Age (Astro, Ver. EN.03.A, 2005/02/21) [O. Galibert, Luca Elia, ANY, The Dumping Union]
  • swtpc S/09 Sbug [68bit]
  • Win Win Bingo (Ver. GM.03.3, Feb 23 2006) [O. Galibert, Luca Elia, Ivan Vangelista, f205v, Filippo Tarderia]
  • Zoo (Ver. ZO.02.D, Aug 27 2004) [O. Galibert, Luca Elia, Ivan Vangelista, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]

Clones promoted to working

  • Hacher (hack of Win Win Bingo EN.01.6) [O. Galibert, Luca Elia, Ivan Vangelista, ANY, The Dumping Union]
  • Magic Bomb (Ver. A3.1) [Luca Elia, Ivan Vangelista, Angelo Salese, Phil Bennett, Cristiano-MDQ]
  • Magic Card (v1.2 200/93, set 1) [Paul-Arnold]
  • Magic Card Export 94 (V2.11a, set 3) [Paul-Arnold]
  • MicroART ATM-Turbo 2 [holub]
  • Super Pinball Action (US, prototype, dual screen) [David Haywood]
  • swtpc S/09 OS9 [68bit]
  • swtpc S/09 Sbug + piaide [68bit]
  • swtpc S/09 UNIBug + DMAF2 [68bit]
  • swtpc S/09 UNIBug + DMAF3 [68bit]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Atari Europe Hit Parade 108 / 144 / 160 [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Big Apple (Leisure Games) (MPU1) (5p Stake, £1 Jackpot) [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • Big Apple (Leisure Games) (MPU1) (5p Stake, £2 Jackpot) [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • DANCE 86.4 FUNKY RADIO STATION (E01:J:A:A:2005040400) [Taro]
  • Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke Mix 2 (GQ947 VER. JAA) [Taro]
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA (FDH:A:A:A:2006071300) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA (FDH:J:A:A:2006090600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA (FDH:U:A:A:2006072400) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 (GDJ:A:A:A:2007100800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 (GDJ:J:A:A:2007100800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 (GDJ:U:A:A:2007100800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Dancing Stage SuperNOVA (FDH:E:A:A:2006072500) [Shiz, Windy Fairy]
  • DrumMania V (E02:A:A:A:2005050200) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V (E02:J:A:A:2005050200) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V2 (F02:A:A:A:2006011201) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V2 (F02:J:A:A:2006011201) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V3 (F32:A:A:A:2006101800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V3 (F32:J:A:A:2006101800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Golden Nudge It (Barcrest) (MPU1) (5p Stake, £1 Jackpot) [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • Guitar Freaks V (E03:A:A:A:2005050200) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V (E03:J:A:A:2005050200) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V2 (F03:A:A:A:2006011201) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V2 (F03:J:A:A:2006011201) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V3 (F33:A:A:A:2006101800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V3 (F33:J:A:A:2006101800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Hold & Draw [Siftware]
  • Konami Python 2 BIOS [Windy Fairy]
  • Lite a Line (Dutch) (JPM) (SRU) (revision 52) [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • Lucky Nudge (Leisure Games) (MPU1) (5p Stake, £1 Jackpot) [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • Magical Poppins [anonymous, MetalliC]
  • Match It (Barcrest) (MPU1) (5p Stake, £1 Jackpot) [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • Match Up (Barcrest) (MPU1) (10p Stake, £2 Jackpot) [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • Rally Montecarlo [Museo del Recreativo]
  • Samsung NUON Enhanced DVD Player / DVD-N501 [Guru]
  • Sony NET WORK STATION NWS-5000X [Brice Onken]
  • Thrill Drive 3 (D44:J:A:A:20050316) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Toy's March (E00:J:A:A:2005011602) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Toy's March 2 (F00:J:A:A:2005110400) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • VTech Phusion [Devin Acker]
  • Western Dream Gold [anonymous, MetalliC]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 (GDJ:A:A:A:2007071100) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 (GDJ:J:A:A:2007071100) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Dancing Stage SuperNOVA (FDH:E:A:A:2006032200) [Shiz, Windy Fairy]
  • DrumMania V2 (F02:A:A:A:2005101600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V2 (F02:A:A:A:2005112800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V2 (F02:J:A:A:2005101600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V2 (F02:J:A:A:2005112800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V3 (F32:A:A:A:2006072600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • DrumMania V3 (F32:J:A:A:2006072600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V2 (F03:A:A:A:2005101600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V2 (F03:A:A:A:2005112800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V2 (F03:J:A:A:2005101600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V2 (F03:J:A:A:2005112800) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V3 (F33:A:A:A:2006072600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Guitar Freaks V3 (F33:J:A:A:2006072600) [Taro, Windy Fairy, Shiz]
  • Master Boy (Italian, rev A, set 3) []
  • Project Justice / Moero! Justice Gakuen (Rev B) [Tailsnic Retroworks]
  • Silent Scope 2 : Fatal Judgement (ver EAD) [buffi]
  • Sharp My Computer Terebi C1 [kmg]
  • Super Shuffle (Louth Coin) (SRU) (5p Stake, £1.50 Jackpot) [SomeRandomGuyIdk]

New working software list additions

  • a2600:
    Centipede (prototype), Solar Fox (prototype), Wizard of Wor (prototype) [Dutchman2000]
    Defender (prototype 198111xx), Gorf (prototype), Joust (prototype 19830705), Missile Command (prototype), Raiders of the Lost Ark (prototype 19820614), Venture (prototype) [Rom Hunter]
    Astro Chase (prototype), Elf Adventure (prototype 19830422), Elf Adventure (prototype 19830502), Kangaroo (prototype 19830119), Monkey Music (prototype 19820818), Mr. Do!'s Castle (later prototype), Mr. Do!'s Castle (prototype 19840312), Popeye (prototype), Solaris (prototype), Xevious (prototype 19840118) [Tempest]
    Frankenstein's Monster (prototype) [swlovinist]
  • apple2_flop_clcracked:
    Fraction-oids (1988 Version) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
    Stickybear Numbers (Revision 3) (cleanly cracked) [4am, san inc., Firehawke]
  • apple2_flop_orig: Microzine 1, Microzine 2, Microzine 3, Microzine 4, Microzine 5, Microzine 6, Microzine 7, Microzine 8, Microzine 9, Microzine 10, Microzine 11, Microzine 12, Microzine 13, Microzine 14, Microzine 15, Microzine 16, Microzine 17, Microzine 18, Microzine 19, Microzine 20, Microzine 21, Microzine 22, Microzine 23, Microzine 24, Microzine 25, Microzine 26, Microzine 27, Microzine 28, Microzine 29, Microzine 30 [4am, Firehawke]
  • apple2gs_flop_orig: Space Ace (Brutal Deluxe) [Antoine Vignau, A-Noid]
  • c64_cass: Germany 1985: When Superpowers Collide, Trantor: The Last Storm Trooper, Trap, TRAZ: Transformable Arcade Zone, Trio, Turbo Out Run, Turrican, Turrican II: The Final Fight, Typhoon, Uchi Mata, The Untouchables, Vigilante, The Vindicator! (Imagine), Wanderer 3D (Elite Systems), Water Polo, The Way of the Exploding Fist (Micropool), West Bank, Western Games, Wheelin' Wallie, Willow Pattern, Winter Camp, Winter Games (U.S. Gold), Winter Olympiad 88, Wiz, Wizardry, Wizball (Ocean), Wonder Boy, World Championship Soccer, World Class Leader Board: The Ultimate Golf Challenge, World Cup Carnival, World Games (U.S. Gold), World Series Baseball (Imagine), The Worm in Paradise, X-15 Alpha Mission, Xevious (U.S. Gold), Yabba Dabba Doo!, Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Imagine), Zaga Mission, Zamzara, Zaxxon, Zodiac, Zoids: The Battle Begins, Zzap! Sizzlers II [The Ultimate Tape Archive Team]
  • fmtowns_cd:
    DAPS for Windows, DynEd Demo Disc, FM Towns II Demonstration CD-ROM '94 Spring, FM Towns II Demonstration CD-ROM '94 Summer, Gakuen Bomber, Hyper Planet (demo), LiveAnimation V1.1 L10, Maruanki Eitango - Chuugaku 1-nensei, Mirumiru Sagasu Konchuu Series Vol. 1 - Chiisana Ensouka, Mirumiru Sagasu Konchuu Series Vol. 2 - Mori no Ninkimono - Jueki ni Atsumaru Mushi-tachi, Muscle Bomber - The Body Explosion (demo), Nihon no Rekishi - Ishin-hen - Kurofune Raikou (alt), Nihon no Rekishi - Sengoku-hen - Oda Nobunaga (HMB-124), Nihon no Tenki, Secre Volume 3 - Fumie Hosokawa, SimFarm (demo), Towns Hyper Chiiku Ehon - Nihon Mukashibanashi II - Omusubi Kororin / Usagi to Kame, Towns Hyper Chiiku Ehon - Nihon Mukashibanashi Vol. 4 - Tsuru no Ongaeshi / Kachi Kachi Yama, Towns Magazine for School Vol. 3, Towns Magazine for School Vol. 5 []
    Manami - Ai to Koukan no Hibi [, cyo.the.vile]
    NHK Zoku Kiso Eigo - Dai-1-kan [, wiggy2k]
  • fmtowns_flop_orig: :LOOP - Izanai no Kaikiten, Disk Megastore Volume 1, Irium, Power DoLLS S-Premium Disk, You-Jong Part I [cyo.the.vile]
  • gbcolor:
    Chāorén Tègōngduì (Taiwan), Fēngkuáng Āgěi Ⅲ - Chāojí Zhàdànrén (Taiwan), Wángzú Tiāntáng (Taiwan), Xiándàn Chāorén - Ultraman (Taiwan) [taizou]
    Antz (Europe, prototype), Beach'n Ball (Europe, prototype, 20001121), Bob et Bobette - Les Dompteurs du Temps ~ Suske en Wiske - De Tijdtemmers (Europe, late prototype), Die Maus (Europe, prototype), Die Maus - Verrückte Olympiade (Germany, prototype), Driver (Europe, prototype), Klustar (Europe, prototype, 19981001), Klustar (Japan, prototype, 19981001), Looney Tunes Collector - Martian Alert! (Europe, prototype), Lucky Luke - Desperado Train (Europe, prototype), Moomin no Daibouken (Japan, prototype), Snoopy Tennis (Europe, prototype), Tootuff (prototype), UEFA 2000 (prototype), WDL - Thundertanx (prototype) [VGHF, Hidden Palace]
  • ibm5170:
    PC Format (Issue 24 - September 1993), PC Review (Issue 07 - May 1992) []
    PC Magazine (All Star - December 1992), PC Plus (Issue 69 - June 1992), PC Today (Vol. 06 № 08 - December 1992) [arranarchipelago,]
    Grandmaster Chess, Grandmaster Chess Deluxe, The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (Germany), Tetris Trio [The Good Old Days]
    Classics Arcade [ibmpc5150,]
    Nomad, PC Format (Issue 26 - November 1993), PC Format (Issue 48 - September 1995), PC Gamer (UK) (Vol. 01 № 01 - December 1993), PC Gamer (UK) (Vol. 01 № 03 - February 1994), PC Gamer (UK) (Vol. 01 № 04 - March 1994), PC Gamer (UK) (Vol. 01 № 05 - April 1994), PC Gamer (UK) (Vol. 01 № 07 - June 1994), PC Gamer (USA) (Vol. 02 № 03 - March 1995), PC Review (Issue 25 - November 1993) [MarkHnsn,]
    PC Gamer (USA) (Vol. 01 № 01 - May-June 1994), PC Gamer (USA) (Vol. 01 № 03 - August 1994), PC Gamer (USA) (Vol. 01 № 04 - September 1994), PC Gamer (USA) (Vol. 01 № 06 - November 1994) [OUTATIME Studios,]
    PC Gamer (UK) (Vol. 02 № 10 - September 1995), Personal Computer World (1994-04 - April 1994) [SmartCoda,]
    PC Format (Issue 35 - August 1994) [StefanNL,]
  • lanteach: German For Travel [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • megadriv: Primal Rage (prototype) [Rezrospect, Forest of Illusion]
  • monon_color: Nǎolì liánlián kàn, Yǎsī tǎ dà màoxiǎn, Àoshù shíyàn shì [Peter Wilhelmsen]
  • nes:
    Controller Test Program (Japan) [Forest of Illusion]
    NARC (USA, CES sample, prototype) [Hard4Games, Dustin Echoes, Forest of Illusion]
    Fighting Simulator - World Champ (USA, prototype) [rjtiger]
  • pc98: Mind Buster!! [Justin Kerk]
  • snes:
    Hercules (pirate), Hercules (pirate, hacked), The King of Fighters '98 (pirate, hacked), Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (pirate, hacked), Squirrel (pirate), Squirrel (pirate, hacked) [Devin Acker]
    Boxing Legends of the Ring (USA, prototype), Hammer Lock Wrestling (USA, prototype), International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (Euro, prototype), Jigsaw Party (Japan, prototype), Joe & Mac 2 - Lost in the Tropics (USA, prototype, alt), Jurassic Park (USA, prototype), We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Story (USA, prototype) [Forest of Illusion]
    Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday (USA, prototype 19950807) [iniche, Forest of Illusion]
    Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (Euro, prototype), Super Punch-Out!! (Euro, prototype), Unirally (Euro, prototype) [Zoda-Y13, Forest of Illusion]
  • spectrum_cass:
    Astérix y el Caldero Magico (Erbe), Break Thru (Erbe, medium case), Ghost Rider, Street Hawk (1986) (set 4, IBSA), Wonderworm []
    Ganeymede [Steve Brown, Planeta Sinclair]
  • tsconf_betadisc_flop: Copter v0.1, ZX Battle City v1.4 (NoVDAC) [holub]
  • vgmplay: AMS II - Take Revenge for the Ruined Master (Sharp X68000), Buster Bros. (Nintendo Game Boy), Corpse Party (NEC PC-9801), Dead of the Brain - Shiryou no Sakebi (MSX2), Dead of the Brain - Shiryou no Sakebi (NEC PC-9801), Dead of the Brain - Shiryou no Sakebi (Sharp X68000), Dead of the Brain 1 & 2 (PC Engine Super CD-ROM2), Dead of the Brain 2 (NEC PC-9801), Dragon Blaze (Arcade), Dragon Half (FM Towns), Ekudorado - Kagami no Naka no Oukoku (NEC PC-9801, OPL3), Ekudorado - Kagami no Naka no Oukoku (NEC PC-9801, OPN), Ekudorado - Kagami no Naka no Oukoku (NEC PC-9801, OPNA), Final Fantasy (Bandai WonderSwan Color), Final Fantasy II (Bandai WonderSwan Color), Final Fantasy IV (Bandai WonderSwan Color), Fortress Attacker (Sharp X68000), Gardis Light (Sharp X68000), Get! (NEC PC-9801, OPL3), Get! (NEC PC-9801, OPN), Get! (NEC PC-9801, OPNA), Ghostlop (SNK Neo Geo), Golden Axe (Bandai WonderSwan Color), Gunbarich (Arcade), Hatenkou (Sharp X68000), Hatris (NEC PC-9801), Hook (Nintendo Game Boy), Kimi Dake ni Ai o... (NEC PC-9801), Kimi Dake ni Ai o... (Sharp X68000), Lemmings (Nintendo Game Boy), Leshies (Sharp X68000), Magical Shot (Sharp X68000), Merry Go Round (NEC PC-9801), Metal Sight (Sharp X68000), Multi Game Scripter (NEC PC-9801), MusyX Audio Tools for GB Demo (Nintendo Game Boy), Nemesis '90 Kai (Sharp X68000), Nike (MSX2), Nike (NEC PC-9801), Ninja Combat (SNK Neo Geo), Poly-Net Warriors (Konami Polygonet Hardware), Polygon Modeling Tsukuru (NEC PC-9801), River City Ransom (NES), Riviera - Yakusoku no Chi Riviera (Bandai WonderSwan Color), RoboCop 2 (Nintendo Game Boy), Shooting Tsukuru 98 (NEC PC-9801), Silk Road 2 (Sharp X68000), Sora no Fudousan (Sharp X68000), Square Resort - Hyper Senshasen (Sharp X68000), Star Cruiser (NEC PC-8801, OPN), T-94X - The Ground Warriors (Sharp X68000), Teen (NEC PC-9801), Telepachi Fever Lion (Arcade), Thrice (Sharp X68000), Tokyo Twilight Busters ~Kindan no Ikenie Teito Jigoku Hen~ (NEC PC-9801, OPN), Tokyo Twilight Busters ~Kindan no Ikenie Teito Jigoku Hen~ (NEC PC-9801, OPNA), Twilight (Sharp X68000), Twin Eagle - Revenge Joe's Brother (Seta 1), Visitte (NEC PC-9801), World Heroes (SNK Neo Geo) [, Tafoid]

Software list items promoted to working

  • lynx: Yastuna Vol.1 - The Alchemy of Cubes, Yastuna Vol.2 - The Space Incident [kmg]
  • monon_color: Gāngtiě xiá-yīngxióng fǎnjí zhàn, Jiāngshī lièrén, Jī jiǎ xuànfēng-gédòu dàshī (set 1), Jī jiǎ xuànfēng-gédòu dàshī (set 2), Kǎijiǎ yǒngshì dàluàn dòu, Luòkè wángguó-bīng zhī lán, Luòkè wángguó-dà màoxiǎn, Luòkè wángguó-hēi zhī yán, Luòkè wángguó-mófǎ zhèn, Luójí pīn yī pīn, Lóngzhū-wǔdào dàhuì, Shén pò-shīluò de yíjī, Sài ěr hào-néngyuán dà zuòzhàn, Sài ěr hào: Zhànshén dòu hún, Xǐyángyáng yǔ huītàiláng-juézhàn miē xīng, Yīngxióng liánméng-zhōngjí gédòu [Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
  • snes: DSP1 Tech Demo (USA, prototype) [kmg]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • c2color_cart: Dì 1 dàn: Dài Lóngwáng Fēngyìn, Dì 2 dàn: Zhī Yìwáng De Shì Liàn [Peter Wilhelmsen]
  • c64_cass: V, W.A.R, Wallie goes to Rhymeland, The Way of the Exploding Fist (Melbourne House), Wimbledon '64, Yie Ar Kung Fu II [The Ultimate Tape Archive Team]
  • fmtowns_cd:
    Tenshi-tachi no Gogo - Tenkousei []
    Nihongo Microsoft Windows V3.0 with Multimedia Extensions V1.0 L10 [, tenyuhuang]
  • gbcolor: The Adventures of Tintin - Prisoners of the Sun (Europe, prototype), Bob et Bobette - Les Dompteurs du Temps ~ Suske en Wiske - De Tijdtemmers (Europe, early prototype), Worms Armageddon (prototype) [VGHF, Hidden Palace]
  • ibm5170: PC Gamer (UK) (Vol. 01 № 02 - January 1994) [MarkHnsn,]
  • kpython2:
    Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 Install Disk (JAA/AAA), DrumMania V2 (JAA/AAA), DrumMania V2 Version 1.01 (JAA/AAA), GuitarFreaks V2 (JAA/AAA), GuitarFreaks V2 Version 1.01 (JAA/AAA) [Taro]
    Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA Install Disk (UAA) [HybridStorm]
    Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 Install Disk (UAA) [Ninevolt]
    DrumMania V3 (JAA/AAA), GuitarFreaks V3 (JAA/AAA) [SakamotoNeko]
    Dancing Stage SuperNOVA Install Disk (EAA) [Shiz]
  • monon_color: Luòkè wángguó-wángzhě huīzhāng [Peter Wilhelmsen]
  • snes: The King of Fighters '98 (pirate), Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (pirate) [ALMCLE]
    WeaponLord (USA, prototype) [DrBizz]
  • vboy: Hyper Fighting (pirate) [Planet Virtual Boy]

Merged pull requests

  • 8854: sony/news_r4k.cpp: Added driver for Sony NEWS NWS-5000X workstation. [Brice Onken]
  • 9119: formats/fs_fat.cpp: Added preliminary read-only FAT file system implementation. [Nathan Woods]
  • 9353: konami/k051960.cpp: Implemented shadow configuration bits (fixes shadows in Devastators). [Furrtek]
  • 9929: casio/ctk551.cpp, cpu/h8: Added Casio Celviano AP-10, CTK-601 and GZ-70SP. [Devin Acker, Gabriel Miceli]
  • 9949: intel/imds2.cpp: Corrected PIO controller ROM, and fixed iSBC202 floppy controller emulation. [F.Ulivi]
  • 9970: misc/magicard.cpp, cpu/pic16c5x, machine/scc66470.cpp: Improved emulation, promoting five games to working. [Paul-Arnold]
  • 10043: playmark/playmark.cpp: Dumped sound microcontroller for Hard Times. [Caps0ff, Tailsnic Retroworks, ClawGrip]
  • 10044: psikyo/psikyo.cpp: Dumped PIC microcontroller for “Tengai” World version. [Caps0ff, Museo Arcade Vintage, ClawGrip]
  • 10062: swtpc/swtpc09.cpp: Marked machines as working and added comments with usage notes. [68bit]
  • 10073: falgas/falgas_m89.cpp: Dumped and added skeleton driver for “Rally Montecarlo”. [Museo del Recreativo, ClawGrip]
  • 10079: barcrest/mpu3.cpp: Use MPU4 characteriser device for MPU3 as well, and removed duplicated games. [David Haywood]
  • 10083: barcrest/mpu1.cpp: Added driver for Barcrest MPU1 fruit machines, with six games playable. [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • 10093: cdi.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text and unabbreviated country names in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10120: c64_cass.xml: Added ten working items. [The Ultimate Tape Archive Team, Steven Coomber]
  • 10122: fairlight/cmi.cpp: Hooked up MIDI port 1, and cleaned up code. [Ryan Holtz]
  • 10123: mo5_cart.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10124: mo5_cass.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10125: mo5_flop.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10126: a2600.xml: Added twenty working prototypes. [Tempest, Rom Hunter Dutchman2000, swlovinist, kmg]
  • 10127: nes.xml: Demoted some Enix games to unsupported, and corrected titles of various games. [kmg]
  • 10128: nes.xml: Use unabbreviated country names, lowercase descriptive text and uppercase initialisms in descriptions. [kmg]
  • 10129: bbc_rom.xml: Fixed ROM region size for epsonfx. [kmg]
  • 10130: gameboy.xml: Converted data sizes to hexadecimal, and noted probable under-dump of lunchasep. [kmg]
  • 10131: cpu/mcs51: Added internal ROM for AX208. [Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
  • 10132: lynx.xml: Removed 64-byte header from Yastuna homebrew games, making them playable. [kmg]
  • 10133: casloopy.xml: Fixed a ROM size and a kanji reading; x1_flop.xml: Fixed a kanji reading. [kmg]
  • 10134: gamecom.xml: Replaced three under-dumped ROMs. [No-Intro, kmg]
  • 10135: mastboy.cpp: Dumped and added a newer Italian set, and corrected metadata. [, ClawGrip]
  • 10136: sony/dmac3.cpp, sony/cxd8442q.cpp: Implemented DMAC3 and WSC-FIFOQ DMA controllers. [Brice Onken]
  • 10137: machine/spifi3.cpp: Implemented HP 1TV3-0302 SPIFI3 SCSI controller. [Brice Onken]
  • 10138: amiga/arsystems.cpp: Removed invalid dumps of protected PLDs. [ClawGrip]
  • 10140: cpu/axc51: Spearated AX208 from Intel MCS-51 family. [David Haywood]
  • 10143: snes.xml: Added five working prototypes. [Forest of Illusion, iniche, Zoda-Y13, kmg]
  • 10144: Listed more Nuon DVD players in comments. [simzy]
  • 10145: snes.xml: Added five prototypes. [Forest of Illusion, Zoda-Y13, kmg]
  • 10146: gbcolor.xml: Added four working Taiwanese games. [taizou, kmg]
  • 10147: snes.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text and unabbreviated country names in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10149: sinclair/atm.cpp: Improved banking, video and COVOX emulation, promoting ATM-Turbo 2 to working. [holub]
  • 10150: ngp.xml: Replaced bad dump of ptennis. [psykopat, kmg]
  • 10152: vboy.xml: Added a homebrew pirate release, and cleaned up metadata. [Planet Virtual Boy, kmg]
  • 10153: toaplan/toaplan2.cpp: Add subtitles for Japanese FixEight sets. [Michael Sanborn]
  • 10154: c64_cass.xml: Added thirteen items (nine working, four not working). [Steven Coomber]
  • 10155: spectrum_cass.xml: Added six working items, and cleaned up metadata. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10156: bus/snes: Made checksum and address formatting consistent in log messages when loading cartridges. [kmg]
  • 10157: nes.xml: Added a prototype version of Fighting Simulator - World Champ. [rjtiger, kmg]
  • 10158: misc/monon_color.cpp, cpu/axc51, monon_color.xml: Improved Monon Color emulation, and added a cartridge. [David Haywood]
  • 10160: to7_cass.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text and unabbreviated country names in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10161: to7_cart.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text and unabbreviated country names in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10162: to7_qd.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10164: apple2gs_flop_orig.xml: Added Space Ace (Brutal Deluxe). [Antoine Vignau, A-Noid33]
  • 10165: bus/pce_ctrl: Added support for Coconuts Japan pachinko controller. [kmg]
  • 10166: namco/mappy.cpp: Corrected some DIP switch setting labels, and reformatted comments. [einstein95]
  • 10170: debugger/debuggdbstub.cpp: Attach to first CPU device found in system rather than expecting fixed tag. [Nathan Woods]
  • 10171: sinclair/spec128.cpp: Adjusted border rendering (MT08264). [holub]
  • 10172: galaxian/galaxold_v.cpp: Render shots as 2×2 squares for rescue and minefld. [Golden Child]
  • 10173: snes.xml: Fixed some parent/clone relationships. [kmg]
  • 10174: bus/vcs: Avoid trampolines in cartridge accesses. [Wilbert Pol]
  • 10175: megadriv.xml: Added a prototype of Primal Rage. [Rezrospect, Forest of Illusion, kmg]
  • 10178: formats/cp68_dsk.cpp: Added CP/68 disk format for SWTPC 6800. [Michael R. Furman]
  • 10179: docs: Updated instructions for compiling with Emscripten. [algestam]
  • 10180: atari/a2600.cpp: Combined TV Boy and Atari 2600 drivers, and merged driver source files. [Wilbert Pol]
  • 10181: machine/8530scc.cpp: Fixed Baud rate calculation and Baud counter registers (improves X68000 performance). [grantek]
  • 10182: snes.xml: Added eight items (four pirate cartridges, and four cracked versions). [Devin Acker, ALMCLE, kmg]
  • 10187: atari/a2600.cpp: Added PAL version of TV Boy, and removed nonexistent inputs from TV Boy consoles. [Thomas Jentzsch, kmg]
  • 10188: fmtowns_cd.xml: Added twenty-four items, and replaced three items with better dumps. [r09]
  • 10189: gamate.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10190: megaduck.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10191: vectrex.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10192: sinclair/atm.cpp: Added support for ATM-Turbo 2 with 128 K ROM. [holub]
  • 10193: msx/msx.cpp: Merge msx_m.cpp and msx.h into msx.cpp and cleaned up code a little. [Wilbert Pol]
  • 10194: sinclair/pentagon.cpp: Fixed freeze on main menu (MT08390), and cleaned up code. [holub]
  • 10195: nintendo/vsnes.cpp: Combined driver source files, split up driver state class, and cleaned up code. [kmg]
  • 10196: sinclair/tsconf.cpp, tsconf_betadisc_flop.xml: Added a TS-Configuration software list and cleaned up code. [holub]
  • 10197: jpm/jpmsru.cpp: Added Lite a Line, and cleaned up code. [SomeRandomGuyIdk]
  • 10198: sinclair/pentagon.cpp: Cleaned up implementation of differences between 128 K and 1024 K variants. [holub]
  • 10199: sinclair/spectrum.cpp: Play cassette output through speaker (MT08342). [holub]
  • 10200: nintendo/nes.cpp: Added Sharp My Computer Terebi C1 (an RGB Famicom clone). [kmg]
  • 10201: pacman/pacman.cpp: Added Miss Packman Plus. [Marc Deslauriers]
  • 10202: Cleaned up extraneous spaces in various software lists. [kmg]
  • 10205: nintendo/vsnes.cpp: Enabled watchdog timer for DualSystem games, and cleaned up code. [kmg]
  • 10206: sinclair/atm.cpp: Use more descriptive BIOS names. [holub]
  • 10207: midw8080/m79amb.cpp: Invert PROM data using ROM region flags. [kmg]
  • 10208: nintendo/playch10.cpp: Replaced pc_gntlt ROM dumps (fixes graphics) and marked pc_cshwk as having imperfect graphics. [kmg]
  • 10213: sega/naomi.cpp: Dumped and added “Project Justice / Moero! Justice Gakuen (Rev B)”. [Tailsnic Retroworks, ClawGrip]
  • 10214: nintendo/playch10.cpp: Combined source files, removed imperfect graphics flag from pc_1942, and cleaned up code. [kmg]
  • 10215: snes.xml: Promoted dsp1demo to working. [kmg]
  • 10217: sinclair/atm.cpp, sinclair/glukrs.cpp: Added real-time clock/non-volatile RAM to ATM-Turbo. [holub]
  • 10218: sony/cxd8452aq.cpp: Added WSC-SONIC3 DMA controller device. [Brice Onken]
  • 10219: bus/nes: Improved emulation of TXC 01-22000-400 PCBs. [kmg]
  • 10221: imagedev/midiin.cpp: Send All Notes Off channel mode message when unloading a MIDI file. [Devin Acker]
  • 10223: ibm5170.xml: Added 22 items (21 working, one not working). [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10224: konami/ksys573.cpp: Added Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke Mix 2. [Taro, Windy Fairy]
  • 10225: sega/model3.cpp: Add US title to descriptions for most Scud Race sets. [Michael Sanborn]
  • 10226: sinclair/atm.cpp: Fixed I/O addressing, and disabled RAM writes when ROM is active. [holub]
  • 10228: nintendo/vsnes.cpp: Removed nonexistent inputs and fixed some DIP switch labels. [kmg]
  • 10231: util/cdrom.cpp: Pass physical flag to read_partial_sector in read_subcode (fixes extracting CHD CD-ROMs). [Windy Fairy]
  • 10232: konami/ksys573.cpp: Added Guitar Freaks (EAA/UAA/JAA/AAA). [Taro, Windy Fairy]
  • 10233: chdman.cpp: Fixed TOC session type detection when extracting CD-ROM images. [Windy Fairy]
  • 10234: formats/flex_dsk.cpp: Added FLEX 1.0 (MiniFLEX) disk format for the SWTPC MF-68 Disk System. [Michael R. Furman]
  • 10235: misc/astrcorp.cpp: Improved protection emulation and built-in layouts, promoting seven games to working. [Luca Elia]
  • 10236: channelf.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text and unabbreviated country names in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10237: a7800.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text and uppercase for proper nouns in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10238: nintendo/vsnes.cpp: Improved input port definitions. [kmg]
  • 10239: intellect02.xml: Don’t use title case in software list description. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10240: intv.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10241: vtech/phusion.cpp: Added skeleton driver for VTech Phusion digital camera/organizer. [Devin Acker]
  • 10242: machine/ds1207.cpp: Fixed initialisation of start time. [Paul-Arnold]
  • 10244: nintendo/playch10.cpp, nintendo/nes.cpp, nes.xml: Marked systems and software as unsupported as appropriate. [kmg]
  • 10245: nes.xml: Added two working items. [Hard4Games, Dustin Echoes, Forest of Illusion, kmg]
  • 10246: misc/monon_color.cpp: Adjusted protection simulation; skeleton/c2color.cpp: Dumped internal ROM. [Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood]
  • 10247: ibm5170.xml: Added seven working items, and replaced one item with a better dump. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10248: lynx.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10249: fmtowns_flop_orig.xml: Added four working items, and replaced two items with better dumps. [cyo.the.vile, r09]
  • 10250: c64_cass.xml: Added sixteen items (fifteen working, one not working). [The Ultimate Tape Archive Team, Steven Coomber]
  • 10251: formats/fs_oric_jasmin.cpp, floptool.cpp: Fixed some compiler warnings about unused variables. [napobear]
  • 10252: konami/kpython2.cpp, kpython2.xml: Added Python 2 skeleton driver and installation media software list. [Windy Fairy]
  • 10255: c64_cass.xml: Added ten items (nine working, one not working). [The Ultimate Tape Archive Team, Steven Coomber]
  • 10256: snes.xml: Added two recent prototype dumps (one working, one not working). [Zoda-Y13, Forest of Illusion, DrBizz, kmg]
  • 10260: funworld/photoply.cpp: Added notes about security dongles. [ClawGrip]
  • 10261: nintendo/spacefb.cpp: Combined source files and cleaned up code a little. [kmg]
  • 10262: sound/pokey.cpp: Improved accuracy of POKEY emulation. [Mike Saarna, Andrew Green]
  • 10263: monon_color.xml: Corrected the English translations of game titles. [Qiangong2]
  • 10264: tvgames/micom_mahjong.cpp: Added driver for Micom Mahjong console. [hap, David Haywood, Sly DC]
  • 10265: misc/magicard.cpp: Corrected names and parent/clone relationships for Magic Card games. [Paul-Arnold]
  • 10266: seibu/raiden.cpp: Documented more of the configuration bytes, and converted comments to C++-style. [eientei95]
  • 10267: namco/namcos86.cpp: Changed Wonder Momo joysticks to 8-way (MT08404). [Steven Coomber]
  • 10269: tecmo/spbactn.cpp: Emulated second screen for Super Pinball Action prototype. [David Haywood]
  • 10270: Cleaned up some ROM macro indentation and spacing. [kmg]
  • 10271: casio/ctk551.cpp: Adjusted CTK-601 LCD background color. [Devin Acker]
  • 10272: technos/renegade.cpp: Increased sprite RAM size to fix flickering and missing sprites. [kmg]
  • 10273: formats/fdos_dsk.cpp: Added FDOS disk format for the SWTPC 6800. [Michael R. Furman]
  • 10274: Added support for building on OpenBSD/arm64. [Frederic Cambus]
  • 10275: konami/ksys573.cpp: Added 811jaa02 audio CD for drmna. [Taro, Windy Fairy]
  • 10276: konami/kpython2.cpp: Added DANCE 86.4 FUNKY RADIO STATION. [Taro, Windy Fairy]
  • 10277: konami/kpython2.cpp: Fixed dongle data format for dance864. [Windy Fairy]
  • 10278: vboy.xml: Use official artwork spelling for “Insmouse”. [kmg]
  • 10279: gbcolor.xml: Added eighteen prototypes (fifteen working, three not working). [VGHF, Hidden Palace, kmg]
  • 10280: apple2_flop_orig.xml: Added Microzine disks; apple2_flop_clcracked.xml: Added two clean cracks. [4am, san inc., Firehawke]
  • 10283: adam_cart.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10284: adam_cass.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 10285: adam_flop.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions. [ArcadeShadow]